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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Hillside Cemetery
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Washington Township, Warren County, Indiana This cemetery is located across the road, on the south side, from Old Hillside. Burials in this cemetery date between 1852 and 1970 with most between 1872 and 1950. Burials in Hillside were recorded, probably, from the stones. Underlined information was found in the ledger, but not on the stone. Listed at the end are names of persons in the ledger for which no stones were found. Errors were also found in the ledger so this information should be used carefully. This double-check makes for a very accurate listing. In some cases ,cause of death is given. This information can be had by writing the Warren County Historical Society, Box 176, Williamsport, IN 47993, or contact the Williamsport Public Library, Williamsport, I 47993 (Page 15) Buttler, John Co G 150 Ind Vol 10/02/1842-9/20/1904 Lutz, Leroy F. Franklin (Franklin underlined) 6/15/1892-6/25/1895 Lutz, Briscoe 1856-1928 Lutz, Ida M., w/o Briscoe 1869-____ (no date) Lutz, Nelson 1856-1926 Lutz, Caroline 1857-1949 (all underlined) Lutz, Caroline d. 8/19/1949 3d Brier, Martha A. Ann 1/08/1827-7/11/1899 72y 6m 3d (Ann and birth date underlined) Brier, James d. 10/21/1866 39y (1)m 2d Brier, Samuel C. 12/08/1864-2/18/18(92) Pfeifer, Ruth 9/10/1892-3/29/1903 10y 6m 19d Miller, Mary A.(found on footstone) M.A.M. 1810-7/11/1891 81y (name, years and age underlined) Hartz, Bernice M. 1895-1968 Hartz, Alonzo (and found on a second stone) 1867-2/09/1894 Hartz, Elizabeth 3/17/1873-12/28/1904 Hartz, Hazel 1893-1894 Willis, Jesse 1840-1911 Willis, Sarah 5/04/1849-3/18/1910 (months and days underlined) Messner, Anna 1869-12/31/1938 (death month and day underlined) Messner, C.L. 1867-1958 Nichol, Ida S. 1897-____ (no date) Nichol, Arthur M., (s/o Julia Goodwine underlined) 1885-1942 Brown, Anita Nichol 1924-1968 Goodwine, Horace Greely 1854-12/28/1939 (death dates underlined) Goodwine, Julia V. Hausider Nichol 1853-1943 Harper, Elizabeth Springman, w/o Wesley 8/03/1866-10/22/1944 (Page 16) Harper, Anna Louise, d/o A.W. and E. 8/19/1910-10/15/1926 Harper, A.W. 3/08/1870-7/04/1940 Hogue, John Co C 86 Reg vol d. 2/14/1894 63y 11m 26d Grittman, Andrew J. (Co I 77th Inf 4th Ind Cav underlined) 1836-2/27/1891 (death month and day underlined) Grittman, Sarah C. Catherine (Catherine underlined) 5/06/1849-12/05/1935 McDad, Roy Otto 1874-1932 Payne, William W. d. 2/15/1891 37y 8m 3d Tuttle, Henry E. 11/30/1817-1/07/1903 Tuttle, Clarissa, w/o Henry 1/11/1830-8/02/1900 Miller, Jacob d. 1/03/1887 82y 9m 18d Miller, Avis, w/o Jacob d. 12/03/1863 61y 3m 18d Hartz, henry 7/28/1846-9/23/1927 Hartz, Carrie Klapp 8/31/1857-3/12/1927 Kiger, Eliza J., w/o T.W. (1775 underlined)-8/06/1895 40y 1m 6d Kiger, Thaddeus Warsaw (Warsaw underlined) 1849-3/05/1936 (death month and day underlined) Smith, Isaiah Co D 86 Ind Vol 12/03/1829-10/27/1924 Smith, Rose Chandler, w/o I. 5/25/1854-7/23/1926 Smith, infant s/o I. and R. b.