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Title: Reception to the Pastor
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Given at the Methodist Church Thursday Evening September 19, 1907.

Attendance Large and Everybody Feeling Good.

The Fifth Consecutive Year fro Rev. Ernest C. Wareing.

WIth Miss Edna Butt, president of the Epworth League planned a public reception for Rev. E.C. Wareing upon the beginning of his fifth consecutive year as pastor of the M. E. Church at this place. It was to be a surprise for him and his wife, and so it was. Upon invitation Mr. and Mrs. Wareing went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Butler, corner of Centre and Falls streets, for the afternoon last Thursday and to partake of a 6 o'clock dinner.

Along about 7 o'clock p.m. people were seen going to the church and by 8 o'clock a large number of the member and friends of the Church had gathered and were quietly awaiting the appearance of the preacher and wife and Joel, the boy. A phone message from the parsonage notified Mrs. Butler that the couple at eh church were waiting to be married and requested that she inform Mr. Wareing to come at once. When they reached the church all the lights had been turned off and they found the building in darkness. As they entered the tower the lights were turned on and as they were ushered into the left aisle of the church the congregation arose, while in the right aisle a band of boy and girl leaguers marched the platform and began singing the "Glory Song." This was followed by prayer by Mr. J.C. Stephens, who uttered words which were full of warmth and tenderness for the pastor and people, and invoking the blessings of God upon the work of the new year.

After the address the following program was rendered:-
Vocal Solo-"Ich Hatte Einstein Vaterland".......Mrs. Eldo Michaels
Piano Solo-Selection from Choplin......Miss Zula Bennett
Recitation-"She is Now Head of the House"......Miss Lelia Demotte
Vocal Solo"Hottentots' Love Song".......Mrs. W.H. Gemmer
Piano Solo-"Second Tarantelle"......Miss Shirley Fox

At this point Mr. Wareing desired to say a few words in response to the welcome and very beautifully spoke of the wedding promised him, saying he had not been disappointed as he sincerely hoped the coming together of the pastor and the people would indeed prove a wedding, a unity if purpose for the good of the whole town. He promised his best service through the year to the end that it might be the best year of the five we had been together.

Then all sang "Blest be the tie that binds," during the singing of which all came forward and gave Mr. and Mrs. Wareing the warm hand of friendship and glad welcome. At the conclusion of the hand-shaking all were served with light refreshments in the lecture room and then dispearsed to their homes.

Date: 9/26/1907
Origin: The Warren Republican
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Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
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