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Title: Williamsport High School Senior Class of 1912 -- Page 20
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Tom Powell -- "A more lovable man you never knew, With his twinkling eye and heart so true. His hair is red, his eyes are blue, He's an Irishman--so are you--His name is Pat!" And that is Tom! He also paid us the compliment of preferring our company to that of the class of '11 and we are mighty glad he did. As star athlete he has been a lion among ladies. In sheer gratitude he has written page upon page of blank verse to them. Some of the poetry was first-class, witness its place in publication, other reams of it were so potent with meaning as to lose sight of rhythm. Tom is editor-in-chief of this Annual. Gertrude Dennis -- "To see her is to love her." Getrude has no other desire, just now, but to teach school. She loves the profession for its pecuniary value as well as for its educational possibilities. Her training along domestic lines was rather neglected until a year ago when she began to take great interest in affairs of the heart and home. We were frightened at the time but nothing came of it and peace is again resotred. Her curls have caused many left ventricles to grow pale and then succumb with a humiliating throb, but she has handled her weapons so skillfully as to avoid all thrusts aimed at her own heart. Gertrude is bright, independent, and fond of sausage. C. I. Moore -- "Where do you live, sweet youth? ... Thou has an accent which one cannot purchase in so remote a dwelling." Clarence is our basket-ball hero. He is a fusser because he is pressed into service by the over-anxious maids themselves. (Isn't that true, old scout?) They deplore his slightly stunted stature, but admire his deep, masculine voice which reverberates through the parlor like a peal of thunder and knocks down the pans from the kitchen shleves. His laughter also is distinctive in quality. It is between a guffaw and a howl happy medium, you know. He "stayed over" that he might inspire the breasts of the lower classman with a love of athletics. His grades bear out this statement--he has earned no scholarships, that is, of course, as yet, but he is a willing slave to the faculty.

Date: 5/30/1912
Origin: The Goldenrod
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Type: Yearbook
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 7/17/2010
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