&d. 6/26/1888 Smith, Ella Chandler, w/o S. 6/11/1858-3/06/1927 Smith, Leila Deborah, d/o s. and E.C. 7/07/1869-5/19/1978 Johnson, Elizabeth McCloy, d/o Dr and Mrs. Thomas McCloy "b. Mccau China d. LaJolla, CA" 8/23/1889-11/07/1967 Smith, William C. 4/22/1832-10/01/1911 Chandler, Henry B. 9/11/1860-11/25/1941 Chandler, Lois Fleming, w/o H.B. 9/22/1874-6/11/1958 Ringer, Alice J. Thomas, w/o Victor H. 10/18/1870-7/04/1922 Ringer, Victor H. 2/13/1890-10/13/1948 Ringer, Carrie M. Little, w/o Victor 12/24/1890-2/27/1968 Ringer, Horace T. 1/23/1900-11/18/1965 Duy, Elizabeth 1805-1877 Gilbert, Sophia 1788-1854 Thomas, Horace Rochester 1865-1923 Thomas, Lizzie, Elizabeth (Elizabeth underlined) Duy, d/o M.D. and J.R.T. d. 8/13/1871 11y Thomas Edgar Raimond Raymond (Raymond underlined) 1872-1877 Thomas, Jennie Rochester 1833-1908 Thomas, Horace Duy 1831-1892 Gemmer, Fred L. 11/18/1866-4/15/1923 Gemmer, Jessie F. Bittinger 6/16/1869-5/18/1926 Gemmer, Mary A. 3/07/1890-7/27/1890 (Page 17) McAdams, Ida May Swarts, w/o Chas. V., m/o Henry “born St. Catherines, Canada” 8/16/1863-6/04/1887 Lesher, Nathan 1820-1902 Lesher, Caroline 1824-1907 Nichol, William T. (h/o Julia Hansicker underlined) 1850-18921 Nichol, May Louise (d/o Julia Goodwine underlined) 2/14/1881-7/12/1927 Nehrig, Emil 7/21/1885-1944 Nehrig, Mary 1886-1968 Hansicker, Gabriella Preble 1835-1914 Russell, Joseph C. 8/12/1849-7/13/1931 Russell, Sue 5/02/1858-8/09/1935 Russell, Flynn C. 1/26/1877-10/06/1942 (birth and death months and days underlined) Butt, Daniel K. Sergt Co 311 QMC-AEF 7/27/1893-5/26/1923 Smodell, Emma May Butt 3/19/1875-3/12/1937 Lutz, “Little Tot”, s/o D. and Mary d. 9/08/1890 8y 2m 6d Watkins, Thomas d. 10/10/1898 78y 3m 3d Watkins, Emily, w/o Thomas d. 1/24/1906 77y 7m 22d Watkins, Tillie, d/o T. and E. 8/04/1894 32y 17d Graves, Thomas J. Co D 86 Ind Vol d. 7/14/1890 54y 10m 13d Graves, Martha, w/o Thomas 2/01/1858-9/09/1899 Graves, Bert 2/28/1873-11/30/1916 Thomas, John 9/22/1811-12/03/1887 76y 2m 11d Thomas, E. Sidney 3/06/1820-3/10/1848 Thomas, Frederick 9/12/1817-3/13/1852 Thomas, Henry M. 9/13/1828-7/07/1838 Thomas, Dr. Erasmus 12/06/1780-6/06/1854 Thomas, Patience M., w/o Erasmus 2/06/1788-3/19/1846 Thomas, E. Darwin 5/26/1815-3/12/1894 Thomas, Caroline, w/o E.D. d. 2/27/1889 Thomas, Joseph M. 10/01/1831-12/13/1902 Boyer, Conrad R. 10/07/1812-11/22/1903 Boyer, Elizabeth Dudley 5/09/1832-6/19/1916 French, Elizabeth P. Dudley, m/o Elizabeth Dudley Boyer 4/04/1801-8/31/1887 Cortwell, Matilda, w/o Theodore 1/11/1835-9/10/1891 