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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Highland Cemetery, Area 2
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Washington Township, Warren County, Indiana This cemetery, located just outside of Williamsport, is the largest cemetery in the county. It is part of a group of three cemeteries on the northeast side of town. To reach Highland, turn left at the corner of Highway 28 and 4th street when coming into Williamsport from the North. The cemetery is located about one-half mile east of and on the left side of the road before the railroad. This cemetery contains more recent burials and is well maintained. The first burial was Edgar Anderson who died on October 8, 1894. As with Hillside, the following list was compared with entries in the Highland Cemetery Ledger, which is in the Williamsport Library. This double-check eliminates some possibility of error. Entries in the ledger stop at January 4, 1958. This list starts with stones nearest the railroad and is divided into sections by lanes, etc. Please see the following map. Additional information found in the ledger but not on the stones is underlined. Section 2-Area west of 1st lane (Page 29) Manus, Juanita Rose (Rose underlined) 1831-7/31/1939 (death month and day underlined) Manus, Kathryne S. 1952-____ McKinney, Betty Lorene 1930-7/31/1939 (death month and day underlined) McKinney, Roxie 1893-19__ McKinney, Ralph 1898-1955 McKinney, Charles Kenneth 1920-1976 Crowder, Penny Sue d. 5/17/ 1958 Furr, Norman Dean 1943-5/31/1944 (death month and day underlined) Darling, Belville 1898-1969 Darling, Captolia 9/27/1872-3/17/1947 (birth and death months and days underlined) Darling, Fred 12/08/1869-11/07/1951 (birth and death months and days underlined) Helmuth, Henry 1907-1980 73y Conley, Amos A. 1/17/1870-1945 Conley, Flora A. Thompson (Thompson underlined) 9/20/1884-1/21/1949 (birth and death months and days underlined) Ingram, Paul H. 1901-1967 Ingram, Esther J. Martin 1904-____ (Page 30) Washburn, Pearl 10/15/1878-2/28/1960 Stewart, Ralph W. Ind Capt US Air Force WWII 5/18/1919-3/01/1957 Stewart, Mabel C. 9/15/1888-12/14/1966 Stewart, J. Clellan 3/17/1888-9/29/1942 Renick, Mary Ellen, (d/o Harley underlined) 4/02/1932-7/13/1934 McKinney, Paul Ronald 1936-1938 McKinney, J. Dan 1905-1955 McKinney, Opal I. 1906-____ Jones, Robert A. 1876-3/09/1939 (death month and day underlined) Mitchell, Ruby L. 1915-4/23/1948 (death month and day underlined) Pemberton, Ida 8/20/1871-9/08/1955 (birth and death months and days underlined) Traviolia, Leroy 8/03/1882-11/19/1938 Traviolia, Cora C. 8/25/1885-6/29/1972 Pemberton, William Harley (Harley underlined) PVT 31st Co 159th Depot Brig 11/21/1886-3/02/1952 (birth and death months and days underlined) Tate, Franes Geogia Odle (Geogia Olde underlined) 8/11/1892-7/16-1942 (birth and death months and days underlined) Tate, Howard K. 8/11/1892-5/06/1948 (birth and death months and days underlined) Odle, Jennie c. 1891-1976 Odle, Arthur C. 1889-1961 