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Title: Pine Village High School Senior Class of 1912 -- 1
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Roy C. Fenters--July 11, 1895 Roy was born in Pine Village, Ind., and with another member of the class has attended Pine Village school ever since he started in the primary class. Althoug "Leisure" seems to be his mottos sometimes, he has been a prominent athlete in the school. He is our class president this year and has presided over our tempstuous meetings with great ability. He is also treasurer of the Annual. "O, 'tis a parlous boy, Bold, quick, ingenious Quick and capable." Ehtel A. Karm--April 2, 1896 Ethel was born near Boswell, ind. When she entered Pine Village High School in 1908, whe was shy and timid as Freshman girls usually are, but gradually she has voercome this weakness and has become a very sociable little maid. Her forte has been mainly in keeping peace between the turbulent members of '12, and in diligently studying her lessons. We have shown our appreciation of her talents by electing her editor-in-chief of this year's Annual, and very faithfully has she performed the task. "A voice ever gently and low. An excellent thing in woman." C. Vernon Ogborn--September 26, 1893 Vernon, our business man, was born in Pine Village. He is noted for his business qualities, athletic ability and lengthy anatomy. In view of the former, he was elected business manager of this year's Annual, a position for which he is well qualified. He is witty and keeps those around him amused by his funny jokes and queer expressions. "He sighed and looked unutterable things."

Date: 5/30/1912
Origin: Cones from the Pines
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