Cortwell, Theodore 10th Bat Ind Art 5/04/1829-3/01/1911 Sentman, Charles W. Co D 20 Ind Inf 1840-1910 Sentman, Belle M. 1852-1933 Sentman, Mary Lawrence 1889-1892 Conkling, Oakley 1st Mich Vol Mex War 2/14/1823-7/09/1898 Conkling, Anna C., d/o O. and M.E. 11/30/1854-2/11/1890 Conkling, Mary F., w/o Oakley 10/05/18229-8/31/1908 Conkling, Armilla F. 9/21/1851-4/10/1873 (Page 18) Taylor, Isaac N. 4/22/1819-8/15-1902 (birth and death months and days underlined) Taylor, Elizabeth 1828-1912 Taylor, George W. 1813-1892 Pitcher, Charles Jr. 10/06/1867-9/20/1908 Pitcher, George 9/06/1860-10/16/1929 Pitcher, Catherine, w/o Chas, Sr. 2/10/1828-9/15/1894 Pitcher, Charles Sr. 5/11/1825-11/29/1902 Hodgson, John 1827-1912 Hodgson, Elizabeth, w/o John 10/03/1824-9/20/1912 (birth and death months and days underlined) Horn, Samuel 5/09/1826-4/26/1892 Horn, Ellen, w/o Samuel 10/10/1829-2/06/1902 Ivins, Rheuben 1841-1/18/1897 56y 1m (birth year underlined) Ivins, Joseph 1841-1/18/1897 25y 10m 5d Karst, Laura 1878-1899 Karst, Martha C., w/o Henry 1858-10/27/1937 (death month and day underlined) Karst, Henry St. 4/27/1841-8/21/1901 (birth and death month and days underlined) Karst, Ida Louise 1/11/1892-10/30/1907 (birth and death months and days underlined) Karst, Bertha 1866-1890 Karst, Minnie 1867-1888 Karst, William C. 1872-1910 Regar, Anna Hulda Karst 1894-1940 Hellwig, Henry F., s/o C.H. and E.N. 10/05/1889-1/03/1891 Triece Treece (Treece underlined), Samuel Lewis 1869-12/12/1937 (death month and day underlined) Triece Treece (Treece underlined), Mary Belle Holmes 1/10/1872-11/19/1953 (birth and death months and days underlined) Huntzinger, Caroline B. (and infant son), (w/o Wm.. K. underlined) 1848-11/16/1887 (death month and day underlined) Hickman, Joseph L. 1863-1927 Hickman, Minnie L. Holmes 1870-2/11/1951 (death date underlined) Holmes, Abner V. Co I 43 R.D. Ind Vol 1840-4/26/1903 (death month and day underlined) Holmes, Hattie 7/25/1847-4/22/1889 Holmes, Harry D. 12/21/1873-5/15/1896 Raybourn, William L. 1848-1935 Raybourn, Dorothy A., w/o William 1850-1887 Ammerman, John Sr. 12/02/1822-9/20/1906 (birth date underlined) 83y 9m 19d Ammerman, Caroline, w/o John d. 3/26/1897 68y 1m 16d Ammerman, Charles W. , s/o J. and C. 1867-4/12/11882 (birth year underlined) 15y 4m 15d Newhouse, Findley D. 7/07/1857-12/28/1889 (birth month and day underlined) Newhouse, Ida K. Fox (Fox underlined) Martin 1864-1916 Newhouse, John Merle, s/o Rev R.D. and Ida K. 1887-1897 Fox, Charles, s/o John and Eliza d. (9)/03/187(8) 2y 5m 22d Fox, Albert L., s/o John and Eliza d. 6/13/1882 19y 5m 3d Fox, Eliza, w/o John 10/17/1841-4/04/1932 Fox, John Sr. 1/06/1837-4/27/1916 Jones, Mary A. (no dates) Jones, Elmer E. s/o J.R. and M.A. d. 10/02/1891 26y 4m 17d James, William (William underlined) P. 12/23/1845-6/17/1905 