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Title: Pure Copper in Warren
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Lead Ore No Doubt Coal, Stone, and Timber in Abundance Everyone who knows anything about Warren county knows that we have plenty of coal, the best of stone, and an abundance of good timber. Our soil will compare favorably with any in the State for depth and richness. What can be raised in other counties of the State we raise here. Our people are intelligent, industrious and progressive. Our schools are at the standard, the children are smart, that babies are healthy, twins are common, and whisky is as mean here as any place else. To add to these, it is now proven, beyond a doubt, that within our limits we have copper and lead ore. A short time ago Adam Hartz discovered on Fall Creek, which empties into Pine, not far from old Sol. Dick flouring mills, a piece of copper ore so pure that the dross is not perceptible, weighing 7 1/2 pounds. He has a piece of lead ore which he found on the same creek, which weighs six ounces. Where these were found is about five miles from Williamsport, in a North or North-west direction. Mr. Hartz brought the relics to town one day last week and left them at the Auditor's office, where all may see them who wish, We believe from this end from accounts which we have of an early settlement of the county that there is copper and lead in paying quantities in the county and that by proper search being made copper and lead mines can be opened up, proving very profitable, if not of great value to the owners of the land. Mr. H. will not disclose the exact location of the piece of lead ore which he found.

Date: 2/22/1877
Origin: The Warren Republican
Record ID: 00002491
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 9/25/2003
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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