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Title: Bar Docket Rules
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It is Ordered That the Following Be Adopted As Rules of Practice in This Court

1. All pleadings filed in a cause must be ligibly written wiht and and ink or a typewriter.

2. When any affirmative pleading is filed in a cause the party filing the same shall also file one copy thereoffor the use of the opposite party. This rule shall not apply to any pleadings except affirmative pleadings.
The Clerk will permit the adverse party to take such copy from the pfiles on his giving proper receipt therefor, but in no event will the Clerk permit the original to be taken from the files except for use the court-room in making up issues or in the trial of the cause.

3. The first MOnday of each term will be devoted to probate business. On that day the Probate Docket will be called for reports, confirmations and such other materials as rae incident to estates.
The Clerk will, without firther directio from the Court, issue citations to every Executor, Administrator, Guardian or Trustee who is in default, to appear in court on the first day of the next term thereof and make report of the condition of his trust, or if his bond has ceased to be good and sufficient, to enter into a new bond within ren days from the time he receives such notice.

4. On the second day of each term the Civil Docket will be called for appearances, motions, rules and defaults and when cased will be set for trial.

5. An appearnace once entered cannot be withdrawn where there is no service or where the service is constructive or defective.

6. Motions to strike out any part of a pleading or to suppress any part of a deposition must be in writing pointing out the matters sought to be stricken out or the part sought to be suppressed.

7. All parties requiring special findings by the Court in any case shall submit to the court a special finding embracing all the acts which they claim to have proven in the case and the conclusions of the law thereon.
Any part failing to submit such special finding after the evidence has been heard will be deemed to have waived his request thereof, and the court may in its discretion, make a general finding in such case.

8. When a demurrer is sustained to a pleading it shall be the duty of the party against whom the ruling is made to amend his pleading within five days thereafter and on his failing to amend within that time judgment will be rendered on said demurrer unless good cause is shown for an extension of time.

9. No application for a change of venue of any cause from the Judge or county shall be entertained unless the same is filed on or before the case is assigned for trial, unless the affidavit disclosessome fact affecting such change which shall have come to the knowledge of the party making the affidavit after the time so limited.

10. Attorneys will not be accepted as bail or surety for their clients in any cause or proceedings pending in this court.

11. No smoking allowed in the court-room when court is in session.

12. Upon trial by jury, offers to prove may be stated to the Official Reporter by counsel in a low tone of voice so that the jury may not overhear and no offer shall be made in the hearing of the jury. The Court may require such offer to be made in writing at any time within its discretion.

13. The books belonging to the court Library must not be taken from the Library or court-room, either in term or vacation.
Any violation of this rule will be treated as a contempt of Court, and the Clerk and Bailiff will be charged withthe strict enforcement of this rule.

14. No divorce case will be heard by the Court until it has been on the docket at least ten days.
In all cases where the defendent lives in the county and has defaulted or is appearing but letting the case go by default, the Prosecuting Attorney will appear in behalf of the State and will interrogate the defendent, and where there is a defense will subponea said defendent at the trial. The testimony will be taken down by the official reporter in all cases where the Prosecuting Attorney appears and will then be transcribed by the official reporterand sigend and filed with the papers of the case.

15. That on the third Friday of the April and September terms of the Warren Circuit Court, the same being the seventeenth Judicial Day of said term thereof, all applications for naturalization and petitions to be admitted to citizenship will be heard by the Court.

Date: 9/1/1922
Origin: Warren County Circuit Court
Record ID: 00002403
Type: Book
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Court House
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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