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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Highland Cemetery, Area 3
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Washington Township, Warren County, Indiana This cemetery, located just outside of Williamsport, is the largest cemetery in the county. It is part of a group of three cemeteries on the northeast side of town. To reach Highland, turn left at the corner of Highway 28 and 4th street when coming into Williamsport from the North. The cemetery is located about one-half mile east of and on the left side of the road before the railroad. This cemetery contains more recent burials and is well maintained. The first burial was Edgar Anderson who died on October 8, 1894. As with Hillside, the following list was compared with entries in the Highland Cemetery Ledger, which is in the Williamsport Library. This double-check eliminates some possibility of error. Entries in the ledger stop at January 4, 1958. This list starts with stones nearest the railroad and is divided into sections by lanes, etc. Please see the following map. Additional information found in the ledger but not on the stones is underlined. Section 3 (Page 37) Morse, Charles 1885-1965 Morse, Letha P. 1890-1967 Brown, Kelley 1/12/1868-5/27/1914 Brown, Alice, w/o Kelley 8/11/1877-_________ Flint, William Leonard (Leonard underlined) 2/09/1861-1948 (birth month and day underlined) Flint, Mary Frances (Frances underlined) 11/30/1868-4/04/1950 (birth and death months and days underlined) Farmer, James 8/18/1842-3/18/1915 Farmer, Nancy A., w/o James 2/29/1844-9/30/1916 Biggs, “Sadie” Sarah Elavira Flint (Sarah Elavira underlined), w/o Wm A. 1899-8/02/1940 (death month and day underlined) Flint, James W. 6/19/1925-12/25/1973 Flint, Mildred L. 1/08/1902-6/06/1968 Flint, Herman James (James underlined) Ind PFC Engrs WWI 11/02/1895-3/24/1950 Stokes, Mae F. 1870-1904 Fritz, Wm. H. 1873-1914 Fritz, Drucilla 1841-11/13/1920 (death month and day underlined) Fritz, John 1835-1921 Ray, Lucas Co H 60th Reg Ind Inf d. 1/31/1899 70y 6m 4d Winsett, John Wesley (Wesley underlined) 10/13/1842-12/17/1908 (birth and death months and days underlined) (Page 38) Winsett, Catherine E. 1868-12/16/1944 (death month and day underlined) Winsett, Gilbert P. 10/15/1811-2/21/1898 86y 4m 6d Winsett, Emma 10/13/1818-11/08/1898 54y 25d Winsett, Frances M. Co D 84th Ind 3/29/1847-7/20/1903 56y 3m 21d Darding, Jesse W. 1884-1953 Darding, Gertrude 1883-1951 Darding, Wilmer Donald (Donald underlined), s/o J.W. and Gertie 4/23/1912-9/12/1913 Darding, Opal, d/o J.W. and Gertie 8/08/1906-7/26/1908 Wood, William Warden (William Warden underlined) Co G 150th Ind Inf 1848-8/23/1922 (dates underlined) Wood, Mary J. 1861-6/19/1934 (death month and day underlined) Wolf, Dennis William 1949-1949 Wood, Carrie E. 1888-1929 Albright, Bevvie May (May underlined) 1881-11/12/1951 Smith, Nellie A. 1908-1963 Smith, John W.L. 1905-1959 McKinzie, Lloyd Alvon (Alvon underlined) 10/08/1898-3/1946 (birth month and day underlined) McKinzie, Mamie E. 1899-____ Thompson, William S. 8/10/1858-3/09/1943 (birth and death months and days underlined) Thompson, Mary F. 9/20/1863-12/10/1951 (birth