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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Highland Cemetery, Area 4
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Washington Township, Warren County, Indiana This cemetery, located just outside of Williamsport, is the largest cemetery in the county. It is part of a group of three cemeteries on the northeast side of town. To reach Highland, turn left at the corner of Highway 28 and 4th street when coming into Williamsport from the North. The cemetery is located about one-half mile east of and on the left side of the road before the railroad. This cemetery contains more recent burials and is well maintained. The first burial was Edgar Anderson who died on October 8, 1894. As with Hillside, the following list was compared with entries in the Highland Cemetery Ledger, which is in the Williamsport Library. This double-check eliminates some possibility of error. Entries in the ledger stop at January 4, 1958. This list starts with stones nearest the railroad and is divided into sections by lanes, etc. Please see the following map. Additional information found in the ledger but not on the stones is underlined. Section 4 (grass lane divides the two areas) (Page 43) Stewart, R. Lemuel 1876-1958 Stewart, Ethel M. 1886-1961 Stewart, J. Harvey 1916-1981 Stewart, Clarence O. 1919-1913 Stewart, Richard P. 1902-1902 Gwin, Sgt. Joseph B. Co F 33rd Ill Inf 1847-9/19/1928 (death month and day underlined) Gwin, Ella McCabe (no dates) Gwin, Elizabeth, d/o Joseph B. and Ella d. 7/05/1899 13y 11m “Papa’s Queen, mamma’s ‘itsing’ God’s own forever” Mears, Ephraim 9/06/1821-12/26/1898 Mears, Loania E. 8/30/1828-3/10/1907 Stewart, Harold E. 1907-1980 Stewart, Edith J. 1913-____ Kieffer, Thomas 5/06/1828-3/30/1877 48y 10m 24d Kieffer, Anna Mary, w/o Thomas 3/22/1835-1/02/1913 77y 9m 10d Kieffer, John L. 11/21/1862-1/10/1941 Kieffer, Mathias 4/09/1859-5/18/1838 Kieffer, Anna M. 1857-1918 Kieffer, Franklin M. 4/02/1868-12/25/1934 (Page 44) Kieffer, Thomas W. 12/08/1860-7/30/1895 34y 7m 22d Kieffer, Anna Mary, w/o Thomas 3/22/1835-1/02/1913 77y 9m 10d Vanreed, John 5/29/1853-1/18/1915 Vanreed, Nelson Eugene (Eugene underlined) 11/04/1876-9/05/1938 Mullen, Charles, s/o L. and A. d. 12/23/1871 5m 2d Mullen, Lafayette W. (W. underlined) Co D 44th Ind 7/24/1848-2/08/1927 Mullen, Isalemah, w/o Lafayette 6/19/1850-3/22/1903 Mullen, James Harvey (Harvey underlined) 7/21/1871-7/08/1913 Mullen, M. Nola, w/o James 4/28/1871-2/25/1909 Shaw, Samuel E. 1870-1/30/1939 (death month and day underlined) Shaw, Cora Izetta McCartney (Izetta McCartney underlined) 7/16/1874-7/16/1942 (birth and death months and days underlined) Nehrig, Arol W. 1900-1968 Rankin, Orion Clyde 1883-4/07/1939 (death month and day underlined) Tate, George W. 1874-3/01/1940 (death month and day underlined) Cantrell, William 1874-12/06/1946 (death month and day underlined) Yeager, Grace P. Wilson 2/17/1884-4/27/1943 Yeager, George 1/08/1878-9/17/1946 Yeager, Frank L. 10/31/1875-12/05/1954 Hignell, Charles J. (J. underlined) 1860-8/21/1930 (death month and day underlined) Hignell, Anna 1871-6/01/1938 (death month and day underlined) Fortier, John 1868-6/19/1938 (death month and day underlined) Fortier, Eva 1849-7/19/1927 (death month and day underlined) Fortier, Peter Co K 147th Reg Ill Inf 1845-7/01/1918 (death month and day underlined) Davis, Ida L. 1870-1953 Davis, John Stanton (Stanton underlined) 3/25/1864-1/24/1947 (birth and death months and days underlined) Vanderbilt, Elizabeth High (High underlined), w/o N.T. D.A.R. 3/20/1859-2/22/1942 Vanderbilt, Newell T. 3/23/1840-12/22/1914 Vanderbilt, Mary A., w/o N.T. 9/07/1842-1/31/1897 Thomas, Elizabeth 3/21/1838-12/18/1904 Thomas, Josephine, d/o J.M. and E. 8/06/1865-10/28/1895 Thomas, Joseph M. 10/30/1831-12/13/1902 (all underlined) Hartz, Milton H. d. 2/10/1897 24y 1m 29d Hartz, Adam1836-11/25/1921 (death month and day underlined) Hartz, Mary, w/o Adam 1840-1911 Watkins, John 4/11/1830-12/21/1903 Watkins, Sarah A. 12/26/1841-2/18/1920 Watkins, Mabel 1878-19__ Watkins, Thomas R. 5/05/1874-7/28/1951 (birth and death months and days underlined) Pritchett, James Andrew (Andrew underlined) 4/03/1860-5/27/1916 (birth and death months and days underlined) Pritchett, Nannie J., w/o James 1860-____ Swan, Mary Brun (Brun underlined) 1819-2/25/1912 (death month and day underlined) Swan, Rena M. 10/19/1858-6/24/1947 Swan, Donald James (James underlined) 6/23/1856-7/16/1938 Christman, David 10/01/1807-9/01/1844 Christman, Joseph 2/12/1814-2/23/1839 (moved from Carbondale Cemetery) (Page 45) Christman, Sarah Stout 8/20/1787-1/03/1874 Christman, Peter 3/17/1777-11/04/1859 Carswell, James Franklin (James Franklin underlined) 1853-9/21/1925 (death month and day underlined) Carsweel, Frank Ind PVT Co G 51st Inf WWI 9/12/1894-9/01/1957 Carswell, Emma, w/o Frank 1862-1/29/1933 (death month and day underlined) “Peter Christman and Sarah stout Christman, Pioneers of Warren Co. Peter Christman, farmer, stockman and millwright was born in Guilford Co. North Carolina and moved to Preble Co. Ohio in 1804 where he married Sarah Stout. About 1872 they moved to Tippecanoe Co. Indiana and in 1829 they moved to Warren Co. where Peter built his pioneer homestead and tilled the soil. Later, he pursued his trade of millwright and built several grist mills in Western Indiana and Eastern Illinois. Their children were: David, Joseph, Isaac, Daniel, Anna Crouse, Mary Crouse, Sarah Schoonover, Eliza Mitchell, Susannah Schoonover and Lavina Chenoweth.” Edwars, John W. Co E 72nd Ind Vol Inf-Co I 11th Ind Cav 4/16/1838-8/19/1923 Edwards, Amanda J. Davidson, w/o John 11/13/1852-3/06/1926 Horn, infant s/o H.C. and M. b.&d. 4/23/1909 Horn, Henry Clay (Henry underlined) 5/25/1882-2/12/1920 Horn, Minnie A. 1880-1963 Horn, Josephine 9/08/1854-2/26/1904 Horn, Jonathan E. (Jonathan underlined) 7/25/1849-11/21/1900 Stearns, Zara Thomas Jr. (Thomas Jr. underlined), s/o C.C. and Margaret 11/29/1899-3/18/1900 Risling, Moses 1841-1925 Risling, Sarah Louisa (Sarah underlined) 1847-4/24/1900 (death month and day underlined) Kesling, Lawrence E. (E. underlined) 1910-3/21/1911 (death month and day underlined) Kesling, Nevada 1868-1944 Kesling, Harley 1869-3/09/1949 (death month and day underlined) Kisling, Herbert 11/04/1896-9/18/1898 Hetrick, Lena M. 2/22/1892-7/18/1973 Hetrcik, Freeman O. 7/27/1890-10/18/1964 Chambers, Joesphine Henrietta (Henrietta underlined) 1852-11/06/1925 (death month and day underlined) Chambers, John d. Co F 146th Ill Vol 1841-11/06/1925 (death month and day underlined) Chambers, Neva, d/o Josephine and John 1/11/1873-6/19/1897 (moved from Carbondale Cemetery in 10/1905) Judy, Cora E. 3/11/1872-2/10/1898 Judy, Otta D. 1/01/1892-8/20/1893 Davis, Chas. Henry (Henry underlined) d. 12/10/1916 82y 8m 7d Davis, Nancy F. 1865-6/08/1949 (death month and day underlined) Davis, Lewis Daniel (Daniel underlined) 1862-7/26/1931 (death month and day underlined) Stratan, Elizabeth, w/o Daniel, m/o Nancy Davis 1843-1870 Davis, Pheobe Ann (Ann underlined) 1871-5/31/1935 (death month and day underlined) Davis, Joseph N. 186703/31/1938 (death month and day underlined) (Page 46) Salts, Harry C. 1878-11/21/1917 (death month and day underlined) Salts, Geo. W. 1845-11/09/1920 (death month and day underlined) Salts, Sarah J. 1853-10/27/1927 (death month and day underlined) Burhkalter, Myrtle Salts 1880-1961 Citizen, Calvin Co E Ind Inf 1845-7/29/1934 (Last Civil War veteran of Warren County underlined) Marquess, Lola Pearl, (w/o William underlined) 1891-11/30/1927 (death month and day underlined) McElhoe, Frank 1885-1957 McElhoe, Golda 1897-1978 Ruarke, William 1925-2/24/1928 (death month and day underlined) Beebe, Mary Loretta (Loretta underlined) 1868-12/26/1928 (death month and day underlined) Stockard, Homer Lewis Co E 145th Ohio Nat Grd 10/30/1840-4/01/1919 Horn, Gilbert Lee (Lee underlined) 2/04/1913-6/13/1918 (birth and death months and days underlined) Stockard, Mary E., w/o Homer 11/03/1851-9/26/1940 Horn, Gilbert Lee (Lee underlined) 2/04/1913-6/13/1918 (birth and death months and days underlined) Horn, James 7/22/1893-4/22/1917 Cheesman, Golda M. 1891-1968 Mounts, Estella M. 5/01/1868-6/24/1949 Mounts, Charles 1864-6/14/1916 (death month and day underlined) Mounts, Iva J. 1893-____ Mounts, Homer Rex (Homer underlined) 11/19/1892-10/10/1944 (birth and death months and days underlined) Moore, Frank M. 7/13/1864-2/20/1902 Moore, Ann Irwin (Irwin underlined), w/o Frank 7/02/1870-7/13/1949 Fox, Lola Frances, d/o Jessie (Frances, d/o Jessie underlined) 9/14/1897-1/06/1898 (birth and death months and days underlined) Fox, Sarah Estella Haupt (Estella Haupt underlined) 4/08/1872-8/29/1942 (birth date and death month and day underlined) Fox, Jesse F. 1866-5/05/1920 (death month and day underlined) Briggs, Sarah Catherine (Catherine underlined) 11/04/1858-3/09/1935 Briggs, Aaron 10/15/1853-4/07/1904 McNett, Jasper Cpt Co E 86th Ind Inf Civil War 5/01/1838-12/31/1919 Bush, Sylvia E. (Sylvia underlined) 4/05/1852-7/17/1892 (birth and death months and days underlined) Bush, John W. (also in Hillside) 1842-1902 Bush, Bert 1876-1904 Young, Robert J. Co L 11th Reg Penn Cac d. 2/18/1901 67y 5m 12d Perry, Ebenezer 4/24/1849-6/28/1923 (death month and day underlined) Perry, Sarah C., w/o Ebenezer 12/02/1852-3/03/1906 Robbins, Nellie A. 12/04/1878-2/13/1923 Robbins, Charles L. 11/07/1881-10/01/1966 Robbins, Edith N. 9/02/1893-10/26/1970 Winger, Bertha 1882-1966 Winer, Benjamin J. 2/17/1878-3/02/1929 (birth and death months and days underlined) Thomas, Lulu 2/11/1877-5/03/1935 (birth and death months and days underlined) Simmermon, Nelson James (James underlined) Ind Sgt 151th Inf 38th Div WWII 8/07/1908-5/03/1943 Sharpe, Orpha 1890-1976 Sharpe, Raymond M. Ind Cook HQ Co 70th Arty CAC WWI 8/08/1889-3/16/1959 Smith, Jesse Earl 2/29/1884-11/02/1954 (Page 47) Rodman, Margaret McKinzie 1/24/1884-9/09/1954 (birth and death months and days underlined) Rodman, Roy 1883-7/10/1933 (death month and day underlined) Vanreed, Byron 1844-9/29/1922 (death month and day underlined) Vanreed, H.L. 12/20/1872-3/29/1953 (birth and death months and days underlined) Jackson, Joseph 1848-8/14/1921 (death month and day underlined) Lyons, Mary Jane Hall (Hall underlined) 2/17/1864-8/18/1941 (birth and death months and days underlined) Lyons, Otto S. 1887-9/27/1919 (death month and day underlined) Vansickle, Flossie 10/06/1899-8/02/1902 Prather, Georgiana, w/o Jeremiah 1856-8/02/1902 Prather, Jeremiah 1855-9/09/1921 (death month and day underlined) Wood, Lillia Darling (Darling