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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Bumgarner/Robb Cemetery
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Washington Township, Warren County, Indiana This cemetery is located just west of Williamsport on Highway 28, two miles from the four-way stop at the courthouse. It is on the left side of the road. The cemetery is well-cared for, although a few stones are located in overgrown bushes. There are empty areas indicating that stones may have been broken and lost over a period of time. The stones were read on a bright day and the light seemed to be just right for accurate reading. This list begins at the east end. It was compared with a list made by Clara Crawford Smith in 1843. Stones missing by 1984 are listed and her comments are included. (Page 4) Lattimore, Jane, w/o A. d. 9/08/1879 36y Ransom, Mary J., w/o R.R. 3/20/1836-10/03/1881 Hankins, Ann, w/o Aaron d. 3/11/1856 46y 2m 19d Ransom, Lenard, c/o Jeremiah and Eveline d. 10/16/1865 1y 3m 2(3)d Ransom, Eunice M., c/o Jeremiah and Eveline d. 3/08/1863 8m Ransom, Horace R., consort of Lucy C. d. 5/09/1855 23y 7m 3d Ransom, Reuben W.; Pvt Co E Reg 86 Ind Vol d. 3/(5)/1863 29y 1m 22d Ransom, Reuben R.; Co K 33rd Reg Ind Vol, Drum Major 9/11/1806-12/14/1879 Dallas, Alexander d. 7/08/1880 80y Dallas, Margaet, w/o Alexander d. 4/22/1880 80y Dallas, Joseph, adopted son of Alexander killed at Williamsport 4/05/1873 36y Murphy, Dennis L. d.3/14/1854 47y 7m 5d Robb, Infant s/o B. and S.A. b.&d. 3/23/1851 Conger, Samuel d. 11/26/1897 76y 4m 13d Hopkins, Jane, consort of Denney d. 4/40/1848 50y __ __ Smith, Sarah C. d. 6/11/1886 35y Bush, Mary Lou d. 10/1923 Dimmick, Sarah J., w/o Peter d. 1/26/1852 21y Higinbotham, John d. 9/22/1848 68y 8m 8d This man was the father of Abi HIGINBOTHAM ROBB. She was the wife of Wm. ROBB, Sr., and they were the parents of Wm. ROBB, Jr. and Bolivar ROBB, pioneer residents. Rollin Robb SHANNON and his brother are members of the Socy, Indiana Pioneers (1750-1818) on the Abi HIGINBOTHAM ROBB line. The above John HIGINBOTHAM should be added in the year book. This grave is marked. [C.C.S.] Also Robb infant above is son of Bolivar ROBB and first wife, Sarah ACRES. Fry, Infant d/o S.D. and Mattie d. (10/2)/18(7)0 2m 25d Wright, Francis M., s/o J.B. and E. d. 9/1839 1y 4m __d Purjue, Rachel, d/o Richard and Maragret d. 11/26/1839 14y 3m 12d Footstone: S.B.; Samuel d. 10/14____ (Page 5) Bell, James d. 1/01/1835 39y 11m 20d Bell, Hester d. 7/24/1831 1y 3m 26d Foster, Infant s/o M.C. and Ann b.&d. 4/21/183(8) Evans, Infant s/o David D. and Ann d. 7/15/1833 1d Evans, Infant s/o D.D. and Ann 7/14/1833-7/1833 Evans, Sarah K., d/o D.D. and Ann d. 2/23/1843 1y 10m 12d Hall, James H., s/o Henry and H. d. 10/10/1837 1y 2m 24d Hall, Henry, consort of Harriott d. 1/15/1863 58y 9m 15d Hall, William H., s/o Henry and H. 10/10/1839 5y 6m 29d Swingler, Eliza E., d/o L. and M. d. 8/15/1852 6m 20d Swingler, Anna, d/o H. and M.A. d. 9/24/1840 11m 16d Swingler, Elisha d. 3/31/1844 64y Swingler, Infant d/o H. and M.A. d. 8/03/1843 Crow, Susanah, w/o Benj. "Our Mother" d. 1846 56y Sullivan, Mary "Our Granmother" d. 1849 87y Crow, Harriet "Our Sister" d. 1840 6y Crow, Matilda "our Sister" d. 1843 11y Crow, Infant son d. 2/1846 Parker, Nancy, w/o Frederick d. 12/13/1863 64y Parker, Frederick d. 