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Title: Dixon or Foster Cemetery
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Rt. 136 east to first road west of the Oak Grove Motel. If you turn north at the motel you would cross railroad tracks and just on the other side of the tracks is the Foster Grain Co. The cemetery is on the right or west wide of the road. It is located in Mound Township, Warren County, Indiana, and it is the east 1/2 of Sectino 31, R9W, T20 N. It contains the graves of at least three pioneers; Joseph Foster and Isaac Switzer, who came in 1828 and George Dixon, Revolutionary War Veteran, who came in 1832. -- copied by Grover Williams, 1962 Switzer, William M... 7/30/1872 11m 28d Switzer, Andrew M... 8/09/1872 1y 7d children of JC and M Switzer, Bruce... 6/10/1872 14y 19d son of JC and M Switzer, Isaac... 7/21/1870 72y 9m 6d Switzer, Sarah A... 8/17/1834 1y 2m 28d daughter of I and C Chenoweth, Thomas F... 1/09/1820-7/31/1857 Chenoweth, Elizabeth J... 7/04/1821- wife of Thomas Chenoweth, Americus... 9/29/1854-9/21/1894 son of T and J Chenoweth, Florence... 6/22/1857-1/04/1887 daughter of T and J Lewis, Alice... 7/25/1862-1/28/1882 wife of AB Lewis, Mackie... 1/20/1882-9/01/1882 son of AB and A Chenoweth, Thomas F... 1/08/1820-8/01/1857 Foster, Joseph... 4/17/1866 71y 24d Foster, Mary... 1/03/1861 64y 5m 16d wife of Joseph Carpenter, William H... 9/02/1871 3y 5m 15d son of J and RE Carpenter, Joseph... 4/12/1878 50y Carpenter, Rachel E... 1/23/1892 56y 2m 19d wife of Joseph Carpenter, Lydia S... 3/28/1904 41y 3m 28d Dixon, Polly... 9/25/1855 57y 6m wife of henry Dixon, Henry... 9/24/1855 57y 8m 6d Dixon, George... 11/13/1841 15y 11m 21d son of Henry Dixon, Isaac S... 9/18/1833 2y 3m 5d son of Henry Dixon, George... 2/17/1754-2/27/1840 85y back of Dixon stone: 1788 Peter Dixon 1789 Eunice Dixon 1794 Jessie Dixon 1798 Henry L. Dixon 1855 1800 Olive Dixon Stover Dixon, George... 10/13/1865 14y 11m 5d son of Wm M and MJ Dixon, Mahala... 2/27/1854 5y 3m 20d daughter of wm m and Marguarite Dixon, William M... 11/20/1823-11/25/1876 Dixon, Margrette J... 4/28/1826-1/04/1904 wife of William M Hester, Charles W... 4/30/1858 6y 11m 4d son of Thos. S and E Dixon, Perry E... 9/17/1885-4/26/1906 Dixon, Mary Josephine... 8/01/1858-4/26/1898 Foster, Rachel... 7/28/1868 62y 4m

Date: 7/23/1985
Origin: Warren Co Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions Volume 2
Author: Rosella Jenkins
Record ID: 00002853
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 8/10/2010
Entered By: Hannah Wash

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