Brandenburg, Dawson E. 1892-1959 Cherry, Dallas E. 1902-1971 Heubel, Oscar 1906-1963 Jackson, Hattie R. 1887-1975 Jackson, Walter M. 6/10/1870-5/03/1957 (birth and death months and days underlined) Annin, Jess O. 1894-1976 Miller, Drayton A. 1885-1/03/1943 (death month and day underlined) Wakley, Iona 1857-9/03/1940 (death month and day underlined) Sewell, Jesse Lawrence 1876-4/30/1953 (death month and day underlined) Sewell, Anna L. Odle (Odle underlined) 1882-11/25/1938 (death month and day underlined) Odle, Lilly B. 1861-9/08/1937 (death month and day underlined) Odle, David R. 1855-7/23/1937 (death month and day underlined) Carter, Gertrude K., w/o George E. 12/04/1879-1/25/1939 Lucas, Rilla Ann 1875-1975 Lucas, Wesley Allen 1873-12/11/1932 (death month and day underlined) Holycross, Orval B. 1896-1967 Craft, Clarabell 1931-1932 Holycross, Hazel P. 1910-1975 Carter, Lenora Lilia (Lilia underlined) 4/22/1876-4/01/1929 Carter, George E. 12/26/1873-2/23/1933 Carter, Henry C. 7/02/1897-9/28/1951 Holmes, Eulalia E. 1902-____ Holmes, Lloyd V. 1902-1981 Cox Myrtle L. 1908-____ Cox, Lyle L. 1903-1976 Ross, Charles, S. Co D 146th Inf A.E.F. 1893-5/31/1929 (death month and day underlined) Pemberton, Ilo Ross 11/25/1903-10/05/1930 Bradenburg, Sylvester 12/23/1886-____ Brandenburg, Clara Ross 2/18/1873-5/16/1941 Kirts, Helen Louisa (Louisa underlined) 1918-10/04/1940 (death month and day underlined) Kirts, Jacob C. 1888-____ Kirts, Dora M. 1896-1963 (Page 31) Kirts, Arthur L. 11/27/1924-11/09/1975 Kirts, Eudora Maria 2/15/1943-5/16/1943 Johnson, Diane Sue 9/05/1956-10/12/1956 Miller, Ronnie 1955-1964 Bowlus, Carrie Butt (Butt underlined) 11/03/1891-7/01/1946 (birth and death months and days underlined) Bowlus, James B. 1879-1962 Sallee, Jackie Sue 10/01/1943-5/02/1945 Marlatt, Gladys 1896-____ Marlatt, Albert 9/01/1881-5/15/1943 (birth and death months and days underlined) Miller, James A. 2/25/1886-6/07/1948 (birth and death months and days underlined) Miller, Stanton Thomas 1927-5/05/1942 Miller, Milton White (White underlined) 1857-8/06/1929 Miller, Sarah Elizabeth (Elizabeth underlined) 1869-9/23/1926 (death month and day underlined) Sheets, Maude 1881-3/12/1933 (death month and day underlined) Conger, Samantha A. 8/25/1854-____ Croce, Wm Emmett, s/o Samantha Conger (Conger underlined) 4/02/1874-6/01/1930 Hurley, Iva Pearl Woodward, w/o Lewis 4/16/1904-2/07/1932 Hurley, Robert Louis, s/o Iva and Lewis b.&d. 2/07/1932 Holmes, Loren W. 8/13/1906-1/26/1966 Holmes, Nellie E. Odle (Odle underlined), w/o Victor P 1879-7/09/1927 (death month and day underlined) Holmes, Victor P. 3/21/1876-9/01/1940 Odle, W. Merle 9/25/1881-2/01/1949 Odle, Myrtle I. 6/21/1887-11/22/1975 Odle, Esther G. 6/07/1905-1/19/1929 Odle, Warner Merle (Merle underlined) 11/21/2908-12/11/1926 Carter, Martin VanBuren (VanBuren underlined) 4/08/1842-6/09/1926 Carter, Elizabeth 10/08/1846-10/16/1934 Bisner, Fed 1868-5/06/1920 (death month and day underlined) Bisner, Ida A., w/o Fred 1875-8/07/1912 (death month and day underlined) Bisner, John W. 