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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Owens/Schlosser Cemetery
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** One of the several cemeteries located just off of Highway 28 west of Williamsport, this is a well-cared-for, easy-to-locate cemetery. Turn right at the first and only cross road after Williamsport. It is 3/4 mile on the left side of the road. This cemetery is named after the family that owned the land when it became a cemetery. (Page 1) Owens, William B. 9/07/1823-08/28/1900 Owens, Lucy (same stone as William) 4/15/1825-12/22/1899 Lane, William d. 2/25/21867 56y 11m ** (days covered) Schlosser, Frederick A.; Civil War d. 2/05/1871 37y 5m 10d Schlosser, Infant d/o M.A. and F.A. d. 8/04/1858 Thomason, Ama C., d/o D. and E. d. 4/30/1855 1y 3m Owens, Infant s/o W.B. and Lucy d. 9/24/1874 Owens, Minnie A., d/o W.B. and Lucy d. 8/08/1866 12d Millhollin, John W., s/o J. and R. d. 2/28/1856 7y 1m Sever, Francis L., s/o I.S. and N.J. d. 10/19/1857 1y (1m) 26d Owens, John d. 2/05/1873 80y 10m 22d Owens, Mary, w/o John d. 7/30/1870 81y 9m Freales, Lucinda, w/o John aged about 52 years d. 3/15/1869 Owens, Francis M. 3/13/1833-6/21/1911 McCartney, Wilford J.; Co G 72nd Ind Vol d. 11/09/1871 29y 2m 21d Carpenter, Martin; Co H 116 Ind Vol (no date) 17y McCartney, Eleaner, w/o John 3/17/1800-4/18/1863 McCartney, John d. 10/19/1872 73y 2m 25d Longnecker, Nancy E., d/o James H. and Mary J. d. 11/10/1854 3m 24d Loyd, William C., s/o Thomas and Malinda d. 7/31/1860 1m 28d Loyd, Nancy Josephine, d/o Thos. and Malinda d. 9/27/1854 8m 8d Loyd, Edmund, s/o Wm. and Nancy d. 8/21/1849 26y 6m 20d Loyd, Nancy, w/o William aged about 76 years d. 3/03/1864 Loyd, George d. 8/30/186(4 or 1) 43y 1m 27d Beals, John P., s/o (G. or C.)J. and J.A. d. 11/20/1850 1m 15d Beals, Hannah, d/o J. and M. d. 9/14/1846 9y 5m 19d Stone with weeping willow; not finished: says only "Mary" Pain, mira E., w/o P. 10/28/1824-6/27-1852 Pain, Mira, d/o P. and M.E. 6/16/1852-6/22/1852 Footstone: W.G.S. (Page 2) Smith, Jonas N., s/o J.J. and E.A. d. 6/20/1855 4y 2m 5d Wands, Elizabeth, w/o Joseph d. 1/19/1873 75y 8m 14d Wilson, Sarah Adeline, d/o J.N. and L. d. 7/14/1844 11y 8m 14d Wilson, Mary E., d/o J.N. and L. d. 9/28/1840 2y 1m 10d Warbritton, Ruben, s/o M. and C. d 9/13/1845 1y 2m 24d Warbritton, Parisade, d/o M. and E. d. 10/27/1846 12y 9m 18d Warbritton, Eli, s/o M. and C.; Civil War d. 6/07/1867 27y 6m 24d McAlister, Millard C., s/o (C. and L.) d. 4/18/1856 2y 4m 22d Wilson, John M. d. 11/22/1847 McAlister, Lucinda, w/o Chas. d.11/22/1847 14y 8m Swank, Infant s/o O. and M. d. 11/17/1832 Swank, David B., s/o O. and M. d. 5/30/1840 7m 24d Swank, Benjamin, s/o O. and M. d. 1/23/1842 4m 24d Swank, Ulyssus G., s/o J.H. and M.J. d. 9/02/1866 15m 2d Swank, Mary J., d/o W.