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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Old Hillside Cemetery
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Washington Township, Warren County, Indiana One of the three cemeteries located on the northeast corner of Williamsport, Old Hillside is the oldest area. To reach Old Hillside, turn left onto 4th street from Highway 28 and continue a short distance. Old Hillside is the section on the north side of the road and is separated from Highland by a railroad. Some stones are broken and some are very worn, but all were read with as much care as possible. Burials are between 1837 and 1968 with most between 1837 and 1921. North side of road--starting at the west end nearest the railroad. (Page 7) Clark, Thomas H. of 2nd (Mich) Vol wounded at _____ July 1, 1862 d. 10/1(3)/1863 33y Sellars, Albert, s/o T. and M.L. d. 8/18/1873 5m(21)d Sellars, Mary L., w/o Thomas d. 4/__/1873 Sellars, Malissa, d/o T. and M.L. d. 3/29/1873 1y 5m 5d Sellars, Infant d/o T. and M.L. d. 6/24/1870 22d Shatell, Sarah Ann, w/o James R. d. 3/03/1872 36y 10m 11d Shatell, James R. d. 3/04/1880 49y 11m 14d Footstone, C.E. Dowler, Debrorah Brook, w/o Francis M. (The original inscription has sunk; this is a new inscription on the back.) 1806-1866 Dowler, Wi(lliam Fra)ncis (portion in () was broken off) s/o R.C. and M.S. d. 2/01/1860 5y 1m 6d (Welch), Rebecca E., d/o D. and K. or (H.P.) 11/10/1867-11/20/1867 (Welch), Emma J. (very worn, just guessing at last name--same style as Rebecca. Initials for parents barely visible, but father has on initial, mother has two.) Templeton, W.D. 11/16/1844-3/30/1873 Templeton, T.C. 11/04/1850-11/02/1878 Templeton, Thomas d. 3/13/1856 37y 2m 22d Templeton, Hannah "mother" 9/23/1819-1/03/1873 Andrew, William Co I 72nd Ind Vol, died at Galelen, Tenn 31y 1m Nodurft, Rebecca, w/o George (Lutz) d. 8/23/1880 34y 6m 28d Nodurft, Elizabeth, w/o George H. d. 9/09/1872 65y 6m 25d Stinespring, John d. 7/20/1870 64y 1m 7d Green, Jennie L., d/o A.(R.) and S.A. d. 7/10/1861 1y 5m 11d High, John (R. or S.) d. 4/27/1873 23y 6m 3d High, Wm., MD Co F Kansas Vol Inf Commissary Surgeon d. 9/21/1872 28y 2m 6d Hinkle, Annie, w/o A. d. 9/318(71) 18y 11, (21)d Hornaday, Willie, s/o J.H. and I. d. 3/09/1868 21d Hornaday, Indiana, w/o John H. d. 2/15/1868 26y 11m 11d High, Charles d. 12/23/1861 (Page 8) High, Elizabeth D., w/o Charles d. 6/12/1884 76y 3m Wolfe, James H. Co F 53rd Reg Ohio Vol 2/14/1839-6/05/1912 Etnire, Catherine 11/21/1806-3/29/1892 85y 4m 8d Sellers, Mary A. d. 2/22/1873 44y 2m 10d Sellers, John W. Co C 72nd Ind Vol d. 5/18/1873 29y 2m 29d STurgeon, Scott Co K 135th Ind Vol Inf 8/12/1846-1/30/1914 Mayers, Samuel B., s/o John and Susan 1/13/1837-10/22/1860 23y 9m 7d Brandt, Jacob Co H 60th Ind Vol d. 2/16/18760(30)y 14d Footstone, R.L. Miller, Matilda, w/o William d. 7/27/1869 (rest set in concrete) Niederauer, Maria M., w/o Peter d. 2/04/1866 54y 2m Niederauer, Frederick, s/o J.P. and M. d. 10/22/1868 2y 2m 3d Niederauer, Freddie, s/o J.P. and M. d. 7/12/1870 7m 20d Neiderauer, John P. d. 12/25/1871 37y 8m 14d Crane, Moses Co F 63rd Reg Ind Vol d. 12/26/1871 37y Butler, Eudora J., d/o W. and S.A. Crane d. 11/30/1874 18y 11m 23d Graves, Sarah A., d/o Thomas and Ann d. 5/15/1861 7y 7m 17d Graves, Ann, w/o Thomas d. 2/18/1858 27y 27d Graves, Eliza J., d/o Thomas and Ann d. 10/13/1857 1y 11d Boardman, Amanda M., w/o Edwin d. 4/11/1872 38y 6m 1d Boardman, Alred S., s/o E.A. and A.M. d. 2/25/1870 1m 21d Boardman, Vashti, w/o E.A. d. 4/16/1876 38y 8m 17d Boardman, Edwin (concrete repair of stone nearly covers name) Co K 33rd Reg Ind Vol d. 3/26/1875 31y 6m 19d Jones, Harry, s/o J. and A.E. d. 3/21/1860 (age very worn) Myers, Rev. George d. 12/02/1879 74y Welch, Wm. F. d. 12/05/187(1) 47y 7m 1(4)d Welch, Mary M., d/o Lorenzo D. and Susan d. 6/24/1855 2y 2m Welch, Jemima L., d/o L.D. and S. d. 10/18/1850 3y 6m 23d Lutz, James M. d. 8/06/1846 1y 8m 13d Lutz, George A. Co K 33rd Ind Vol d. 10/26/1869 26y 7m 11d Mains, Martha d. 3/27/1872 74y 6m 19d Henry, Main, d. 9/27/1837 43y Lutz, Augustus 7/14/1848-6/18/1873 Lutz, Samuel 11/19/1815-10/18/1874 Lutz, Adaline 3/16/1866-4/23/1886 Lutz, Belinda 6/12/1825-7/31/1886 Koehler, Phillip 6/09/1847-4/02/1877 Koehler, Laura, d/o P. and K. d. 9/25/1873 6m Koehler, George F. 3/29/1808-3/23/1888 Koehler, Anne H., w/o G.F. 2/16/1809-7/29-1892 Swartz, Wesley Co D Ind Vol d. 12/28/1891 51 y Stedman, Sarah A., w/o Harrison M. d. 7/24/1872/22y 9m 2d (Page 9) Smith, Caroline 10/18/1832-4/06/1890 Cox, John A. 6/09/1791-6/11/1863 "A gallant soldier of the war of 1812" Lindsley, Carl W. 7/16/1884-5/11/1887 May, Frank, s/o J.A. and S.A. d. 2/2(6)/1858 3y 13d (broken at date) Dawson, Victoria, d/o W.M. and Issabella A.M. d. 1/05/1855 2y 9m 11d Dunkin, s/o G.H. and M.D. d. 6/15/1850 Smith, Geo. W. d. 5/30/1850 22y 2m 6d Footstone, M.. Barry, Mary d. 11/23/1873 62y Murphy, John d. 1/30/1863 55y Murhpy, Margaret (same stone as John) d. 11/19/1870 40y Barry, Patrick d. 8/26/1861 42y Held, William (R), s/o Jacob and Amanda d. 11/06/1854 1y 9m 1d Held, Jacob (R.), s/o J. and A.J. d. 3/(19)/1857 5m 22d Held, Henry d.1/12/1893 60y 3m 27d Held, Helena K., w/o Henry d. 1/31/1928 86y 4m 10d Held, Nancy, w/o Henry d. 5/14/1868 32y 1m 20d Held, Henry C., s/o H. and N. b.&d. 6/15/1863 Held, George, s/o H. and N. d. 5/02/1858 3d Held, Nancy J., d/o H. and N. d. 10/25/1868 5m 15d Held, Fred 1869-1929 Held, Anna V. 1878-1940 Held, Frank R., s/o H. and Helen d. 12/31/1872 8m 8d Dawson, Wm. J.B. d. 12/26/1854 42y 29d Hirlinger Frede L., s/o Wm. and Barbara 8/02/1887-9/11/1887 Kurtz, George 5/27/1814-11/23/1887 "Born Maufelden Wurttemberg" Jones, Edna A., D/o a.S. and Edna d. 3/15/1858 4y 11m 7d Jones, Nellie, d/o A.S. and Edna d. 3/30/1864 15m Hefley, James M. Co (K) 135 Ind Vol d. 6/28/1865 Johnson, George Co K 135 Ind Vol d. 8/30/1887 58y 9d Johnson, James L. d. 8/17/1847 47y 4m 12d Johnson, Ann, w/o