1911-1912 Bisner, Mildred M. 1906-3/03/1907 (death month and day underlined) Bisner, Fred W., s/o F. and I.A. 2/20/1902-2/25/1903 Cantrell, Joseph 1843-1918 Cantrell, Joseph Jr. d. 2/07/1898 21y 7d Dee, Jane 1853-8/27/1923 (death month and day underlined) Dee, William R. 1845-1/30/1904 (death month and day underlined) Wagner, Samuel Co D 86th Ind Inf 5/25/1939-11/16/1916 (birth and death months and days underlined) Wagner, Louisa Jane 1849-12/17/1935 (death month and day underlined) Wagner, Allen 1873-1916 Wagner, Larkin 1871-1945 Wagner, James Allen 1873-1916 Myers, Luther M. 1853-11/08/1922 (death month and day underlined) Myers, Mary Sophia Dannecker (Sophia Dannecker underlined), w/o Luther 1/30/1855-12/09/1948 (birth and death months and days underlined) Haines, Louisa 1855-10/25/1924 (death month and day underlined) Haines, William D. 1851-12/13/1926 (death month and day underlined) Butts, Emma Stark 1870-1910 Butt, Jennie C. 1867-1903 Butt, Charles Dewey (Charles underlined) 1899-2/08/1920 (death month and day underlined) (Page 32) Butt, Abner 1857-11/03/1926 (death month and day underlined) Furgerson, Howell Co K 20th Reg Ind Vol d.4/06.1896 58y 3m 13d Furgerson, Mary Catherine (Mary underlined) 1841-2/25/1916 (death month and day underlined) McKinney, James Earl 1887-11/11/1924 (death month and day underlined) McKinney, George W. 1856-1896 McKinney, Addie B. 1865-1946 McKinney, Delbert E. 1882-4/16/1935 (death month and day underlined) Odle, Agnes E. 12/23/1883-10/10/1962 Odle, Amos F. 8/12/1873-11/07/1930 Rank, Mary A. Carter (Carter underlined) 3/21/1867-3/31/1928 Rank, Wm. A. 10/26/1866-11/06/1929 Harris, Tillie (Martha) (Martha underlined) 2/27/1880-9/18/1927 Harris, Samuel 8/29/1864-9/17/1942 Cook, Matilda F. 1858-1937 Cook, Millard F. 1855-1937 Newell, Laura 1893-1973 Newell, Raymond C. 1889-1953 Foster, Sarah A. 1866-1947 Foster, John B. 1856-1946 Foster, Charles Arthur (Arthur underlined) 8/21/1896-1/29/1919 (birth and death months and days underlined) McClutchey, Bud Ind PVT 164th Inf 41 Div d. 8/05/1936 Prather, Charles O. 1887-1967 Prather, Elizabeth A. 1882-1952 Siddens, Ella Long (Long underlined) 1/09/1868-1/28/1943 (birth and death months and days underlined) Siddens, William G. (G. underlined) 1/28/1867-2/11/1908 (birth and death months and days underlined) Siddens, Clara B. (B. underlined) 10/07/1898-2/11/1911 (birth and death months and days underlined) Alee, Charlotte E. Siddens (E. underlined) 1893-8/25/1950 (death month and day underlined) Prather, Bruce O. 1879-1965 Prather, Olive Wagner 1882-1917 Dannecker, Christine, d/o Wm. 8/1903-10/29/1903 (all except Christine underlined) Dannecker, William 1871-12/26/1929 (death month and day underlined) Dannecker, Emma M. Hanes (Hanes underlined), w/o Wm. 9/17/1877-4/26/1905 (birth and death months and days underlined) Davis, Melville E. 1906-1983 Davis, Frances M. 1906-1979 Marlatt, Mary Ethel Wagner (Wagner underlined) 1887-12/26/1923 (death month and day underlined) Marlatt, Benj. Jacob 1874-1/07/1942 (death month and day