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Title: Newpapers of Warren County
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Much of the material in this article obtained from the writings of Thomas A. Clifton, who was editor of the Covington Republican and The Warren Review of Williamsport. Also responsible for the publication of the Fountain-Warren County history book of 1913.

The Warren Review was established on Jan. 1, 1891, by Thomas A. Clifton, who was also the proprietor of the Covington Republican newspaper (1913). He successfully conducted the same until 1897, when it was sold to J.H. Letcher. The paper changed hands frequently, having been conducted by Mr. Clifton, who was connected with it twice, and finally the property was sold by him to Mr. John F. Judy and he sold to the Hon. Freemont Goodwine, who sold to Traverse and Stephenson in 1902. Traverse withdrew in a year or so and Stephenson continued on and conducted the paper and kept the property.

The Review was a bright, newsy local journal, seeking to build up the county and the city of Williamsport, in which it was located, and at the same time stood for Republican Political Principals.

Warren County had the following newspapers in a decade after the turn of the century: "The Republican" and the "Warren Review". The former, a progressive organ of the "Bull Moose Party" and the latter, a straight Republican paper of no uncertain sound. The Democrats published a newspaper called The Pioneer under direction of B.O. Hudler, William Small and others over the years.

"The West Lebanon Gazette", a staunch Republican newspaper, was established in 1883, by James Souden. It too went through a succession of owners until the past editor, J.W.L. Smith, whose death also ended its publication.

At Pine Village, there was a democrat news paper know as "The Sentinal-News".

John Stephenson combined the "Warren Review" and the "Warren Republican" into the "Review Republican" to which name the paper bears today (1984).

In 1921, Isaac W. Cripe, became editor and continued until his death on Oct. 4, 1941. His son, Herbert Cripe, inherited the paper and with his wife, Florence, continued to publish the newsy paper until his retirment about 1979-80. At which time, the paper was sold to Artie Allen and later on in 1981, sold to Mary Ann Akers. Through her management the paper has grown in size and content and is a much sought after source of news, entertainment and enlightenment.

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Date: 1/1/1987
Origin: The Review-Republican
Author: Roy E. Anderson
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Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
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