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Title: Pine Village High School Senior Class of 1912 Class History
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It is a fact of which we are indeed proud, that we, the present Senior Class of 1912, is the largest class that has ever yet graduated from the Pine Village High School, having in number seventeen. In the fall of 1908, we entered High School, and a greener bunch of Freshmen never graced a school room. There were enrolled in one year twenty-six in the class, the largest number ever enrolled in one class in the history of the school up to that time. But the history of our class is not different from that of any other class, for of course, there were a few who dropped out during the year, and a few who entered. We studied hard and were rewarded by being promoted to the Sophomore year. The next year, when we re-entered school as Sophomores, we looked down upon the Freshmen. But we were just getting even and paying off old scores, as we had furnished entertainment for the Sophomores the year before. It was also in our Sophomore year that the school board increased the number of our faculty; we had three instructors for the first time. They were Mr. Smith, our Superintendent; Mr. Claypool, our Principal, and Miss Davis, our Assistant Principal, forming a very competent staff of instructors. Our Junior year was the jolliest of all. It was during this year that we had our banner raisings and class scraps, and we also made our debut into the society lists. What a glorious time we did have! In the fall of 1911, when we entered High School again, we took our places as Seniors. We were nineteen in number. Roy Fenters was elected class president. During the first semester, Lynn Timmons left us to clerk in his father's store. And during the last semester, Esta Bisner was forced to withdraw on account of ill-health. During the first part of the year we gave many class parties and had other social gatherings. During the latter half of the year we gave a play entitled "The Soldier of Fortune," which was very well accepted and was said to have been the best ever given by the school. We have, during the past year, tried to the best of our ability to do our duty, and whether we have succeeded or not is for the faculty to decide. This has been the most pleasant year of all, during our High School career. Of course, our studies have been hard and we have had our trials and troubles, but they are now matters of little moment to us, for we know they are stepping stones to higher and better things. Thus, our class history ends. Now we go forth to face the world and to make a history of our own; wishing each other a happy and prosperous journey through life. "Finis"

Date: 5/30/1912
Origin: Cones from the Pines
Record ID: 00002822
Type: Yearbook
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/7/2010
Collection: Warren County Historical Society
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