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Title: Williamsport High School Senior Class of 1912 -- Page 10
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Iva Oland -- "A princess I would be, though not of royal blood." Iva can tramp the farthest, dance the longest, and laugh the quickest of any Senior on the roll. Her knowledge of practical Botany was alarming to us lesser lights, but she couldn't run a locomotive at all. Latin to her holds a great, a sacred meaning-her devotion to it is unexplainable. The Latin word, "Rex," has been known to mover her to hysterical laughter. I refuse to commit myself to attempting to prophesy her future. Is it not sufficient to say that she has a better chance of a "kitchen cabinet affair" than any of the rest of us? Elwyn Williams -- "His Majest, myself." Elwyn, our long-suffering and unappreciated president, came to us in our Sophomore year, a cast-off of Thorntown. He has been a great aid to us financially as he has performed without pay, the duties of "base" singer, stage-hand, actor, class official, chairman of various committees, and general buffer. Elwyn is also somewhat of a fusser. His cases, though short-lived, are desperate while they endure. They usually end in a misunderstanding, so that Elwyn may be "heart and fancy-free" and yet on friendly terms with her. He possesses the valuable art of "knowing how to look" after a painful interview with the faculty and he certainly has poise. Elwyn is a fellow who will make himself felt, however, and "with all his faults we love him still." Pauline Hottenstein -- "So buxom, blithe, and debonair." Pauline is the butterfly of the class. She is tall and stately and has very cute, childish ways. In years she is a mere infant, but she excels all the other Senior girls in stature. She seeks to acquire grace and poise by daily hikes to Attica. There she receives encouragement, appreciation of her efforts, and new zeal and inspiration for the task of giving to her fellow-classmen that polish which makes for success. She gives vent to her musical enthusiasm by playing the violin. If we were to choose which of her talents she uses best, or even try to enumerate them, all would grow weary. Be it said here also that Pauline has many sentimental scalps to her credit, a bright mind, and an exceedingly sweet temper.

Date: 5/30/1912
Origin: The Goldenrod
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Type: Yearbook
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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