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Title: Pine Village High School Senior Class History of 1923
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Though the time of worldly troubles and pleasures will soon be bestowed upon us, we will endeavor to now speak of the past and not the future. We, the class of 1923, entered the P.V.H.S. in the year of 1919 in members eighteen strong. We were "Freshies" entitled to secure all slams which each "Freshman" is entitled to endure. However, all of us with the exception of Pearl and Clair were able to pass this trial of ordeal. The following year, in September, we again filed into the assembly, this time as "Sophomores." This was the year of 1920 and, during our midsummer vacation, we lost from our class Thelma Short, who is now attending H.S. in Colorado. In the fall of 1921 twelve of us returned as Jolly Juniors. The ones who left were Adele La Plant, who graduated in February from Jefferson H.S.; Ralph Flowers, now a student in Gallion, Ohio, H.S.; and Ira Fletcher who is attending Boswell H.S. At the beginning of the second semester in the year of 1922, we lost another, Ruby Melson, who is completing her school course in Boswell H.S. We are now a class of only ten, for one of our seniors, Olive Bowman, deserted us to be married February 3, 1923. Those who began with the class of '23 but, who for various reasons have withdrawn, have been missed not only by the seniors, but by the entire school, for they were active not only in class work, but also in social life and athletics. We, the Seniors, Class of 1923, P.V.H.S., wish to express our thanks and appreciation to our instructors and those who have helped to make our school life such a bright and happy one. Words can not express how we have enjoyed our entire school life. Through four years we have looked forth to our motto "The Door to Success is Marked 'Push'," and I wish to say that we havepushed all our way through, and have tried to pull those behind us. Now we bid you a kind "Farewell." "Earnest hours of work, Mixed with little play; Make us Mighty Seniors That we are today." --Irene Smith.

Date: 5/30/1923
Origin: The Murmuring Pine
Record ID: 00002799
Type: Yearbook
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/3/2010
Collection: Warren County Historical Society
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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