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Title: Pine Village High School Senior Class of 1912 -- 4
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M. Ethel McKinzie--July 22, 1893 Jolly, friendly Ethel, with her bright smile and winning ways, was born near Gilman, Illinios, and entered Pine Village High School in 1908. Fond of parties and social stunts, she is on of the prominent members of the class of '12. Ever since our bashful Freshman days she has had a smile and a kind word for everyone. She is society editor of the Annual. "I care not Fortune, What you me deny; You cannot rob me of free Nature's grace." Ray Steele--June 23, 1891 Ray, the oldest of the Seniors was born in Oxford, Indiana, and joined the Sophomore class of Pine Village High School in 1909. His dignity and the grave demeanor of his countenance well becomes his seniority. After coming to Pine Village he began to show remarkable talent for drawing-especailly cartoons. This year his artistic talent illuminates the pages of our Annkual. He is also class testator. Tall, quiet, dignified and courteous his is admired by everyone. "He is the noblest Roman of them all." Shirley N. Martindale--August 20, 1893 Shirley was born near Pine Village and attended the common schools in Adams township. In 1908 she entered the Freshman class of the Pine Village High School. Jolly and carefree, for four years she has been like a bright ray of sunshine to her school mates. Her merrry laughter is heard in tiems of peace, in tiems of trouble, in the school room and out of it. She has been chosen second literary editor and class prophet. "How brilliant and mirthful The light of her eye-Like a star glancing out from The blue of the sky."

Date: 5/30/1912
Origin: Cones from the Pines
Record ID: 00002818
Type: Yearbook
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/4/2010
Collection: Warren County Historical Society
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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