underlined) 7/18/1858-3/31/1926 Wood, Sylvester 9/13/1857-1/31/1924 Wood, Florence Estella 5/03/1881-7/31/1900 19y 2m 28d Warren, Richard, s/o Dick and Doris d. 2/04/1944 Stewart, Edwin Dick Ind 2nd Lt. 5bl AAF Bomb Sq WWII 8/21/1918-2/10/1944 Stewart, Esther Dick 2/17/1887-8/15/1979 Stewart, Ohmer L. 4/28/1885-10/13/1973 Stewart, Helen M. 9/13/1910-____ Dick, Eva Hartz (Hartz underlined) 10/02/1860-1/18/1953 Dick, William D. 5/13/1849-4/01/1904 (birth date underlined) 54y 10m 18d Dick, Harry H., s/o Wm D. and E.A. 9/03/1882-7/14/1900 (birth date underlined) 17y 10m 11d Hirlinger, C. Frederick 1861-7/22/1937 (death month and day underlined) Hirlinger, Anna Martha Lutrop, w/o Christian 1/06/1830-1/28/1899 Hirlinger, Dorothea 1870-1960 Johnson, Hannah 12/26/1829-8/14/1899 McAlilly, Mary Ann 11/09/1825-5/22/1904 McAlilly, James Johnson 4/06/1850-2/28/1899 Covalt, Mary A., w/o J.D. 6/19/1853-5/03/1902 49y Rhodes, W.P. 7/17/1833-5/10/1903 Rhodes, M.B. 9/30/1840-4/04/1912 Mounts, Charles L. 1971-____ Dove, Jasper N. 5/11/1860-5/23/1925 Dove, Rhoda Ellen, w/o Jasper 2/09/1864-11/06/1914 McCord, James 1852-1915 McCord, Martha 1851-1925 Citizen, Wm Barton (Barton underlined) 10/28/1879-10/30/1921 Citizen, Ada Elizabeth Corbin (Elizabeth Corbin underlined) 7/13/1860-2/21/1929 Brown, Nellie 1890-1942 Brown, Clarene 1886-1960 Handy, John T.O. 5/19/1861-11/18/1925 Handy, Florence 10/18/1866-8/10/1951 Hetrick, Eleanor Eloise, d/o F.O. and L. 10/29/1919-8/08/1921 Morfoot, Charles Fremont (Fremont underlined) 1857-5/08/1932 Morfoot, Martha Evaline (Evaline underlined) 9/10/1861-12/24/1950 (birth and death months and days underlined) Rote, Frank L. 2/15/1888-1/11/1960 Rote, Jessie B. 2/24/1891-3/16/1978 Urquhart, Royal S. 1882-1921 Davis, Evelyn 12/16/1912-12/20/1912 (Page 48) Davis, Brenda E. 1873-1968 Davis, Edward C. 1870-1947 Davis, Irene N. (no dates) Miller, Genevieve B. 1907-1967 Butler, George D. 6/13/1835-5/28/1902 Butler, Minerva Mankey (Mankey underlined), w/o George 10/13/1848-9/19/1940 Hamilton, Charles O. “Woodsman of the World” 1871-1894 Hamilton, Lydia A. 1844-2/20/1923 (death month and day underlined) Hamilton, Thomas E. (A) (A underlined) Spanish War Vet Co D 60th Ind Vol Inf 1839-4/16/1917 (death month and day underlined) Hamilton, Van E. 11/24/1884-10/28/1957 (birth and death months and days underlined) Hamilton, Alma D. 1886-____ (no dates) Roe, George d. 5/02/1902 79y Roe, Sarah Mitcham (Mitcham underlined), w/o George d. 9/27/1927 (date underlined) Lutz, Maggie 12/16/1883-5/23/1900 Lutz, Andrew W. 12/31/1852-2/1904 Compton, Jessie Alice (Alice underlined) 2/02/1884-10/25/1903 Compton, Seth Clark (Clark underlined) Co K 33rd Reg Ind 4/07/1837-12/15/1928 Compton, Maria L. 1/31/1857-1/20/1940 Hetrick, Clara E. 1884-1962 Hetrick, Jesse F. 1883-1960 Ermey, Clara Bell 11/12/1886-10/25/1905 Ermey, Wilbur L. 9/11/1876-1/17/1908 Ermey, Luticia R. 1/03/1848-8/03/1940 Ermey, William P. 2/04/1839-2/10/1902 Bartlett, Rose Jane (Jane underlined) 7/27/1871-4/01/1957 Bartlett, William S. 5/19/1870-12/21/1935 Bartley, Warren L., s/o J.D. and Martha E. 3/29/1886-3/26-1912 Bartley, Martha E. 2/18/1859-1/18/1927 Bartley, James D. 6/14/1848-3/20/1938 Hartz, Anna Mears (Mears underlined) 1866-4/26/1919 (death month and day underlined) Hartz, Charles 1863-1946 Haupt, Martin 1855-____ (no date) Haupt, Henrietta Shatell (Shatell underlined), w/o Martin 1859-4/13/1922 Holtz, Charles 1/27/1860-4/30/1923 Moffitt, James William (William underlined) 6/10/1871-5/12/1956 (birth and death months and days underlined) