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We present to our readers this week pictures of the proposed rebuilt Court-house, as planned by hte architect and as accepted by the Commisioners. The pictures present two views- the west front, facing Monroe street, and the north front, in which will be the main entrance, facing Second street. There is also a picture of the proposed jailers residence, jail and heating plant, which it is planned to build on the northeast corner of the square.

These are the drawings for the plans accepted by the Commissioners. Before they can be adopted, however, the County Council mist have approved them and made the appropriation necessary to cover cost of construction, and for the purpose of considering these plans and making the appropriation, if acceptable to the Council, that body has been called to meet on the 7th day of May.

The re construction of the Court-house and the outside jail as planned by the architect, is estimated by him to cost $80,000. This estimate will make the Court-house fire-proof, plumb and wire it ready for the furniture, and build the jail and heating plant apaprt from the Court-house proper. Putting the jail in the basement of the Court-house as heretofore, and leaving out of the estimate the second building, would reduce the estimate some $15,000 or $20,000.

According to the plans the main entrance will be on the north side, on the level of the floor, as it stood before the fire, and reached from steps on the outside, while the north entrance, where the main entrance now is , would be on the ground level, with steps leading from the basement hallway to the mail floor. The Auditor's office would be where it was before the fire, and the Clerk's office where the Recorder's office was, with that hallway between. The Treasurer's office would be where it formerly was, with the Commissioner's room between it and the Auditor's office instead of the hall as formerly. The Recorder's office would be placed in the southeast corner, and the Sheriff's office between the Clerk's and Recorder's offices, where the hall formerly ran. The stairs leading to the Court-room wouldbe placed near the center of the building, and the Court-room would extend to the north wall, with the Judge's room, jury rooms, etc, at the west end.

The condition of the jail as it formerly was, would prompt the construction of a jail as a separate building, inasmuch as there must be a reconstruction of the Court-house anyhow. And though it will add to the expense necessary to replacing the Court-house, it can be done cheaper now than as a separate contract.

If these plans are approved by the County Council and the buildings are erected as planned, Warren county's public buildings will be not only as good and commodious as could be desired, but they will also be as attractive in general appearance, it seems, as they could well be made.

[picture caption:] The new jail and heating plant. Top picture as viewed from Second street Bottom picture, viewed from Monroe street

Date: 4/18/1907
Origin: The Warren Review
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Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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