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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Highland Cemetery, Area I
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Washington Township, Warren County, Indiana This cemetery, located just outside of Williamsport, is the largest cemetery in the county. It is part of a group of three cemeteries on the northeast side of town. To reach Highland, turn left at the corner of Highway 28 and 4th street when coming into Williamsport from the North. The cemetery is located about one-half mile east of and on the left side of the road before the railroad. This cemetery contains more recent burials and is well maintained. The first burial was Edgar Anderson who died on October 8, 1894. As with Hillside, the following list was compared with entries in the Highland Cemetery Ledger, which is in the Williamsport Library. This double-check eliminates some possibility of error. Entries in the ledger stop at January 4, 1958. This list starts with stones nearest the railroad and is divided into sections by lanes, etc. Please see the following map. Additional information found in the ledger but not on the stones is underlined. AREA I—between railroad and first lane: (Page 28) Wagner, George 1878-1968 Wagner, Ollie 1882-1965 De Mumbrum, Mary Jane 191-¬¬¬¬____ De Mumbrum, Gilmer 1910-1969 De Mumbrum, David Gilmer 4/30/1943-5/13/1953 (birth and death months and days underlined) Wagner, Frank 5/26/1901-6/05/1954 (birth and death months and days underlined) Wagner, Floyd 11/02/1903-7/10/1907 (birth and death months and days underlined) Swartz, Isaac 2/02/1829-6/13/1908 Garrison, Philip Co K 33rd Ind Inf 1842-12/02/1920 (dates underlined) Brown, John Harvey 1882-1964 Darding, Ray Jr. 6/21/1924-1/11/1925 Mellott, Mertie E. sTruck, w/ Wm. J. 5/11/1876-6/16/1941 Struck, Augusta 1846-8/27/1928 (death month and day underlined) Landreth, Frederick 1925-1925 Kinsell, Dorothy Mildred d. 9/03/1912 Carr, Elmer 1894-1953 Carr, Nancy 1898-1927 Brown, Elthel Mae 1914-1947 Brown, Corwin E. 1909-1965 McDaniel, Paul E. 1936-1937 Tyler, Zopher George 1918-1937 Alderidge, John Samuel 1880-1/19/1939 (death month and day underlined) Alderidge, John Thomas 1935-7/10/1941 (death month and day underlined) McMurtrie, Chester E. 1954-1954 Blankenship, Lamona 1965-1965 Infant unknown d. 2/12/1967 Bloomfield, Bert 1882-4/03/1948 (death month and day underlined) Lockhart, John Wesley 1876-7/08/1951 (death month and day underlined) Hellwig, Gregory Allen, s/o John Thomas and Donna Hudson d. 5/19/1958 Bryant, Ranel Jr. 1946-1981 Bryant, Ranel 1896-1963 Tyler, Joseph C. 1929-1944 Tyler, Robert L. 6/15/1920-7/16/1951 (birth and death months and days underlined) Tyler, Zopher C. 1894-1970 Tyler, Hannah j. 1900-____ Downs, Perl 1881-1911 Downs, Clara J. 1869-8/06/1922 (death month and day underlined) Lennon, Wm. H. CoA 35th Ind Inf 1843-12/16/1927 (dates underlined) Sells, Marvin Beuford 1905-12/08/1931 (death month and day underlined) Sells, Aaron Cecil 1911-10/13/1934 Pollom, Frank B. 1882-7/12/1937 Mull, Lewis N. B. 1858-8/18/1939 (death month and day underlined) Dispenneth, Charles 12/08/1880-11/23/1940 Parker, Lola M. Rush 12/08/1891-9/19/1971 Rush, Thomas Walter 5/15/1911-10/25/1918 Kinsell, Hazel F. Conrad 1895-2/01/1926 (death month and day underlined) Conrad , Emma K. 3/26/1863-12/14/1905 Shuey, Ida R. Rockhold w/o Thomas J. 1869-4/30/1927 (death month and day underlined) Shuey, Thomas J. Co E 55th Ind 1847-3/19/1916 (death month and day underlined) Oswalt, Carrie Belle 1881-1962 Oswalt, Frank 1880-4/09/1917 (Page 29) Swaney, Lester Jr. 2/05/1919-4/06/1947 Swaney, Hattie Floss 12/14/1881-7/03(12)/1916 Swaney, George W. 6/12/1877-9/29/1953 (birth and death months and days underlined) Kinsell, Eleanor 1916-5/05/1940 (death month and day underlined) Kinsell, T. Earl 4/27/1885-7/12/1944 (birth and death months and days underlined) Dispenett, Kenneth E. PFC 59th Depot AAF WWII 11/15/1927-10/29/1960 Dispenett, Larry E. 1951-1960 Dispenett, Kenneth C. 1953-1960 Dispenett, Robert R. 1957-1960 Pollom, Leatha 1893-12/25/1940 (death month and day underlined) Brant, John Milton 1931-1/24/1931 Swartz, Raymond “Donnie” 1890-1973 Earls, Nellie W. d. 8/22/1975 71y Dispennett, Wilmer Paul PFC US Army WWII 1916-1980 Brandenburg, Loretta B. 7/05/1887-9/11/1972 Dee, Lee Roy Ind ____ Engineers 4/24/1893-11/07/1957 Dee, Wilmer PVT US Army WWI 1891-1975 Swarts, Chas. 1851-4/16/1937 (death month and day underlined) Swarts, Lotta 1847-10/29/1930 (death month and day underlined) Graves, Lila Minerva Darling (Minerva Darling underlined) 5/22/1872-6/23/1954 (birth and death months and day underlined) Graves, James R. 5/20/1868-4/06/1953 (birth and death months and days underlined) Beaver, Alice Swarts (Swarts underlined) 11/30/1867-3/01/1939 Beaver, John 2/14/1855-5/13/1944 (death dates underlined) McClatchey, Jennie Beaver Shaffer (Shaffer underlined) 1895-1924 Gunckle, Charles C. 1883-12/24/1936 (death month and day underlined) Gunckle, Bertha I. 1889-1948 Ward, Lottie F. 3/07/1898-12/26/1932 (birth and death months and days underlined) Miller, Jesse R. 1884-1921 Miller, Susan 1862-1916 Miller, John W. 1853-7/02/1934 (death month and day underlined)

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00002875
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 8/26/2010
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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