and death months and days underlined) Scaggs, Clara Ann Hauser (Ann Hauser underlined), w/o Edgar 1897-4/29/1940 (death month and day underlined) Scaggs, Edgar L. 1899-1957 Swanson, Tyler 1913-1977 Watkins, Sarah E. Swanson 1884-1961 Swanson, Albert Edward (Edward underlined) 1873-11/23/1939 (death month and day underlined) Evans, Jefferson C. 1851-4/25/1947 (death month and day underlined) Evans, Lydia Geneva (Geneva underlined) 1854-10/16/1937 (death month and day underlined) Gray, J. Merle 1881-1959 Karst, Henry C. 1876-2/05/1936 (death month and day underlined) Troxel, Monta V. 8/06/1903-1/4/1919 Troxel, William P. 1861-1953 Troxel, Annie Hanley, (w/o William underlined) 1871-8/09/1948 (death month and day underlined) Powell, Jimmy 1932-8/08/1933 (death month and day underlined) Powell, Florence K. 1906-1977 Powell, J. Estel 1901-1979 Powell, Mary E. 1874-1960 Powell, W.F. 1865-12/04/1938 (death month and day underlined) Holliman, M. Sant 1953-____ Vansickle, Roy DeMaine (DeMaine underlined) 309th Enjrs 84th Div WWI 4/16/1897-2/03/1951 Vansickle, Helena Wilkinson (Wilkinson underlined) 2/06/1905-8/04/1956 (birth and death months and days underlined) Vansickle, Joseph P. 1925-1984 Wood, Givla 1911-7/25/1913 11m (death month and day, and age, underlined) Phipps, Thomas Co H 60th Reg Ind Vol 10/16/1842-4/05/1920 Smith, Helen 12/01/1907-3/18/1911 3y 3m 18d Smith, Winnie 1880-1962 Smith, Peter 1876-1959 Smith, Edward 1/20/1892-5/08/1916 (Page 39) Smith, Jacob 7/20/1881-10/15/1925 Adams, Thomas C. 1871-1958 Adams, Lula Belle (Belle underlined) 6/1876-3/16/1950 (birth month, death month and day underlined) Heinrichs, August 1871-8/07/1938 (death month and day underlined) Heinricks, Minnie 1867-1951 Riston, James 1858-1916 Kaparos, Rubie, gd/o John Fritz (all except Rubie underlined) 1894-8/1949 (death month underlined) Pugh, Earl H. 1882-1969 Pugh, Bertha Elizabeth (Elizabeth underlined), (w/o Earl Claude underlined) 1885-5/02/1938 (death month and day underlined) Pugh, Alvin C. 1904-5/30/1921 (second digits in birth year, death month and day underlined) Mitton, George 1/24/1856-4/07/1937 (birth and death months and days underlined) Mitton, Sarah Agnes (Agnes underlined) 1868-1/10/1917 (death month and day underlined) Mehaffey, Lee 1886-1968 Norquest, Elouise Anna 8/29/1896-10/02/1896 Norquest, Olof 9/02/1843-3/21/1909 Norquest, Ida Amanda, w/o Olof 11/26/1859-4/28/1909 Odle, Anna B. 1868-6/05/1939 (death month and day underlined) Odle, Elmer 1904-7/10/1934 (death month and day underlined) Odle, Oakla 1886-1920 Odle, Abraham 1861-2/23/1926 (death month and day underlined) Wartsbaugh, Oakley Carver (Carver underlined) 1916-12/06/1919 Wartsbaugh, Earl E. 1923-3/27/1926 (death month and day underlined) Haupt, James T. 1932-1936 McCoskey, Stanley M., s/o M.M. and A.A. 6/10/1919-12/14/1933 McCoskey, Ada Alberta Montgomery (Alberta Montgomery underlined) 11/18/1881-4/30/1939 McCoskey, Manford M. (M. underlined) 7/12/1881-2/26/1943 Finney, Inez E. 7/11/1891-9/19/1932 Finney, Lawrence H. 4/29/1892-10/16/1965 Brier, Lula 2/15/1886-10/01/1953 (birth and death months and days underlined) Brier, William 1887-11/15/1953 (death month and day underlined) Hamblen, Josephine 