(C.) and Celia G. d. 9/27/1863 1y 27d Oliver, Martha J., w/o John S. d. 10/26/1860 25y 3m Oliver, Mary Elen, d/o John S. d. 11/10/1860 (age covered) Swank, Watson C.; Co E 86th Ind "A faithful friend, a father dear, a loving husband was buried here. In love he lived, in peace he died." d. 10/30/1862 20y 9m 11d Swank, Mary, w/o Oliver check stone lying face down d. 11/06/1858 (age covered) Swank, Oliver d. 8/31/1883 74y 10m 10d Pugh, William W., s/o W.M. and N. d. 12/31/1844 8y 5m Pugh, Martha J., d/o W.M. and N. d. 7/03/1845 7y 2m Swank, Austin 9/05/1862-8/27/1891 Swank, John d. 9/09/1869 81y 3m (days gone) Swank, Sarah, w/o John d. 3/23/1867 70y 6m 4d Swank, J.W. d. 9/19/1841 6y 1m 15d Crawford, Harvey H. (broken mended at date, year only) 1876 61y 10m 1d Crawford, Polly D., w/o H.H. d. 10/(13)/1860 44y 8m 17d Crawford, Nancy R., d/o H.H. and P.D. d. 5/23/1856 16y 2m 23d Swank, William M.; Pvt US Army 1900-1974 Holtz, Ida 1912- Holtz, Mabel 1887-1971 Warner, Billy C. 1933-1949 Swank, Johnie T.; Ind Pvt 358 Inf 98 Div, WWI 6/19/1895-10/17/1948 Swank, Ida E. 1861-1943 Swank, John E. 12/1856-9/1930 Swank, W.N. 3/28/1857-11/31/1902 45y 8m 5d Swank, Ruth Ella, d/o James C. and Mallissa d. 10/11/1862 1y 10m 5d "Our darling is at rest, her sufferings are over, Her spirits above on that beautiful shore." (Page 3) Swank, Mary J., d/o James C. and Malissa d. 2/15/1862 3y 9m 17d "Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of heaven." Swank, Albert, s/o Wm. and Elizabeth d. 5/01/1846 12d Swank, Eddie, s/o D. and L. d. 2/24/1879 1y 1m 4d Swank, Malissa 4/04/1831-3/18/1905 Swank, James C. d. 7/12/1872 45y 6m 9d Millhollin, Joseph d. 7/05/1860 25y 8m 1d Johnson, Elizabeth d. 8/17/1848 76y Clemmons, Daniel C. d. 3/05/1867 In his sixty-fifth year Brown, Mary J., d/o A. and Mary d. 8/11/1852 2y 9m Hendricks, Charles M., s/o W.O. and J. d. 8/12/1874 6m 4d Dawson, Perry d. 9/19/1864 1y 5m Swank, J.H. d. 5/26/1852 age 6 weeks (Swank), Sarah C., do (badly worn; numbers gone) Dawson, Elizabeth, w/o Thomas d. 2/02/1855 49y Swank, Ansel Beach, s/o Henry and Susannah d. 9/02/1846 5y 3m Fenters, Jessie C. 1/13/1878-1/24/1881 Fenters, Newton Z. (same stone as Jessie) 3/25/1880-2/16/1891 Gallimore, Francis, s/o Nathaniel and Sarah Ann d. 5/10/1852 18y 10m 5d Gallamore, Infant s/o N. and M.A. d. 4/14/(broken off)_ Logan, Martha A., w/o George S. d. 2/03/1867 28y Gallamore, Milton; Co E 86th Ind Killed in the battle of _______ d. 11/25/1863 2(4)y Gallamore, Lemon M. d. 4/19/1872 30y 2m 9d Hays, Susannah, w/o John and do/o N. and Sarah A. d. 12/30/1853 24y 3m 12d Stufflebeam, Sarah Louisa A., d/o E. and M.A. d. 4/06/1857 2y 9m Gallamore, Mary L., d/o (N. and Sarah Ann) d. 5/07/1860 1y 2m 29d

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00002870
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 8/25/2010
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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