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Title: Pine Village High School Senior Class of 1937 Class History
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The beginning of September, 1933, found 16 girls and 20 boys enrolled as freshmen in the Pine Villagehigh school, who entered for the purpose of increasing their knowledge. We elected the following class officers for this year: Leslie Hail--president, Lillian Brown--vice-president, and Bill Larch--secretary-treasurer; with Mr. Galbreath as faculty sponsor. Two social functions were enjoyed by the class: a weiner roast in Rowen's woods on November 3, 1933, and a house party at Eldora Clawson's on March 24, 1934. We were lucky in escaping initiation this year. During the year Roger Tatlock, Joe Carnahan, frances Eller, Thomas Delaney withdrew because they did not like school and Hubert Kerst, who withdrew because of sickness. The opening day of the school eyar 1934-1935 found 29 members of last year's freshman class and one new member, Robert Marlette, gracing the halls of P.V.H.S. Gladys Robterts and Clara Stetler failed to return. Bill Larch as president, Franklin Simmerman as vice-president, and William Vester as secretary-treasurer were the class officers for this year. Mr. Galbreath was again faculty advisor. Our class, always "weiner-roast-crazy," held two this year: one on October 12, 1934, in the Ferris woods; the other on April 26, 1935, at High Bridger newar Little Pine Creek. We demonstrated our decorating ability when we decorated for Senior Baccalaureate held at teh Christian Church. During the summer of 1935 we lost one of our popular classmates, Isaac Rater, who died of complications following an accident. Betty Booth was the only one who withdrew this year. September 1, 1935, found 25 members back as juniors in our dear old school with one new member, George Allen, who entered from Ambia. Those who failed to be with us were Franklin Simmerman, Louise Hosterman, who entered Boswell High School, and James Jones who, because of sickness, is in the present junior class. Officers were Wilma Wagoner--president, Robert Marlette--vice-president, Mary E. Cline--secretary, adn Lillian Brown--treasurer. mr. Dome and Miss Swaim were chosen as our faculty sponsors. We held one party this year; maybe it did for two parties. It was held at Eldora Clawson's on December 1, 1935. We chose the three act farce-comedy, "Here Comes Charlie," bny Jay Tobias as our class play. after many delays caused by the condition of the roads, it was given March 24, 1936, to a sizable crowd in the high school gym. The Junior-Senior Reception, which we gave for the seniors, was a dinner-dance at teh West Lafayette Country Club May 23, 1926. Those who withdrew were Thelma Cox, who got married, Oma Roberts, who also got married, and Lee Bowman. This year 21 members of the original class returned to finish their studies at Pine Village. Bill Larch left and entered Ambia High School at the close of the school last year and Wilma Wagoner, who got married, quit after the start of the second semester of this year. We enjoyed one weiner roast which was held October 16, 1936, at Rocky Ford. For our class play we gave the three act farce, "when a Man Tarries," by Eugene Todd in the gymnasium on April 24, 1937, at the Lincoln Lodge in the form of a dinner-party-dance. Baccalaurate was held at the Christian Church on May 16, 1937. Commencement was held May 21, 1937, in the high school gymnasium. Our class has always taken a prominent part in the athletics of the high school since the freshman year. Five members of the class were among the first six of the boys' basketball team this year, and seven were members of the baseball team. Two girls were members of the girls' basketball team. We have also taken part in many other activities of the school such as the band, Pine Whispers staff, commercial contests, mathematics contests, and Latin contests. Our class revived the publication of an annual, which had not been published since 1923. since we enrolled as freshmen, 14 of our class have gone into the outside ways of the world in preference to being a graduate of our high school. Our future history will now be more as individuals than as a class.

Date: 5/30/1937
Origin: Pine Echoes
Record ID: 00002807
Type: Yearbook
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/4/2010
Collection: Warren County Historical Society
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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