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Title: Pine Village High School Senior Class History of 1955
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We seniors began in high school as freshman in the fall of 1951 with 34 members. We were initiated by the seniors and took a trip to Chicago that year. We eleced the following officers: Carolyn Kerner, President; Jim Foster, Vice-President; Bonnie Fishel, Secretary; and Russell Matthews, Treasurer. We had a successful season with our freshman basketball team that year, winning four and losing only one game. Our freshman yell-leaders were Sandra Booth an dEvelyn Mann. At the end of the year our enrollment had decreased to 31. It was our freshman year when our beloved classmate, Joe Lee Shafer, was taken from us. we started our sophomore year with 25 members. Our sophomore officers were Jim Foster, President; Glen Shoaf, Vice-President; Jim Fletcher, Secreteary; and Russell Matthews, Treasurer. We engaged in a few money-making activities and took a trip to Chicago with the juniors at the end of the year. Our enrollment at the end of the year was still 25 as Helen Price left and Betty Wethington started here. We started the junior year with 27, having lost Dianne Jean and Duane Kiger, and having gained Nancy Boggan, Betty Massengill, Robert Parent and Doris Taylor. We elected the following class officers: Jim Foster, President; Jim Fletcher, Vice-President; Carolyn Kerner, Secretary; russell Matthews, Treasurer; Betty Wethington, Reporter. We were very active our junior year, sponsoring a junior play, a chile supper, a chicken supper, and other money-making projects. We also gave the seniors a prom. This year we stand as a class of 23. We lost Evelyn Mann, , June May, Bonnie Fishel, and Bob Parent during the summer and during this school year. This year's officers are: Jim Fletcher, President; Philip Sandidge, Vice-President; Phyllis Strong, Secretary; Jim Foster, Treasurer; and Betty Wethington, Reporter. We have been very ambitious during our four years of high school doing about everything that a class is expected to do. The prom that we gave was the first one in over ten years. The annual that we are publishing is only the second in at least twelve years. As seniors we sponsored a senior play, a chicken supper, a donkey basketball game, two talent shows, scrap drives, bake sale, in addition to our annual. Finally, we are finishing our senior year with a trip to Florida.

Date: 5/30/1995
Origin: The Pine Log
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Type: Yearbook
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 7/13/2010
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