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Title: Pine Village High School Senior Class of 1911 -- 3
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Clara Bryant "My true love hath my heart." Clara Bryant was born July 23, 1893, at Clarkshill. She, with another of the class, are the only ones who have been in the same class together from the time they were in the primer in 1899, until graduation from the High School. Was secretary of athletic association and class prophet. Mry Akers "Thou lov'st, but ne'er knew love's and satiety." Mary Akers was born June 9, 1891 at West Pine. She entered Pine Village High School in 1907. Was a member of Wig and Mask and on Calendar committee of the annual. Elsie Watkins "Love me and I will be content." Elsie Watkins was born November 9, 1893, at Pine Village. She entered Pine Village High School in 1907. Was the youngest of class '11 and secretary of Wig and Mask.

Date: 5/30/1911
Origin: Cones from the Pines
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