James, Mary E. 2/21/1870-12/14/1943 Donavan, Albert B. 1857-1918 (Page 19) Donavan, Mary Hansicker Pullen (Pullen underlined) 1856-8/10/1933 (death month and day underlined) Long, Charles W. 1863-2/13/1935 (death month and day underlined) Long, Elizabeth 3/30/1832-1/20/1913 (birth and death months and days underlined) Long, Eva Ruth 10/09/1872-9/26/1952 (birth and death months and days underlined) Long, John 1815-1892 Winks, Thomas C. 9/23/1868-5/02/1923 Winks, Lena Holtz 2/23/1868-7/02/1948 Winks, Infant (underlined) (no stone) Bunch, Andrew J. 11/25/1818-2/20/1890 Bunch, Catherine, w/o A.J. 1/02/1826-4/06/1893 Davis, Jas. W. 7/20/1859-6/06/1893 Davis, Attie 12/05/1859-4/25/1945 Haun, Myrtle 1886-1954 Haun, Claude M, s/o A.H. and E.J. 12/12/1880-1/10/1887 Haun, Elizabeth J., w/o A.H. 7/13/1850-6/11/1914 Judy, Sarah J. 1832-1920 Judy, Skillman 2/05/1818-3/20/1890 Watkins, George d. 2/15/1919 87y 4m 11d Watkins, Mary E. d. 12/10/1898 58y 10m 13d Wood, Julia A., w/o Marshall 1/15/1832-10/02/1912 Wood, Marshall P. 12/03/1825-2/01/1892 Belangeo, Harry M. 8/01/1872-3/05/1949 Belangea, Charlotte 5/25/1882-4/03/1970 Mathis, Samuel Bains 1821-12/19/1907 (birth year underlined) 86y 2m 11d Mathis, Sarah J., w/o S.B. d. 11/16/1896 73y 9m 7d Mathis, Almaretta, d/o S.B. and S.J. d. 8/23/1878 11y 7m 3d Mathis, Marsh T., s/o Samuel and S.J. d. 1/19/1867 1y 9m 22d Lewis, Phillip (Phillip underlined) P.W. 2/17/1830-1/31/1909 Lewis, Jennie, w/o P.W. 7/04/1837-2/12/1904 Lewis, Perry C., s/o P.W. and S.J. 7/01/1857-4/06//1865 Lewis, Kate A., d/o P.W. and S.J. 8/16/1860-10/26/1872 Dannecker, Henry 12/15/1852-9/30/1933 Dannecker, Mina 4/01/1864-8/22/1929 Dannecker, Martin 1/05/1828-1/02/1892 Dannecker, Christiana 2/23/1834-5/23/1914 Pollom, Samuel Pvt Co H 11 Ind Vol d. 2/24/1885 52y 8m 15d Pollom, Magdalene (underlined) (no stone) Moffett, William Capt (Co 4 150th Ind underlined) 1/15/1883-4/02/1886 Moffett, Mary E., w/o William 7/28/1833-11/01/1909 Pomeroy, Astley C. (G) Co F 72 Ind Vol 12/29/1836-7/03/1885 48y 6m 4d Pomeroy, Adaline M. 3/15/1839-7/03/1886 47y 3m 18d Pomeroy, Samuel Grant “publisher” 12/05/1870-7/31/1951 Pomeroy, Mary Catherine, w/o S.G. 12/13/1874-2/12/1934 Moore, J.S. 11/10/1857-4/21/1885 (Page 20) Moore, Enos 1834-3/01/1905 (birth year underlined) 71y 13d Rater, Enos A., s/o I.W. and A. (R.) d. 2/26/1859 5y 1m 15d Moore, Martha J., w/o Enos 1764-1/10/1891 (or 4) (birth year underlined) 61y 6m 6d Moore, Delilah w/o Enos (no dates carved; ledger gives 1883-1887 but appears these dates were for David Moore and put in wrong line) Moore, James d. 5/31/1887 62y 8m 11d Moore, Lydia 1828-11/29/1905 (birth year underlined) 75y 1m 2d Moore, Florence A. d. 4/02/1890 16y 6m 19d Cameron, William 1st Lt Co H 60 Reg d. 12/16/1891 66y Cameron, Matilda J., (w/o Wm. ?) (no dates carved) Cameron, James