James L. d. 4/09/1855 63y 5m 28d Swigart, Austin R., s/o T.W. and Lucinda F. d. 8/17/1854 6m 18d Swigart, Rosalia, d/o T.W. and Lucinda F. d. 10/01/1853 1y 10m 13d Swigart, Lucinda F., w/o T.W. d. 3/01/1854 21y 4m 5d Wiley, Samuel R. d. 9/13/1854 31y 4m 25d Pearson, Mary Kelley d. 1850 Pearson, Charles d. 1845 Pearson, George L., s/o Robert and Rebecca 4/27/1845-12/31/1897 Hamer, Hannah H. w/o Wm. _____ Evans, Evan 33rd Ind Vol d. 4/12/1873 45y 11m 6d Evans, Lucretia, w/o Evan d. 4/17/1873 39y 6m 7d Livengood, George R. 1828-1906 Livengood, Leah, w/o George 1832-1900 (Page 10) Livengood, Ladessa, d/o G.R. and Leah d. 7/(14,11)/1855 1y 6m 2d Livengood, Aribell, d/o G.R. and Leah d. 10/02/1855 1y 8m 20d Bryant, Col. James R.M. d. 2/25/1866 63y M(c)____kel, James d. 3/15/1862 84y Bryant (possibly-no last name on this stone) Joseph Footstone, D.G.B. (no matching headstone) Cissna, Charles M., s/o Stephen and Elizabeth A. d. 12/30/1855 King, William H. d. 5/21/1848 11y 6m 21d "O what is life? tis like a flower That blossoms and is gone; It flourishes its little hour, With all its beauty on: Death comes, and, like a wintry day It cuts the lovely flower away." King, Mary, d/o g. and D. d. 3/07/1843 10d King, Marta, d/o G. and D. d. 184_ 6 m (1)7d (Dewitt ?), Adlophus M., s/o Lemuel and Mary ; Hefley, Emma Vail 9/08/1850-11/25/1866 Gregory, Hon. B.F. (tallest monument in this section) 4/11/1816-3/07/1874 "Educated at Wabash College, admitted to the bar in 1836, located in Williamsport in 1838 married 3-31-1839 and united with the H.E. Church April 1839. Thirty years superintendent of the ___ Sabbath school of Williamsport and the ____ class leader and exhorter. Elected treasurer of Warren Co[u]nty 1852 and re-elected in 1854 serving two terms. Elected representative to State Legislature in 1862 and re-elected in 1864 serving two terms. Elected Presidental Elector for the ____ Congressional District in 1872 and chosen messenger to carry the vote of the S____ Washington the same year." Gregory, Francis M., s/o B.F. and H.E. d. 10/31/1843 3y 5m 29d Gregory, Hannah E., w/o B.F. (no dates) Gregory, Robt. B. (no dates) Nourse, Henry M. "a brave soldier" d. 10/16/1867 42y 9m 21d Ruark, Walter R. 1888-1965 Ruark, Etta M. w/o Walter 1894-____ Ruark, Celia J. 1861-1894 Ruark, Frederick 1893-____ Ruark, Margaret, w/o William P. 1857-1937 Ruark, William P. 1859-1938 Ruark, Anna E. 1874-1897 Ruark, Virginia, w/o Wm. 1902-1965 Ruark, Wm. Linzy 1897-1968 Landon, Jane Eveline 1914-1914 Landon, Clarence R. 1855-1933 Landon, Benjamin F. 1855-1933 Landon, Henrietta 1875-1956 (Page 11) Landon, Anna E. 1/01/1971-5/20/1892 Hall, Robert Co B 10 Ind Vol 12/29/1832-5/03/1910 Hall, Mary j., w/o Robert d. 11/17/1883 46y 8m 23d Hall George A., s/o Wm.A. and Mary E. d 9/29/1867 2m 6d Vansickle, Johnson J. Co K 76 Ill Vol d. 4/01/1890 67y 9m Kinneard, Marquis L. 1st Lieut Co D Reg Ind Vol d. 4/09/1876 45y 10m 18d Canutt, Enos d. 9/15/1861 45y 6m 15d Pemberton, Nancy (very faded) d. 8/23/1883 7y 1m 19d Hitchens, Scott d. 12/05/1873 33y 4m Hitchens, Mary Emma, d/o Scott (no dates) Hitchens, Elisha d. 3/24/1897 90y 7m 14d Hitchens, Mary d. 8/19/1879 72y 9m Newell, Curtis 1801-1866 Newell, Anna Bogart, w/o Curtis 1813-1901 Barnes, James W. d. 3/10/1875 63y Pearson, Carrie, d/o Robert and Rebecca d. 8/12/1870 30y 8m 23d Darling, Jay 1856-1940 Armsworth, Sarah J. 2/10/1830-3/15/1871 Hitchens, Sarah d. 3/12/1861 (84)y Boyd, Kate Irene, d/o B.H. and Helen M. d. 8/11/1851 11m Boyd, Helen, w/o Dr. B.H. d. 2/13/1855 26y 3m 13d Sturgeon, Harriet N. d. 8/02/1876 25y 8m 8d Sturgeon, Edward P. d. 3/22/1874 19y 10m 2d Sturgeon, Samuel 1817-1856 Sturgeon, Margaret, w/o Samuel 1821-1895 Meder, Michael G. 6/09/1828-2/10/1864 35y 8m 1d Meder, George 1830-1907 Meder, Margaret, w/o George 1830-1864 Meder, Maria, w/o George 1833-1904 Meder, Rose 1871-1881 Meder, Frederick 1860-1861 Meder, grandmother (no name) Hoyer, Anna Dorothy 1/10/1801-8/10/1872 Karst, Ida Louise, w/o Henry 7/08/1836-1/08/1880 Dithmer, Frederic W. Co K 17 Reg Ind Vol d. 4/27/1877 44y 11m 14d Gritman, Florrie E., d/o A.J. and S.C. d. 9/18/1884 1y 11m 18d Moores, William T. 1845-1915 Moores, Kate 1844-1913 Herricks, Henry "Resting place of his family" Herricks, Henry B. 9/13/1827-1/14/1905 77y 4m 1d Herricks, Francis 6/11/1830-4/24/1907 76y 10m 13d Rowland, James d. 11/15/18853 36y 10m 22d Rowland, Juliette J. w/o James d. 12/23/1852 30y 3m 20d Sheffer, "Our Parents" Nicholas 7/07/1796-4/22/1852 (Page 12) Martin, Nancy, w/o Jas. 8/30/1816-2/20/1877 Morris, Thomas J.C., s/o Thos. and Rachel d. 1/15/1888 19y 11m 15d Martin, Rachel, w/o Otho d. (1)/26/(1901) 61y Rowland, L. Jane, d/o J. and J.J. d. 11/03/1852 14y 27d Nodurft, Robert A., s/o Philip and sallie A. d. 10/19/1868 1y 1m 3d (plot markers indicate more Nodurft family members buried here) Wolfe, William Co. E. 80th Reg Ind Vol 1827-1918 Wolfe, Catherine, w/o William 1834-19__ Smith, Sarah Cass. w/o Henry 10/16/1829-4/09/1903 Smith, Henry d. 11/25/1870 60y 6m 11d Smith, Henry Corwin, s/o T.H. and S.E. d. 3/10/1873 5m 1d Chandler, James B. 8/18/1857 1y 2m 9d Chandler ? "Our Boy" b. & d. 3/16/1851 Chandler, Mary A., d/o R.A. and M.A. d. 2/11/1847 1m 24d Chandler, Mary (So)phia, d/o _____ and _____sa d. 7/16/1837 3wks 17d Knapp, John W. d. 5/13/1846 46y 1m Chandler, William A____s, s/o Robert (rest is gone) Chandler, Geo. D. 54 Reg Ind Vol 4/14/1842-10/16/1863 Chandler, Andrew W.L. 12/06/1829-5/05/1852 Chandler, Mary Ann. w/o Robert 5/05/1806-1/26/1847 41y Chandler, Robert A. 10/28/1798-3/10/1861 63y Chandler, Deborah F. 1823-1905 Chandler ?, George (no dates) Willliams, Eliza., w/o John d. 3/21/1881 36y Whinery, Thomas d. 1868 86y Whinery, (Lyd)ia Hussey, w/o Thomas d. 1870 84y Whiney, (spelling on stone) Nathan H. d. 12/09/1854 27y Boggs, Whinery M. OMC-AEF 1890-1931 Whinery, Louie, s/o T.M. and N.A. d. 8/17/1865 9m 20d Whinery, Thomas M. 1827-1890 Whinery, C.L. (old sandstone) (around 1838-1848) 