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Title: Pine Village Senior Class of 1911 Class History
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Seniors of 1911, at last we have overcome the giants that blocked our path and are nearing the goal and securing of the long striven for prize--our diplomas. Glancing down the row of seats occupied by the illustrous class of '11, we see only eleven of the eighteen who entered high school in 1907, and one other who has joined us. Surely the superintendent was discouraged as he gazed at that motley bunch of dainty little girls and frightened model boys in 1907. The upper classmen were inclined to look upon us with disgust, but soon began to look with awe. For weren't we the largest class in school? And didn't we master Latin plus Algebra much more quickly than they had done it? Didn't the superintendent soon find out to his delight that we were very precocious and would make a record in high school? The boys soon recovered from their fright and permitted teachers to say all manner of sweet things to them. The dainty little girls soon became the idols of the kind superintendent. The whole class was the pride of the community. In the fall of the next year a very different set of pupils took thier seats as Sophomores. Only fourteen of the class were present. And how changed! The girls' dresses had made a decided drop in length. The boys donned long trousers and wore a bold sweet smile when looking at the girls. A sneer curled the lips of the class when they glanced at the greenest bunch of Freshmen that ever graced a school room. The sneer quickly gave way to a smile when their gaze rested on the new Seniors. During this term the boys ventured into athletics and the girls into society. THe school work was fine, and we were held up as ideals for the lower classmen. The Junior class of twelve members began their march beneath the colors, grean and white. This was the most successful year in the history of the high school. The principal declared that we were the best class he had ever taught. The work was splendid. Class parties were given nearly every fortnight. The lower and upper classmen were excluded from all the good times. They gazed at us with imploring looks which were answered by a laugh of scorn. Oh the flag raisings and paintings! Such glorious times! A record was made by completing geometry. We were the first class to accomplish this in the Junior year. The last ship started on its homeward voyage with thirteen members on deck. Each one determined to make the closing year teh best in their high school course. Did each once succeed? To the great disappointment of the class one member dropped out, leaving just one dozen to complete the race. What noble thoughts and high ideals were gained through studying the great epic, "The Aeneid!" How diligently civics was studied in order that good and well-posted citizens might come from class '11! A stage career was marked out for each member of the class. A dramatic club was organzied with the Seniors as charter members. Meetings were held every two weeks, and good times as well as dramatics were indulged in. We feel that have spent a very happy and successful year as Seniors. Amid all the discouragements there have been many joys and pleasures for the members of class '11. But all these are laid aside at the supreme moment--graduation approaches; when the class will stand in a row on the platfrom and each member will receive the long sought for prize--his diploma; and gently murmur with trembling voice, "Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit."

Date: 5/30/1911
Origin: Cones from the Pines
Record ID: 00002814
Type: Yearbook
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/4/2010
Collection: Warren County Historical Society
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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