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Title: Williamsport High School Senior Class of 1912 -- Page 16
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Ruby Moore -- "I am no orator, as Brutus is." Ruby's thoughts aer gems, but her difficulty lies in not finding appreciative and responsive listeners. She is intensely fond of nature study, devoting several hours each week to a Wolfe, and she lives with a Hunter. But, strange to say, she does not expect to make this her life work. She will probably be a "conductor" for the "personally conducted" on European trips as she is greatly interested in historic tombs and towers. Ruby is an exceptionally sweet girl, but she has a mania for "squaring things" for some one else and ends by putting you in a place that is delightful but yet appalling because you feel certain you can never get out and preserve your dignity. Emerson Pugh -- "He needs but the spurs and the foeman's stell to make him my hero brave." "Stink" is no ordinary person. He has a brilliant mind and a refreshing grin. An automodbile is his delight, an aeroplane his affinity. At times he is very fond of the eternal feminine, but you can never depend on him in affairs of the heart. In fact I was told confidentially by the girl with whom he once went that the only time you knew he was coming was when the appetizing odors of a feast tempted him. Although at one time president of our literary society, poetry or literature in general cannot be called his forte. He has rather devoted his life to electrical appliances and cartooning. His only literary venture was a text-book entitled "The Art of Love Making and the Dangers of Matrimony." Emerson is bound to be a grand success electrically, a lion socially and a bluffer financially. Belle Brown -- "A rose by any other name." Belle came from Independence four years ago to become a Freshman and became a typical one. She was shy and did not care to recite in Latin until she bloomed out as a dashing Sophomore. Even then she retained that charming reticence always so desirable (and so rarely found) in a woman. You will be surprised to learn that, despite these demure qualities, she is a suffragette outright. "Wotes for Women" is her prayer, her watch-word, her ambition. She is to be a lecturer on their platform. Belle is a sensible girl and deserves a good husband.

Date: 5/30/1912
Origin: The Goldenrod
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Type: Yearbook
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 7/17/2010
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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