underlined) Walters, Martha 1/18/1845-1/11/1928 (birth and death months and days underlined) Langton, Wm. H. Co A 36th PA Vol 3/17/1829-4/08/1918 Langton, Ellen, w/o Wm. 6/28/1842-4/27/1926 Walters, Harvey Benjamin (Benjamin underlined) Co B 72nd Ind Inf 1845-6/20/1915 (dates underlined) Slifer, John R. Co L 7th Reg Md Vol Inf 6/05/1826-1/29/1912 (death dates underlined) Slifer, Mary Ann C. (Ann underlined), w/o J.R. 8/02/1826-4/02/1901 Saluter, James W. 2/22/1861-____ Slauter, Rinna Slifer (Slifer underlined) 3/15/1858-10/08/1904 St. Clair, Pearl C. 4/18/1858-4/18/1943 St. Clair, Lizzie B. Long (Long underlined) 5/23/1878-1/23/1935 Long, Caroline 1848-1/05/1929 (Page 33) Long, James Edward Sr. (Edwards Sr. underlined) Co D 60th Reg Ind Vol 9/30/1841-1/05/1912 Livingston, John Marvin 1912-1980 Archer, Berta A. 1889-1982 Livingston, Mildred 1917-9/20/1932 (death month and day underlined) Jester, Eleanor Livingston 1914-____ Story, Charles 1870-1940 Story, Emily (born in England underlined) 4/08/1871-3/03/1954 (birth and death months and days underlined) Keith, Alice Meade (Meade underlined) 1881-5/17/1936 (death month and day underlined) Allen, George S. 1880-1955 Allen, Doda J. 1890-1932 Kravel, Frederick L. 1869-8/24/1930 (death month and day underlined) Kravel, Lenora D. 1869-1943 Reed, Daniel Webster (Daniel Webster underlined) 5/13/1841-2/16/1942 (birth and death months and days underlined) Reed, Mary Jane (Martha) (Mary Jane Martha underlined) 1895-9/02/1927 (death month and day underlined) Reed, Nathan J. 1875-1959 Reed, Dessie May (May underlined) 1871-5/16/1939 (death month and day underlined) Johnson, J. Frank 2/01/1896-5/09/1971 Johnson, Myrtle E. Zenor (Zenor underlined) 6/19/1893-8/12/1941 Zenor, Claude L. 6/18/1906-____ Zenor, Mary M. “married 3/19/1938” 9/14/1920-10/05/1961 Davis, Charles W. 1859-8/20/1933 (death month and day underlined) Davis, Cora B. 1867-1960 Davis, Herman W. 1895-1963 Powell, Thomas c. Co K 33rd Ind Vol Inf 1840-12/21/1928 (death month and day underlined) Powell, Helena Delaney, w/o T.C. 1867-3/26/1924 (death month and day underlined) Lewis, M. Mae 1885-1961 Lewis, Walter R. 1885-1983 Lewis, Samuel Reeves (Reeves underlined) 1841-4/25/1921 (death month and day underlined) Sipes, William H. 1884-1958 Sipes, Mary A. 1893-____ Sipes, Jane Ferguson 12/19/1856-2/02/1930 Bowlus, Lawrence 1875-1/22/1941 Bowlus, Florence Annette (Annette underlined) 8/02/1875-10/16/1949 (birth and death months and days underlined) Johnson, Charles Edgar 1883-2/11/1920 (death month and day underlined) Hall, Judge John James (Judge underlined) Ind PVT FA CEN OFF TNG SCH WWI 11/12/1881-12/03/1957 Hall, Katherine G. 4/09/1896-8/18/1960 Hall, Martha Eleanor 4/17/1918-2/11/1924 George, Clara 1883-1960 George, Oscar 1882-1960 Hobart, Edwin Spencer 1847-2/15/1928 (death month and day underlined) Hobart, Louise Pitcher (Pitcher underlined) 3/03/1855-9/18/1922 Hobart, Earl L. Ind CPL 311th Co M TC WWI 10/31/1889-8/20/1924 Watson, Curtis N. 1891-1980 Watson, Mary I. 1892-1971 Watson, Donald Eugene (Eugene