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Title: Some More Facts
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The Court-house is Not a Heap of Ruins.

Ed. C. Livengood Sr. with his force of men last week cleaned the inside of the building of all the brick, lime, burning wood, etcl, which discloses the true condition of the building inside. No fire was in the jail at all. Three of the steel vaults are in excellent condition. Upon removing the papers and books from these vaults and the shelving everything was in firstclass condition.

The foundations and walls are pronounced by three architects to be in good condition and uninjured. The inside walls between rooms are damaged some. The value of the bulding as it stands is estimated worth from $26,000 to $32,000. These estimates are given by three different contractors and architects who have been upon the ground and made a careful examination.

The estimated loss made by these same men is $30,000, on which there is an insurance of $20,000.

The loss of the law library is probably covered by the $2,500 insurance, as there were many books which had passed out of date and were not used. The loss on the furniture in the building is fully covered by the $2,500 insurance, and this amount will be available in refurnishing when the repairs are made.

On Tuesday last sixty feet of water was thrown into the standpipe and then a stream of water thrown on the building. The pressure from the 60 feet threw the water easily into the second story. Had there been 85 feet of water in the standpipe the morning of the fire the pressure would have been sufficient to have thrown the water with force to any part of the burning building-but there was not over 5 feet of water in the pipe. This can be verified by those who have investigated the facts.

Concerning the removal of county seats the law provides that first there shall be a petition signed by 40 percent of the voters of the county, as shown at the last general election, who cast their votes for Secretary of State. This petition is filed with the County Commissioners. The Governor then appoints Commissioners, disinterested parties, to come and estimate the value of the property. If $20,000 then no removal. If less, then the Commissioners call an election to decide for or against removal. If 70 per cent. of the overs vote for removal then the order of removal follows.

In the case here there can be no removal as the valus of the property is $20,000 and more.

Date: 1/31/1907
Origin: The Warren Republican
Record ID: 00002570
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Court House
Entered By: Leslie J. Rice

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