B. d. 6/10/1886 36y (death date and age underlined) Hames, Anna Sophia 12/05/1841-2/24/1903 61y 2m 19d Hames, Jacob d. 6/04/1885 54y 4m 20d Hellwig, Flora J. (“1st wife” underlined) 1859-1888 Hellwig, Lewis E. 1859-3/07/1936 (death dates underlined) Hellwig, Francis C. (“2nd wife” underlined) 1871-4/21/1932 (death month and day underlined) Long, Nora 1875-1881 Long, Clara N. 1854-1881 Long, Jessie 1877-1881 Hough, Emma L. Hellwig, w/o Wm. S. d. 2/17/1881 29y 3m 12d Hellwig, Edward F. 1826-1922 Hellwig, Anna H. 1828-1904 (no name) 12/13/1830-3/24/1904 (dates underlined) Hellwig, Edward 1857-1898 Julian, Ira Co D 125h Cav Ind Vol 6/16/1836-3/05/1905 Julian, Ellen 8/01/1840-8/04/1917 Boardman, Mary M. d.6/29/1892 69y 2m (2)d Hanley, Eva A., w/o J. Frank “b. Fountain Co. d. Marion Co.” 7/17/1860-2/207/1927 Hanley, J. Frank “b. champaign Ill. D. Marion Co. Ind Governor of Ind 1905-9 54th Congress 1895-7” 4/04/1863-8/01/1920 Hanley, Cecil R., s/o Eva A. and J. Frank 9/24/1896-3/07/1899 Hanley, Owen (Pugh underlined), s/o Eva A. and J. Frank 8/29/1886-10/25/1891 Hanley, Inda, d/o Eva A. and J. Frank b.&d. 9/13/1888 Hanley, Lyle A., d/o Eva A. and J. Frank 11/12/1883-7/09/1884 Rhodefer, James M. Mex War Co H 1st Ind Vol d. 3/14/1854 71y (?)m 16d Kent, William 5/15/1821-5/10/1884 Kent, Martha Jane, w/o William 4/03/1827-4/02/1899 Kent, Perrin Herbert 1/31/1865-9/16/1898 Kent, Mary Rebecca 2/10/1854-10/15/1937 Kent, Ella 11/16/1856-6/17/1944 Van Reed, Lee Levi (Levi underlined) 1860-4/16/1930 (death month and day underlined) Van Reed, Alice, w/o Lee 1868-1918 (Page 21) Van Reed, Pauline (died in Atlanta, Ga. Obituary available) 1895-1957 Van Reed, John H. Sergt 1st class QMC 1889-1926 Van Reed, John Jr. 1923-1929 Broadie, Thomas B. 10/07/1840-1/31/1890 Broadie, Martha J. Wilson, w/o Thomas B. 10/11/1836-3/01/1896 Smith, Thomas J. 1901-1955 Smith, Leonard Duane 1/23/1915-12/15-1967 Smith, Floyd 1891-1970 Reddick, Elisha Co H 60th Reg Ind Vol 5/08/1816-7/30/1890 Smith, Ida Lucy 1891-1938 Moore, Eva Evaleen (Evaleen underlined) 9/22/1866-1/08/1943 (birth and death months and days underlined) Moore, Tryphena 1842-1921 Moore, David 1833-1887 Kildee, Joseph A. 1853-1885 Kildee, Caroline E. 1857-1884 Pearson, Robert 4/13/1808-12/29/1891 Pearson, Rebecca, w/o Robert (no age given) d. 3/02/1883 Pearson, Julie Marr d. 7/30/1861 9y 7m 10d Pearson, John G. 4/27/1845-10/04/1888 McClure, Samuel P. 12/07/1830-8/14/1911 (birth and death months and days underlined) McClure, Victoria Vansickle 1858-4/30/1953 (death month and day underlined) McClure, Susan, w/o S.P. 1844-11/27/1881 (birth year underlined) 37y 10m McClure, Nancy S., w/o Samuel V. 4/04/1808-2/22/1886 77y 10m 14d McClure, Samuel V. 9/27/1800-5/12/1882 81y 7m 15d McClure, Green 3/27/1838-2/08/1879 40y 10m 9d McClure, (4th letter