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Title: Pine Village High School Senior Class History of 1952
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As freshmen in the fall of 1948, we seniors started in our hgihg school life with 52 members. We were duly initiated by the seniors and made a trip to Brookfield Zoo. Officers elected were: Bob Mckee; president, Merle Rolan; vice president, Mary Jo Pollom; secreatry, and Jim Gerrity; treasurer. We had a very good team that year and won most of our games. The freshmen yell leaders were: Jean Ritenour, Mary Jo Pollow, and Chritina Booth. By the end of the year, the enrollment had decreased to 43. In our Sophomore year, the enrollemnt dropped to 36 with the loss of Joan Bowman, Franklin Chumley, Victor Flecther, Frances Kruse, June Roberts, Charles Smith and Bill Warner. Officers elected this year were: Dean Fenters; president, Merle Rolan; vice president, Jean Ritenour; secreatary, and Joan Bowman as treasurer. We engaged in a few money making enterprizes that year and won teh class tourney by defeating the seniors. We lost four more classmates at the start of our Junior year; Bob McKee, Merle Rolan, Mary Stetler and Iva Shoaf. Our officers for this year were Jean Ritenour; president, Mary Jo Pollom; vice president, Christina Booth; secretary, and Dean Fenters; treasurer. Among the many money making schemes that year were: selling concessions at ballgames, selling magazine subscriptions, fancy candy and Pineknot license tags, and we held a carnival in the gym. Our team defeated the seniors that year also for the championship in the class tourney. This year we stand as a class of 26, small but mighty. We lost Shirley Allen, Jim Gerrity, Fred Hazelgrove, Mary Jo Pollom, Jean Ritenour, and JoAnn shoaf during the last of the junior year and this summer. The officers this year are: Dick McCoskey; president, Jerry Baker; vice president, Juanita Eberly; secreatry, and Dean Fenters; treasurer. We are doing a lot of new and different things this year, some that no P.V. senior class has ever done before. Our annual, which is the first since 1941, has been great fun in putting out. We also have the first speech class that there has been for a long time, and we are going to give our own graduation in May. Following which, we'll take a trip to Washington and New York. Last but not least, we are very proud to be able to say that we're the first class ever to have graduated from the new school building.

Date: 5/30/1952
Origin: The Reverie
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Type: Yearbook
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 7/13/2010
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