12/19/1853-10/26/1931 Hamblen, Joseph 10/30/1855-7/14/1933 Ross, William 1873-3/20/1942 (death month and day underlined) Swisher, Clarence Jr. 1938-10/08/1940 (death month and day underlined) Weidenhammer, Bessie J. 1883-1/09/1930 (death month and day underlined) Weidenhammer, Alfred 7/09/1873-9/11/1952 (birth and death months and days underlined) Stump, Jos. L. Co A 44th Ind Inf 1845-12/17/1919 (dates underlinded) Weidenhammer, Wilson O. PVT 355th Inf 89th Div A.E.F. 3/20/1888-3/26/1922 Howard, Arthena 3/29/1865-1/13/1964 Howard, Peter Warden (Warden underlined) 6/26/1864-4/12/1932 Hunter, Willett William (William underlined) 5/23/1858-2/25/1905 Hunter, Fettie A. 11/11/18613/09/1951 Mehaffey, Sallie Elizabeth Moore (Elizabeth Moore underlined) 3/21/1858-1/05/1941 (birth and death months and days underlined) Hunter, Mary Ann, w/o R.ST.C. 3/25/1836-7/08/1904 (birth month and day underlined) 68y 3m 13d Hunter, Russell, St. Clair d. 6/09/1897 60y 1m 18d Wickstrom, Ruby Olive 1891-1982 Hunter, Berneice 1896-1969 (Page 40) Hunter, Russell C. Ind PVT 1st Engrs. WWI 1/23/1899-4/18/1966 Hunter, Catherine 5/24/1866-4/05/1956 (birth and death months and days underlined) Hunter, Samuel P. 6/12/1863-12/08/1906 (birth and death months and days underlined) Gates, Henry 8th Ind Mtd Cav 5/26/1840-11/11/1911 Hunter, Miles Wilkins (Wilkins underlined) 2/08/1861-9/09/1921 Thornton, Mary E. 5/01/1874-4/25/1905 (birth date, death day underlined) Thornton, D.R. “Doc” d. 10/1957 Thornton, Liva C. d/ 3/1952 Carver, Mary Bell (Bell underlined) 1863-10/09/1942 (death month and day underlined) Gill, Steward Co B 15th Reg Ind Vol 1839-1905 Gill, James Bell 12/15/1895-10/22/1900 4y 10m 7d Mehaffey, Kirkham D. 6/27/1862-5/07/1942 (birth and death months and days underlined) Mehaffey, Zora, w/o Kirkham 1865-1896 Mehaffey, Mary Frances (Frances underlined) 10/11/1921-10/13/1921 (birth and death months and days underlined) Mehaffey, Maude Frances (Frances underlined) 1890-4/06/1923 (death month and day underlined) High, Charles J. 1860-10/16/1921 (death month and day underlined) High, Mary J. w/o Charles 1855-1/02/1931 (death month and day underlined) High, infant d/o C.J. and M.J. b.&d. 6/20/1895 Cox, Charles Oscar (Oscar underlined) 10/11/1887-1/02/1954 Cox, William C. 9/22/1954-7/11/1937 Cox, Laura B. 12/24/1864-2/15/1940 Cox, Wesley Paul (Paul underlined) Ind Sgt 29th Aero Sq WWI 9/13/1894-/14/1950 Winks, Ada M. Fox (Fox underlined) 2/02/1870 or 1871-3/20/1938 Winks, Abe L. 11/06/1864-11/27/1946 Winks, Eleanor Elizabeth, w/o Elwyn 9/29/1896-4/10/1926 Hunter, Ulric G. 3/23/1886-1/06/1938 Hunter, Ethel H. 8/18/1883-5/22/1965 Madaus, Pearl 1883-1971 Madaus, Herman H. (H. underlined) 6/21/1878-11/29/1955 (death month and day underlined) Madaus, Mary 5/10/1920-3/07/1934 Collyer, Josephine Abrams (Abrams underlined) 12/25/1875-10/15/1950 (birth and death months and days underlined) Collyer, Alva1875-9/26/1943 (death month and day underlined) Forester, William J. 1862-1/11/1941 (death month and day underlined) Vail, C. Richard 7/22/1919-11/13/1943 Vail, Lettie M. 1897-5/26/1949 (death month and day underlined) Vail, George E. 1898-____ Cotton, Mary Doris 1929-1965 High, Mary J. 2/12/1834-11/17/1903 