of name is an “A”) d/o (William and Sarah) d. 3/08/1873 (2m) 26d McClure, William, (s/o William and Sarah) (these stones are badly worn-best guess) McClure, Winney, d/o S.P. and Susan d. 1/24/1882 1y 11m 11d McClure, William P. 8/26/1841-3/04/1891 (stone down-one side unreadable) Moore, Levi 12/01/1817-1/05/1893 Moore, Louisa 3/12/1822-7/20/1908 Moore, Jennie T, w/o Wm. T. d. 3/07/1883 27y 9m 11d Moore, William T. 6/03/1847-10/13/1902 Moore, Eva A., w/o Wm T. d. 12/14/1888 40y 4m 21d Moore, John R. 11/01/1839-12/12/1912 Moore, Amelia E. 10/10/1844-2/16/1934 Moore, Daisy, d/o J.R. and A.E. d. 7/15/1882 3y 7d Moore, Infant s/o J.R. and A.E. b.&d. 3/04/1874 Hunter, James M. 6/10/1843-4/26/1929 Hunter, Amanda E. 1/13/1849-9/10/1897 Hunter, Clara V. 10/17/1878-8/16/1958 Hottenstein, Edith, infant d/o Mary (no dates) Hunter, Wimina K., d/o J.M. and Jane d. 3/06/1883 4y 2m 1d Claypool , Eliza T. Pearson 9/17/1835-11/22/1927 (Page 22) Claypool, Richard W. 3/12/1831-11/26/1909 Claypool, Evans Pearson 11/19/1855-7/04/1885 Claypool, Rollin 1/24/1864-10/06/1865 (also- Claypool, Rolland Ney 11/02/1861-11/14/____ (same?) (name and dates underlined)) Claypool, Horace Ney, s/o R.W. and Eliza 11/02/1861-3/14/1862 (2 stones) Claypool, Lorenzo, infant (infant underlined) s/o R.W. and Eliza d. 2/06/1862 Dye, Warren 15th Ohio and 18th Iowa Vol 8/16/1840-9/25/1905 Dye, Louise C., w/o Warren 2/17/1845-4/09/1883 Dye, Stella 5/07/1874-5/12/1874 Dye, Louise 4/09/1883-8/02/1883 Longley, Frank P. d. 12/27/1885 55y 5m 26d Longley, Mary Emma, d/o F.P . and E.O. d. 8/16/1893 27y 10m 20d Longley, Eliza Olive 1831-1910 (also possibly infant s/o F.P . and E.O.) Slaughter, Agnes Longley d. 6/20/1881 27y 6m 21d Slaughter, Adda, d/o J.D. and A. d. 9/29/1884 3m 16d Keys, James H. 1/09/1823-11/03/1898 Keys, Mary M., w/o James 3/01/1840-10/22/1906 Keys, Jennie A., d/o J.H. and M.M. 11/16/1871-5/09/1888 Rabb, Robert S. (no dates) Rabb, Frank J. (no dates) Rabb, Lottie Morris (rr underlined) 6/11/1851-5/07/1882 Rabb, Joseph M. Judge Co K 71st Ind Vol and Co K 6th Ind Cav 2/14/1846-4/29/1925 Rabb, Mary Louise 12/24/1885-8/21/1954 (Miss Rabb, Joseph M. (Judges Father underlined) –no dates-no stone Winks, clara Rabb, w/o Guy C. 3/18/1873-9/25/1900 Winks, Guy 10/12/1870-8/06/1922 Winks, Infant s/o Guy and Clara b.&d. 9/19/1900 Winks, Infant d/o Guuy and Clara b.&d. 4/28/1893 Winks, Grace Sentman 6/25/1879-5/02/1950 Hitchens, George 1st Lieut Co E 86th Ind Vol 9/22/1824-8/06/1899 Hitchens, Margaret 1841-1926 Yeagey, William W., s/o W.U. and C.F. 7/03/1872-3/08/1914 Yeagey, Clara F 1877-1882 Hamell, Philina Jane 1916-5/08/1939 Hamell, James T. 1885-1951 Hamell, Philena K. 1880-1960 McCLaflin, Gordon Bailey d. 3/29/1908 82y 8m 7d McClaflin, Catherine, s/o G.B. d.8/08/1884 47y 10m 29d Keister, William, s/o I. and susan