underlined) 3/28/1918-1/11/1921 Hatt, Lona Smith 1897-1964 Thompson, Rose Rebecca (Rebecca underlined) 1862-8/08/1911 (death month and day underlined) Thompson, Henry 1863-5/23/1936 (death month and day underlined) (Page 34) Thompson, Theda 1894-1919 Simonton, Richard H. 8/07/1833-2/23/1917 Simonton, Catherine Venable, w/o Richard 10/02/1834-3/20/1908 Johnson, Elizabeth 1861-8/31/1950 (death month and day underlined) Johnson, Jacob 1861-5/26/1942 (death month and day underlined) Hetrick, Ella 1896-5/27/1942 (death month and day underlined) Hetrick, John 1856-1/22/1930 (death month and day underlined) Kinsell, Milton A. 1856-9/10/1931 (death months and days underlined) Kinsell, Cotena 1861-3/31/1933 (death months and days underlined) Bennet, C. Maude 1887-1960 Citizen, Jas S. Co I 72nd Ind Inf 3/25/1893-4/22/1920 (birth and death months and days underlined) Citizen, Andrew F. 1/26/1882-10/01/1952 (birth and death months and days underlined) Odle, Miiles Co A 15th Ind Vol 1841-11/21/1919 (death month and day underlined) Odle, Susan Hunter, d/o Miles 1847-1870 Hunter, Elizabeth A., w/o John 1815-1911 Hunter, John Park 1818-1911 Hunter, Vivian 11/24/1893-5/18/1909 Hunter, Maria Catherine (Catherine underlined), w/o W.A. 2/22/1856-12/18/1953 Hunter, William A. 2/01/1850-1/03/1929 Hunter, Bertha E. 2/27/1879-7/09/1959 Grey, Lura Adelia 1919-2/03/1929 (death month and day underlined) Grey Mary Ernestine 1906-6/07/1938 (death month and day underlined) Grey, Mary Ethyle 1887-1969 Grey Ernest 1873-10/26/1944 (death month and day underlined) Grey Ernest R. Ind 1st Lieut AAF WWII AM 6/04/1921-8/31/1955 Smith, Edgar, s/o J. and E. d. 2/21/1922 Smith, Estella, infant d. 2/18/1922 (all underlined) Bratton, Raymond 1908-1971 Bratton, Edella 1909-1978 Smith, John W. 10/07/1883-7/01/1957 Smith, Estella M. Rend (Rend underlined), w/o John 8/07/1882-6/28/1927 Smith, William H. 3/02/1860-7/21/1941 Smith, Mary E., w/o William 6/03/1858-7/04/1934 Martin, Mary A. 1846-5/13/1929 (death month and day underlined) Wilson, Cora Jane 1875-8/31/1937 (death month and day underlined) Cartlidge, M. Pearl Gregory, w/o H.B. 7/28/1877-8/29/1938 Gregory, Hon. John 1/19/1944-11/10/1908 Gregory, Lila Florence, w/o John 10/03/1844-5/07/1929 Gregory, Forence Ethelynd, d/o J. and L.F. 8/14/1871-2/05/1945 Gregory, Grace Blanche, d/o J. and L.F. 12/07/1874-12/19/1954 Jackson, W. Bertha Gregory, w/o A.B. 12/07/1874-8/07/1927 Cronkhite, Ziller Pence, d/o L.T. and A. Cronkhite 1874-1910 Brenner, Della 1873-1948 (Page 35) Cronkhite, Levi T. 1853-1916 Cronkhite, Alice Hunt (Hunt underlined), w/o Levi 1855-2/13/1921 (death month and day underlined) Brown, Clint D. 1893-____ Brown, Elizabeth 1894-1966 Brown, Lee Alva (Alva underlined) 1/21/1931-2/09/1931 Brown, Mary Francis (Francis underlined) 1918-1/28/1919 Cowgill, Ruth D. w/o William 10/03/1886-7/07/1959 Demmary, Frank A. 10/05/1854-4/13/1921 Demmary, Francis Abigail (Francis Abigail underlined), w/o Frank 6/21/1857-1/01/1929 Weaver, John W. 1861-12/20/1922 (death month and day underlined) Weaver, Mary