Bartlett, Hattie High (High underlined) 1858-10/04/1938 (death month and day underlined Strumpfer, Eliza J., w/o R.C. d. 3/28/1898 72y 10m 15d Strumpfer, Richard C. Mexican War Veteran 1827-12/07/1907 (death month and day underlined) Anderson, Robert C. 1/08/1825-9/11/1914 Anderson, Letitia Fryback (Fryback underlined) 11/19/1829-12/19/1915 Stout, Anna Letitia 12/01/1865-5/28/1930 Martin, Elizabeth N. 2/12/1871-8/10/1911 Anderson, Edgar E. 11/16/1859-10/08/1894 Weidenhammer, Elizabeth 4/20/1810-12/15/1898 Hackney, Thomas W. Co H 155th Ind Inf 7/26/1845-2/13/1911 (Page 41) Haupt, Caroline 1835-1909 Haupt, George W. 1832-1908 Wilhite,David Milton PVT 313th Supply Co 1899-7/26/1921 (death month and day underlined) Wilhite, James Y. (James underlined) PVT 17th Co 58th Dep Brig 1889-9/06/1936 (death month and day underlined) Wilhite, Anna G. 9/11/1868-10/26/1944 McCord, Gladys J. Wilhite 1897-1961 McCord, Walter A. WWI C Bat 1896-1983 Shaw, John D. Co D 86th Ind Vol 5/02/1839-_________ 74y 11m 7d “born at Defiance, OH” Shaw, Mary E. 4/24/1838-8/16/1904 Shaw, Ida M. 6/28/1880-5/25/1940 Belangea, Hiram McCain Co H 60th Ind Vol 8/18/1832-5/01/1905 Belangea, Scott Winfield (Winfield underlined) 6/18/1861-6/21/1901 40y 2d (birth dates underlined) Keister, Morris Delbert (Delbert underlined) 3/11/1918-6/12/1952 (birth and death months and days underlined) Keister, Lettie E. 1872-1959 Kester, James 1867-1942 Werner, Joseph 11/19/1844-10/10/1888 Werner, Josephine B. 8/29/1848-4/05/1921 Hartz, Ella, w/o Alphonso 8/29/1848-4/05/1921 Bush, Clyde W. 1896-1974 Bush, Harry Raymond (Raymond underlined) 10/16/1885-7/28/1956 (birth and death months and days underlined) Bush, William R. 7/02/1854-12/25/1919 Bush, Lillie M., w/o William 4/07/1861-3/30/1927 Bush, Donald 5/16/1903-5/30/1979 Bush, Orville A. 7/21/1895-9/25/1909 (birth and death months and days underlined) McElhoe, Elmer 1889-1913 McElhoe, Harry 1854-10/28/1933 (death month and day underlined) McElhoe, Eliza 1852-10/28/1944 McElhoe, Fred 1887-____ Walker, Richard C. 1852-3/16/1913 Walker, Sarah, w/o Richard 1862-10/23/1929 (death month and day underlined) Renville, Helen Louise, d/o I.S. and O.D. 6/15/1910-11/23/1936 Renville, Ike 1880-1972 Renville, 1887-1972 Rice, Grant 11/03/1868-4/19/1941 Rice, Ella F. 9/17/1867-9/25/1957 Allen, George W. (George underlined) 1873-1967 Allen, Effie I. 1884-1964 Allen, George Herman 8/29/1907-10/19/1935 Peterson, Shirley Belle 1892-1961 Peterson, Abbott V. 1887-1945 Peterson, Phillip Dean, s/o A.V. and S.B. 12/17/1932-2/22/1938 Fox, Mary E. 1874-1960 Fox, Leroy 2/06/1869-1945 (birth month and day underlined) Briggs, Lauretta 3/24/1866-8/28/1946 Cole, Lura K. Briggs Odle (Briggs Odle underlined), w/o W.C. 11/13/1874-11/24/1905 Briggs, Elisha V. Co F 72nd Ind 11/30/1835-12/29/1922 Briggs, Mary Elizabeth Crawford (Elizabeth Crawford underlined), w/o Elisha 4/21/1838-2/27/1916 Swank, Merrill 7/18/1890-6/02/1905 Swank, Allie Schlosser (Schlosser underlined) 11/14/1863-5/21/1928 Swank, DR. Leroy 4/30/1859-3/18/1902 Armstrong, John F. 5/1834-9/1901 Armstrong, Ann, w/o J.F. 4/1836-7/1901 Hock, Lota E. 1896-1900 Hock, Galdys E. 1886-1887 Hock, Jennie 1860-1958 Hock, John Q. 1856-8/29/1919 (death month and day underlined) Cottingham, infant s/o Wm and Lillie d. 2/18/1897 Cottingham, William 1860-1/01/1933 (death month and day underlined) Cottingham, Lillie Talbott, w/o William 1865-1954 Cottingham, Sgt. William J. Co F 2nd Eng 2nd Div “Killed in action Oct 15, 1918. Buried in Meuse-Arsonne Cemetery Romagne France.” 