12/31/1852 56y 4m 15d Pritchard, Matilda R., d/o Truman and Siotta L. d. 11/29/1850 Schoonover, Infant d/o A. and T. d. 4/20/185_ Miller, Infant s/o Henry C. and Bell d. 7/09/1874 Schoonover, Anson d. 12/24/1853 36y 10m 10d Schoonover, George R., s/o A. and T. d. 4/18/1863 11y 11m 2d Footstone: J.W.B. Parker, Thomas T., s/o H.J. and S.S. d. 12/11/1847 3y 1m 9d Sharar, Margaret A., d/o J. and S. d. 1/01/1841 11y 4m 22d Sharar, Harriet, d/o J. and S. d. 1/07/1841 9y 7m Sharar, Infant s/o J. and S. d. 2/1846 Parker, Lydia, w/o Frederick d. 8/09/1844 74y Parker, Elizabeth, w/o John d. 2/01/1846 49y 9m 9d Briggs, Infant, d/o Stephen D. and Rebecca J. d. __/31/1845 (age buried) Briggs, Mary Jane, d/o Stephen D. and Rebecca J. d. 2/22/1853 5y Smith, Daniel W., s/o W.B. and L.C. d. 3/21/1853 21d Hanley, L.E. d. 8/22/1855 1y 7m 24d Footstone: A.E.H. and B. H.; parents of J. Frank Hanley Schoonover, James d. 10/20/1867 82y 2m 27d ABungarner, Sarah, w/o David d. 3/15/1867 57y 2m 26d Bumgarner, John W., s/o E. and S. d. 3/15/1843 Bush, William d. 4/10/1843 85y Bush, Nancy, w/o Wm. d. 11/12/1846 67y Bush, M.E. d. 4/17/1852 13y 10m 7d Bumgarner, Steven d. 2/19/1870 35y 10m 7d was married to Hanna E. (JACKSON) Dec. 1857 enlisted Co F 2nd Reg Ind Vol Dec. 19 1863 discharged May 23, 1865 leaves a wife and two children Gray, Peter, s/o P. and L. d. 2/04/1899 34y Gray, Peter d. 3/28/1890 63y 7m 24d (Page 6) Gray, Letitia M., w/o Peter d. 12/30/1909 79y 15d Gray, Benjamin, s/o P. and L. d. 8/30/1876 23y Ewing, Lydia Ann, w/o John M. d. 10/26/1850 40y 8m 13d Pitcher, Margaret E., d/o J.A. and C.A. d. 9/25/1854 1m 14d Pitcher, Ludwick P., s/o (H. and L.) d. 4/21/1855 3y 5m 23d Bush, Isabell M. (Possibly d/o W.A. and) Mary d. 7/29/1858 3y 17d Bush, Ella L., (d/o) S.M. and Susan d. (1)/23/1861 (1y 5m 3d) Bush, Jennie Alice, d/o Thomas and Cyntha 4/06/1863-5/06/1864 1y 1m McConnell, John A., s/o D. and M. d. 1/01/1843 2m 2d Belangea, Wm. C.; Co K 135 Reg Ind Vol d. 1/16/1884 63y Beebe, Marcus; Co H 16th Ind Vol--listed in 1931 VFW list Additional Stones Listed by Clara Crawford Smith, Williamsport, Indiana; ca. 1943 (Not found in 1984) 1) Infant of Clyde and Hazel Bush, Oct. 26, 1923 2) Deborah L., dau. of D. and R. Bush, d. June 30, 1856, 18 years 3) Henry Smotel, d. Dec. 11, 1881, age 53 years 4) Elizabeth A., dau. of H. and M.A. S(w)ingler, d. Jan. 23, 1848 5) Phebe J., dau. of E.J. P.C. Hill, Aug. 23, 1855, 10mos. 6) Charles Walls d. June 25, 1854, 61yr. 2m. 22d. 7)Mary, wife James Choonover, d. May 15, 1856, 74yr. 3m. 10d. 8)Ella, dau. James Schoonover, July 10, 1850, 1yr. 9) D.W.S. foot stone 10)Joseph Wilinson, Nov. 1841 Notes made by Clara Crawford Smith at the end of her list: "There are 25 graves no markers and 3 stones the letters are gone. 6 graves marked with native boulders. 4 Thomas family were moved to Williamsport (county and cemetery rec.) There are 4 Civil War soldiers data on stones. Two negro graves. "Uncle James wife and child buried by Boulus family." "Early settlers Warren Co. marked by native boulders. A total of 128 graves accounted for." This cemetery is south of the Robb homestead.

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00002871
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 8/25/2010
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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