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Title: Corner Stone Laying
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This interesting and impressive ceremony was performed last Saturday afternoon for the third time in the history of the county, at the laying of the corner stone of the court house here under course of reconstruction. The ceremony began at 2 o'clock and was under the auspices of Williamsport Lodge No. 38. F. and A. M.

Parade formed at 1:30 p.m at the school building and, led by the band, marched to the place. The Grand officers who took part were:-M.W.G.M. Bragg, of Greenfield; D.G.M. Frank Kramer; G.C., Rev. J.T. Orton; G.T., W.H, Dinsomore; G.S., E.C. Livengood, Jr.; S.G.W., J.O. McCormick; J.G.W., J.C. Stephens; G.M., S.M. Frame; G.A., W.H. Gemmer.

Those in the parade were Masons and the school children. The attendance from town and country was large, although the day was chilling. The ceremonies were conducted at the northeast corner of the annex, or the new part. These consisted of raising the stone some six feet, invitation to the Grand Master, his response, prayer by the chaplain, depositing of the memorials, consisting of the following articles:-Contents of box taken from the corner stone in the Court-house erected in 1886:- Holy Bible.

West Lebanon Advance, June 1, 1871.
Warren Republican, 1871 and 1886.
West Lebanon Gazette, July 7, 1886.
Constitution and By-laws I. O.O.F. Lodge of Indiana, 1870.
By-laws of F. & A.M., 1870.
Minutes special meeting F. & A.M., 1857.
Minutes special meeting F. & A.M. held to play for the laying of the corner stone June 2, 1871.
List of County officers of 1871 and 1886.
Announcement and program of the corner stone laying in 1886.
Total list of officers and justices of the peace from 1827 to and including 1886 for Warren county, Indiana.
A number of silver, nickel and copper coins.
New articles placed in on October 12, 1907:-
Copy of Warren Republican of October 10, 1907.
Copy of Warren Review of October 10, 1907.
Copy of West Lebanon Gazette of October 10, 1907.
Copy of Pine village News of October 11, 1907.
List of county officers in office October 12, 1907.

Announcement and program of the ceremonies of the laying of the Court house corner stone October 12, 1907.

Minutes of special meeting of Williamsport lodge No. 38. F. & A. M.

Penny, by A. J. McKinzie.
Flag, by Henry C. Johnson.
Piece of money by Simon Weidenhammer.

Grand Army badge of Union soldiers from 1861-'65', deposited by Thomas C. Powell and James Anderson. A piece of the bell that was in use when the court house was destroyed.

Report of Grand Treasurer, delivering of the working tools to the G. M. by the Grand Architect, consisting of the square, level and plumb, which were passed to the D. G. M., S. G. W., and J. G. W., respectively, who applied them in turn to assist in the laying of the stone. At the command of the G.M. the stone was lowered in place by the workmen, the G.M. standing on the east side, the D.G.M. on the right, the S.G.W. on the west and the J.G.W. on the south. The stone was three sides in the form of a triangle. The square was applied to the different corners and reported by the D.G.M. that the stone is square and that the wokrmen have done their duty. Next the level was applied by the S.G.W. who reports that the stone is level and that the workmen have their duty. Then the plumb is applied by the J.G.W. who reports that the stone is plumb and in its true position and that the workmen have donw their duty well and faithfully. The G.M. then struck three times the stone with a mallet and said: "May the building to be erected upon this stone be conducted to its completion amid the blessings of Almighty God, in Plenty, Health and Peace." The elements of consecration, consisting of corn, wine and oil. At the conclusion of the ceremonies the G.M. makes proclamation followed by music by the band.

The address was then made by Rev. E. C. Wareing followed by benediction by Rev. J.T. Orton.

Date: 10/17/1907
Origin: The Warren Republican
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Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Court House
Entered By: Leslie J. Rice

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