R. 1865-10/11/1938 Weaver, Lon 1884-4/06/1952 (death month and day underlined) Weaver, Lucy 1888-1976 Smith, Obediah Co H 116th Ind Vol 1843-9/12/1929 (death month and day underlined) Smith, Martha Jane, w/o Obediah 1874-1/30/1920 (death month and day underlined) Madison, George 1867-2/20/1919 (death month and day underlined) Madison, Martha, w/o George 1867-1952 Kesling, Mary Ellen 1845-3/13/1915 (death month and day underlined) Crawford, Vilinder Jane 8/24/1824-12/19/1909 (birth and death months and days underlined) Hanson, Nancy E. 1856-11/13/1934 (death month and day underlined) Hanson, Samuel C. 1850-11/05/1909 (death month and day underlined) Gregory, John Rubert 6/10/1880-10/15/1968 Gregory, Daisy H., w/o J.R. 8/02/1879-5/10/1963 Gregory, John Charles 7/04/1908-10/28/1944 Chambers, Dorothey Jean (Jean underlined) 7/10/1906-12/20/1954 (birth and death months and days underlined) Chambers, Nelle L. Moore (Moore underlined) 1880-4/10/1948 (death month and day underlined) Chambers, John Kesling (Kesling underlined) 3/17/1878-6/23/1956 (birth and death months and days underlined) Belangea, Mary Ann 7/24/1863-2/11/1817 Fleming, Fred R. 1890-1960 Fleming, Alice L. Shaw (Shaw underlined) 1865-4/08/1943 (death month and day underlined) Fleming, Frank P. 1860-3/26/1909 (death month and day underlined) McCormick, Mary J. 1/11/1849-9/13-1908 McCormick, James O. 5/23/1845-2/17/1927 McCarty, Alice B. 1888-1953 McCarty, Charles R. 1888-1952 McCarty, William Floyd (Floyd underlined) Ind PVT 1 Cl 17th Field Art 2nd Div d. 9/08/1934 McCarty, Kenneth P., s/o R.E. and Hazel G. 7/01/1908-11/08/1908 McCarty, Martha F. 3/303/1862-4/29/1935 McCarty, Home 3/02/1857-11/01/1923 Sutton, Mary Letitia (Letitia underlined), d/o J.W. and F.A. 1860-2/10/1942 (death month and day underlined) Sutton, Ella, d/o J.W. and F.A. 1858-3/06/1939 (death month and day underlined) Sutton, Joel David, s/o J.W. and F.A. 1856-9/10/1928 Sutton, Frances Ann Lee, w/o John W. 1835-1/06/1921 Sutton, John Wilson (Wilson underlined) Keller, Emma A. Hawn (Hawn underlined) 2/202/1875-6/12/1948 (Page 36) Adams, Angeline 1843-7/09/1920 (death month and day underlined) Adams, Milton 1841-10/20/1920 (death and month day underlined) Keller, John William (William underlined) 11/23/1875-3/31/1932 Richcreek, Goldie, (w/o George underlined) 1883-7/09/1934 (death month and day underlined) Richcreek, Ollie 1861-1/27/1942 (death month and day underlined) Richcreek, George 1870-12/31/1942 (death month and day underlined) Gallimore, Artie M. 1880-1968 Gallimore, Albert Ill PFC 1st Co Coast Art WWI 2/14/1878-1/31/1954 McKinzie, Bertha M. 9/26/1895-11/02/1923 McKinzie, Elmer E. 6/17/1872-8/07/1922 McKinzie, Emma Laura Dove (Laura Dove underlined) 10/12/1870-4/15/1940 Moffitt, David H. 8/31/1862-3/11/1937 Moffitt, Grace, w/o David 10/02/1879-8/08/1924 Biggs, Elias A. 8/20/1850-5/12/1923 Biggs, Helena B. Crane (Crane underlined) 3/09/1854-12/16/1926 Biggs, Ada d.8/26/1878 1y 10m 20d Kindlespire, Isabel Jane 11/17/1827-6/18/1911 Crane, Solomo S. 9/10/1862-12/14/1909 