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Title: Ordinance For Appropriations
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Be it ordained by the Warren County Council of Warren county, in the State of Indiana, that for the expenses of said Warren county, in the State of Indiana, for the year of ending December 31, 1907, in addition to te appropriations heretofore made, and owing to the existence of an emergency caused by the destruction of a portion of the court house of said county and a portion of the books, records and papers of and connected with the several offices of said county by fire on the twentieth day of January, 1907, the following snms of money are hereby appropriated and set aside and apart our of the several funds herein specified, subject, and pursuant to laws governing the same:-

Section 1. For plans and specifications for repairs on court house and architects' services....$1500.00

Sec.2. Cleaning up grounds and hauling refuse from court house grounds...............500.00

Sec.3. For rent of buildings for offices and court, at$65 per month.................455.00

Sec.4. For stoves and furnishings for rooms used by county officers and court, and chairs and furniture for the same..............250.00

This also includes the moving of several offices

Sec.5. For Janitor and other employees......480.00

Sec.6. For architects, carpenters and others for making estimates of loss and salvage on court house to make proof to insurance companies......200.00

Sec.7. For transcribing records in office of County Auditor...........$3990.28

Sec.8. For records ordered by Auditor in an emergency caused by the destruction of records by fire January 20, 1907...............288.70

Sec.9. For record books and other blank books to replace others destroyed by fire in Auditor's vault and office on January 20, 1907......336.41

Sec.10. For blank books, record books and office supplies for Sheriff's office.......58.60

Sec.11. For furniture for Sheriff's office and other offices of county officers for temporary use......23.00

Sec.12. For supplies for County Superintendent's office.........

Sec.13. For book typewriter for Clerk of the Ciruit Court and desk attached 175.00

Sec.14. For supplies for Clerk's office.....52.45

Sec.15. For all other necessary expenses caused by the fire of January 20, 1907, except reconstruction and repair of the court house........1,000.00

Sec.16. For Indiana Reports, Statuses and Indiana Digest..............500.00

Duly adopted by unanimous vote of the Council this 4th day of February, 1907

Date: 2/4/1907
Origin: The Warren Republican
Record ID: 00002585
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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