d. 7/27/1891 28y 8m 27d Keister, Isaac d. 5/07/1877 49y 2m 2d Keister, Susan Ritenour, w/o Isaac 11/02/1833-3/09/1910 (Page 23) Potter, Archie R., s/o R.F. and R.E. d. 7/30/1899 2y 5m 22d Conner, Mary Ann 6/07/1840-4/29/1905 (birth and death months and days underlined) Potter, Martha Jean, d/o Mary Ann 1862-1882 Howland, John S. Sr. (Co H 11th Ind Vol underlined) 1831-1907 Howland, Eliza J., s/o John 1840-1924 Stark, Lizzie, d/o W.W. and Christina 1/20/1869-8/20/1884 Fisher, Samuel C. Co H 116th Ind Vol 8/10/1825-3/16/1897 Fisher, Amanda L., w/o S.C. d. 11/25/1887 56y 4m 1d Cortwell, Lucinda “b. Albany N.Y.” 12/04/1850-4/06/1925 Schabenberger, Mathias d. 10/07/1890 40y 11m 27d Oxer, William J. (Mexican War Soldier) Co G 2nd Ind and Ohio 78y 11m Reiff, Rosetta Fry 12/01/1860-1/03/1925 Reiff, John F. 9/22/1836-5/03/1899 Reiff, Sarah P. 10/18/1838-1/18/1880 Reiff, John H. 8/27/1865-11/02/1879 Whitbeck, Mary V., w/o Charles W. d. 11/28/1880 32y 5m 10d Rhodes, D.W. 10/21/1863-10/02/1885 Holtz, LaDessie Hanes Rhodes d. 8/19/1901 (not other dates or age) Haynes, Ellen Ridenour Smith (Smith underlined) 8/21/1840-2/26/1911 Livengood, Sarah E., w/o James D. d. 3/02/1880 31y 2m 1d High, Sarah A. 9/13/1823-4/01/1904 High, J.V.R 3/03/1822-3/30/1861 High, Tillie A., d/o J.V.R. and S.A. 2/20/1857-9/15/1879 Messner, William F. d. 4/04/1883 24y 5m 3d Messner, John H. 1844-1915 Messner, Elizabeth K. 1845-1917 Messner, Dr. S.F. 12/23/1826-3/28/1879 (book says Nessner) Messner, Naomi Cora d. 4/09/1866 11m 19d Messner, Cynthia A., w/o S.F. 1840-1895 Chenoweth, Thomas d. 5/06/1881 31y 11m Chenoweth, Wm. A., s/o T.J. and Sarah E. d. 6/02/1878 6m 2d Chenoweth, Alfred, s/o T.J. and Sarah E. d. 9/30/1820 1d Chenoweth, Thomas 1881-1948 Bisner, Cornelius Co D 125th Ill Inf 9/09/1839-9/06/1903 Smith, Garlin 8/10/1878-8/11/1908 Smith, Lillian S. 6/04/1883-6/07/1903 Watkins, Numan D. d. 12/22/1904 28y 8m 20d Watkins, Mary E., d/o H. and L. d. 8/30/1904 3y 23d Watkins, Lena F. 1881-1970 Hurlinger, Harold Reiff 60th CAC AEF 10/17/1898-10/24/1922 Hurlinger, Hope Reiff, w/o John 11/22/1876-9/19/1939 Hurlinger, John William 9/23/1858-1/15/1924 (Page 24) Orange, Edward P. 4/10/1862-6/24/1909 Benton Baby 1906 (Baby 1906 underlined) 1884-1904 Biggs, Charles Payton, (s/o Sam underlinded) 1880-6/24/1948 (death month and day underlined) Hill, William 125th Ill Inf d. 7/25/1886 40y The following is a list of names found in the ledger, but not in the cemetery. Butt, s/o D.K. d. 12/08/18__ Biggs, Samuel Co G 150th Ind Vol 12/02/1842-9/20/1904 Burnell, John d. 11/03/19(11) Chenoweth, Thomas Jr 1852-5/31/1918 Dannecker, William 1871-12/26/1929 Darling, Jay 1857-1/31/1940 Darling, Edward Harris 3/12/1845-2/24/1901 Fugate, Charles (no dates) Flemming, Wesley (no dates) French, Callie Lesher 1857-11/11/1935 78y 6m Hudson, John (no dates) Hudson, Elizabeth 10/03/1829-9/20/1912 Hickman, infant (no dates) Hunter, H.M (no dates) Hanson, Mrs. Abe (buried on Callie French lot) Haun, Clair H. 1878-7/13/1940 Haun, Clara Louise 1907-5/05/1931 Herndron, William Bradford 1868-1942 Hellwig, Fred 1891-1902 Haun, Abraham H. Co G 150th Ind Vol Hopkins, Ruth (no dates) Hunter, Ben H., s/o James B. d. 8/15/1888 Hunter, infant d. 8/21/1857 Huner, Lettia d. 8/30/1888 63y Hunter, James A. 3/1(7)/1821-9/24/1895 Hunter, Matilda E. 1/13/1849-1/10/1897 Haun, Daisy Myrtle Bogs d. 6/21/1954 Julian, Ella 1857-1884 Julian, Hester 1837-1901 Kent, Ella 11/16/1836-6/17/19(24) Kent, Mamie d. 10/17 or 14/1939 Keister, Henry d. 4/19/1902 79y Keister, Mrs. Henry (no dates) Long, Curry (no dates) Livengood, J.D. (no dates) Livendood, George R. 11/02/1828-8/26/1906 Livengood, Mrs. Leah 4/01/1832-4/17/1900 Landon, Mrs. Herri Etta 5/18/1875-6/27/1956 Landon, Frank d. (11/28/1933) Landon, Blanch d. 19(14) Lanson, Ellen d. 19(13) Marshall, J.G. (no dates) Messner, Mrs. Adele F d. 3/18/1901 38y 5m 26d (Page 25) McClure, Alice G. 9/08/1888-6/05/1896 McClure, Leroy 3/02/1896-5/01/1898 (obituary reports death on 8/08/1897, age 16 months) McClure, (Perdence) (no record) McCabe, Patrick 1848-2/13/1928 Oxer, Miss Mary C. (no dates) Orange, James d. 5/27/1927 Orange, Florina 1853-5/26/1943 Payne, Cora Beebe (no dates) Pfeiffer, Ella Hendricks 1862-10/2(4)/1940 Potter, Robert Frank 1868-1/05/1936 (buried on Mary Conner lot) Pomeroy, Mrs. Grant, d-in-law/o A.C.G. d. 3/02/1939 Pomeroy, Ashley C. 4/26/1870-10/10/1949 Pollom, Joseph Newton 4/26/1870-10/10/1949 (same dates given for theses) Rabb, Ida d. 2/21/1932 Smith, Mrs. Sarah 10/16/1820-4/09/1903 Slaughter, Stephen S. (no dates) Slaughter, Peter (no dates) Slaughter, Hattie Jane 1858-2/10/1930 Slaughter, James D. (no dates) Stark, William W. (no dates) Stark, Mrs. Delilah 1866-1942 Spaulding, Sidney d. 9/28/1933 51y Swarts, William 1856-1943 Smith, Abr. (no dates) Schabenberger, Lucinda (no dates) (This could be Lucinda Cortwell, who is buried next to Mathias Schabenberger.) Smith, infant (in Victor Smith lot with Thomas J. Smith-no dates) Smodell, Edna Butt 3/19/1875-3/12/1937 Stout, John Co E 86th Ind (no dates) Swarts, Wesley Co D 60th Inf Smith, Lula Bell 8/14/1866-7/12/1950 Swartz, Scott (died at county farm) 1861-2/10/1951 Smith, Denver T. d. 8/09/1950 73y Thomas, Edward J. d. 2/27/1899 Thomas, infant c/o Ed Thomas d. 6/30/1892 Wilson, Grace (buried on Oakley Conklin lot) 1867-7/23/1939 Wyatt, Mrs. John (no dates) Yeagey, Warren U., h/o Clara (no dates)

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00002873
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 8/25/2010
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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