Bryant, Thomas W. Fry 1836-1910 Bryant, Lorina Moore 1826-1900 Hanson, Blanche Morrow, d/o thos. G and Mary Story Morrow 1876-1958 Hanson, Whittier L., s/o S.C. and Nancy 1879-1968 Webb, Gertrude Hanson, d/o S.C. and Nancy Hanson 1884-1970 Webb, Edgar, s/o Josiah and Caroline d. 4/24/1951 (date underlined) Reynolds, Hettie 8/01/1864-9/12/1945 Odle, Wilmer Merrill, s/o J.L. and H.L. 7/14/1901-2/18/1902 Odle, Hattie Louise (Louise underlined) 12/28/1878-8/02/1919 Odle, John L. 8/03/1875-5/10/1969 Odle, Cora Hunter 7/25/1882-9/18/1973 Pollon, Florine Fern 1907-1914 Pollom, Herbert Eugene (Eugene underlined) 12/16/1909-8/22/1945 (birth and death months and days underlined) Stebbins, Odelia Matilda Hellwig (Odelia Matilda Hellwig underlined) 9/20/1863-9/20/1955 (birth and death months and days underlined) Stebbins, Clarence A. 1871-1959 French, Martha Ellen (Ellen underlined) 4/07/1972-9/27/1929 French, William F. 5/12/1869-2/22/1936 Hanson, Elizabeth Culp, w/o Lars 1878-3/1933 (death month underlined) Hanson, Clarence Kinsey 1904-10/16/1921 (death month and day underlined) King, Dr. Leander A. 3/06/1871-9/06/1924 King, John Richard, h/o June 5/28/1910-5/18/1972 Sutton, E. Guy, h/o Marguerite Reno 1876-1957 Sutton, Blanche Judy, w/o E. Guy 1874-2/26/1923 (death month and day underlined) Steinberg, Fred P. 1888-1964 Steinberg, Mary Jane Anderson (Jane underlined), w/o Fred P. 1889-3/20/1920 (death month and day underlined) Darling, Anna 1868-1/12/1932 (death month and day underlined) Darling, Harry W. 1/01/1876-10/01/1919 (birth and death months and days underlined) (Page 37) Marlatt, Coburn 1876-1932 Thomas, Esther E. 6/26/1891-2/10/1921 Thomas, Clarence P. (P. underlined) 1/18/1863-3/22/1917 Thomas, Lillie M. 3/13/1866-5/08/1938 Combs, Hazel T. 7/27/1893-1/02/1973 McConnell, Virginia 1921-1980 Cyr, Ann Lynn d. 1/24/1961 Doan, Rachel D. 3/26/1877-5/14/1935 Doan, James W. 4/12/1872-_________ Shumaker, George P. 1866-11/09/1932 (death month and day underlined) Rend, Lewis Co G 7th Reg MD Vol 1845-4/06/1925 (death month and day underlined) Rend, Cordelia Francis, w/o L. 12/29/1863-2/1943 (birth and death months and birth day underlined) Miller, Firmus 2/15/1872-3/15/1955 (birth and death months and days underlined) Morrissey, Audrey J. 1897-1981 Morrissey, Edward J. 1900-1966 McClaflin, Charles G. 8/12/1856-4/25/1944 (birth and death months and days underlined) McClaflin, Alice K., (w/o C.G. underlined) 1858-10/31/1933 (death month and day underlined) Briggs, Fannie Biser 2/06/1862-_________ Briggs, Colvin G. 5/30/1860-3/23/1925 Crudge, Martha J. 2/07/1868-8/27/1961 Frankenberger, Gertrude 2/12/1870-12/08/1951 (birth and death months and days underlined) Grosstuck, Maud 1887-1962 Grosstuck, Ernest 1887-____ Grosstuck, Ernest Sr. 1850-5/13/1929 (death month and day underlined)

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00002876
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 8/27/2010
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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