1898-10/15/1918 Ehrhardt, Susie C. 1901-____ Ehrhardt, Charles H. 1910-____ Thompson, James R. Co C 63rd Reg Ind Vol 8/12/1845-9/08/1899 (birth and death days underlined) Thompson, Sarah C. (C. underlined) 2/08/1851-2/1946 (birth and death months and day underlined) Thompson, Mary 1868-1941 Butt, Valentine 2/13/1818-5/05/1905 Butt, Sarah, w/o Valentine 10/26/1820-7/31/1900 Butt, Carrie “Melvina Carolina” (Melvina Carolina underlined) 10/24/1859-7/11/1936 Butt, Clark Wesley (Wesley underlined) 2/26/1856-1/11/1944 Flatt, Anna A. 3/04/1861-1/16/1944 Flatt, Fred R. 5/08/1854-8/29/1919 Schoonover, James S. 5/18/1855-2/28/1935 Schoonover, Adah Belle, w/o James S. 1/10/1859-12/13/1901 Schoonover, Letha Vaun, d/o J.S. and A.B. 3/08/1880-9/07/1881 Tibbs, Loretta d. 5/03/1900 72y 2m 5d Miller, Lydia d. 4/03/1906 75y 7m 6d Roseberry, Dr. Isaac A. (Isaac A. underlined) d. 8/02/1917 85y 3m 25d Bittinger, Martha J. d. 5/13/1900 66y 15d Bittinger, Oscar 1867-5/07/1897 (death month and day underlined) Bittinger, Samuel Co I 154th Ind 1830-5/29/1915 (death month and day underlined) Kelly, Bertha F. 1904-____ Kelly, Frank V. 1902-1975 Dougherty, Edith Davis 1896-1975 Keister, Grace 1873-1962 Keister, Milton 1870-2/12/1939 (death month and day underlined) Keister, Ardrey A., s/o M. and G.C. d. 9/10/1899 1y 6m 16d Wilson (no date or first name) Yeager, Charlie 6/09/1880-12/31/1909 Yeager, Jennie Cleora 5/18/1902-9/18/1902 (Page 43) Welsh (no name or date) Moffitt, John T. (or) C 6/24/1828-4/13/1914 (birth and death months and days underlined) Moffitt, Ann Catherine (Catherine underlined) 1845-8/04/1924 (death month and day underlined) Clemens, Mary 1812-1888 McClure, Etta M. 1873-1945 McClure, William G. 11/28/1870-7/26/1942 (birth and death months and days underlined) Keister, Viola McClure (McClure underlined) 10/28/1872-6/11/1946 (birth and death months and days underlined) Keister, Edward 1865-8/26/1936 (death month and day underlined) Luppold, Anna, w/o Mathias 4/12/1820-2/01/1897 Luppold, Mathias 11/12/1825-2/09/1896 Luppold, Bettie 9/20/1857-1/09/1934 Hottenstein, Mary Luppold 7/08/1859-5/30/1910 Luppold, Sarah “Sadie” H. (Sarah underlined) 1/09/1848-11/03-1931 Luppold, John 5/22/1849-7/25/1914 McAlister, Harvey M. 1860-1898 McAlister, Mary C. 1862-1931 McAlister, Harvey Rean b.&d. 1898 Jones, Lucy A. Robinson, w/o Richard Cary d. 1/17/1898 96y Jones, Charity E., d/o R.C. and L.A. d. 4/07/1931 87y 10d Odle, John Wesley (Wesley underlind) 7/01/1849-1/25/1927 Odle, Jennie Minervia (Minervia underlined), w/o John 10/25/1856-4/05/1904 Johnson, Henry C. Co K 33rd Ind Inf (no dates) Jackson, Lucy A. Jones 1841-1918

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00002877
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 8/27/2010
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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