25y Boggs, Judith, d/o Thomas and Nancy Whinery d. 1852 Boggs, Jennie 8/14/1879-8/13/1908 Frazier, Kisire, w/o B.S. 4/11/1810-12/31/1865 Armsworth, Elizabeth 1808-1881 Straube, Lina 4/20/1844-11/24/1919 Straube, Edward Co I 135 Ind Vol 4/10/1834-11/29/1905 Straube, Rosa A. 10/04/1879-12/02/1914 Struabe, Oskar 1/31/1882-5/19/1888 Terrell, Ellen, w/o Robert 9/11/1849-1/24/1915 Tyrill, Herbie, s/o R. and E.T. d. 3/05/1891 5y 1m 26d Tyrill, John C., s/o R. and E.T. d. 9/09/1869 2y 2m 29d (Page 13) Ross, E. Fenton, s/o J. and M.E. d. 2/10/1873 6m 12d Ross, Shedrick Co C 101 Ind Vol 10/09/1837-5/21/1905 High, Truman H. 4/22/1857-12/08/1929 High, Sarah Elizabeth 3/17/1859-4/14/1922 High, Sarah Alice d. 4/03/1867 1y 3m 20d High, Charles M. d. 5/01/1870 10y 1m 22d High, Alvin d. 1/27/1879 47y 4m 7d High, Sarah M., w/o Alvin 1/13/1834-9/11/1908 74y 7m 28d Hunt, David 2/16/1808-1/20/1890 Hunt, Amelia 3/04/1813-1/05/1871 McCabe, Mollie M. 12/10/1857-10/06/1922 McCabe, Infant d. 1/19/1892 McCabe, Robert Nash, s/o James and Serena 9/10/1878-8/17/1879 11m 7d McCabe, Jennie d. 9/29/1863 5m 7d McCabe, Lizzie C. 12/21/1861-9/30/1866 McCabe, Francis Lee d. 1895 Sutton, Edwin L. 8/01/1874 5y 4m 13d Russell, William d. 10/01/1855 64y 1m 2d Russell, Fannie, w/o William d. 10/26/1841 38y 7m 11d Seaman, Elizabeth 7/31/1789-8/22/1838 (old sandstone marker matches Elizabeth's) J.S. Jr. Watson, Emma I., w/o Hezekiah d. 2/07/1901 43y 3m 22d (small stone says, "Stepbrother") Smith, Fannie L., w/o John d. (11)/26/1901 36y 9m 25d Cunningham, James 1/08/1801-3/04/1838 (small stone) Infant M.E.D. Search, William d. 10/11/1852 53y 4m 15d Search, Susannah, w/o William d. 3/01/1871 70y 2m 5d Vice, Aaron Co H 82 Reg Ohio Vol d. 12/23/1892 60y 6m 23d Brown, Loyd, s/o Kelley and Alice 8/01/1895-4/04/1896 Brown, Fern M., d/o Kelley and Alice 8/06/1901-3/23/1904 Cole, Frank, s/o Benton and Elizabeth d. 5/20/1875 1y 2m 23d Cole, Samuel E., s/o Benton and Elizabeth d. 5/20/1875 1y 2m 23d Cole, Emma, d/o Benton and Elizabeth d. 9/07/1872 4y 7m 15d Stout, John 88 Reg Ill Vol d. 3/22/1891 53y Cobb, Levi Co A 11th Reg Ind Cav d. 7/29/1888 58y Ford, Robert J. Co K 33 Reg I/V.M., s/o John and Izillah "died at Graborchard KY" d. 12/20/1861 16y 2m 27d Regar, Sarah Ann, d/o Henry and Harriet d. 9/13/1858 7y 9m 17d Regar, Helen, d/o Henry and Izillah d. 8/31/1858 1y 6m 27d Whitehead, James Co D 86 Ind Vol d. 1872 45y Henshaw, Henry T. Pvt Co A 11th Ind Cav d. 7/08/1870 39y 11m 5d Gemmer, Minerva 1837-1922 Gemmer, Lydia E. 1842-1873 (Page 14) Gemmer, Margaret 1842-1867 Gemmer, Philip Maj 86 Ind Vol 1832-1921 Covington, Isaac "a solider of 1812" Smith, Van Ness 1829-1888 Smith, Emma G., w/o Van Ness 1847-1883 Watkins, Morris 1805-1885 Watkins, Sarah, w/o Morris 1807-1885 Smimth, Annie d. 1883 Johnson, Sarah E. Keister 10/17/1873-6/11/1926 Smith, Lawrence H. d. 3/16/1898 22y 3m

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
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