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Title: Annual Bulletin Williamsport Public Schools 1905-6
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Annual Bulletin
Williamsport Public Schools

[picture of school building]

To Common School Graduates:

You have completed your work in the common schools and we heartily congratulate you. You are now confronted with the problem, What shall I do?

The demand of the age is, Give us better trained workers. The high school must respond to that demand more largely than the college or university as the majority of high school graduates never go to college.

It has been the constant aim of this high school to give as practical an education as possible, yet at the same time this fact is kept in mind: This practical training must not be narrow. Theremust be systematic work done in language, mathematics, history, natural and physical science as well as those branches that fit more directly for the mechanical part of a business life. Such a broad culture will strengthen the mind and better enable it to solve the problems of life.

The work for the first year in the high school course is as follows:

Algebra, five recitations per week.
Latin Lessons, five recitations per week.
English, five recitations per week. This includes Letter Writing, English Composition, and the study of selections from the works of American authors.
Zoology, two recitations per week.
Book-keeping, three recitations per week.

The next school year will open Monday, September 4, 1905.

Miss Clara L. Roelker who has served as principal of the high school since January 1, has been re-elected for the coming year.

The annual bulletin for the past school year is also enclosed. It contains a few facts that may interest you.

We hope to have you enter here next September for a year of earnest work.

For additional information address
S.C. HANSON, Superintendent.

[semi-glossy black-and-whit flyer, 5.25 inches wide by 11 inches tall]

[date is approximate, probably published prior to 1905-1906 school year]

Date: 8/1/1905
Origin: Williamsport Public Schools
Author: S.C. Hanson, Superintendent
Record ID: 00002614
Type: Artifact
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: History binders volume V, RAV-SWA, Schools & Courthouse tab
Entered By: M. Park Hunter

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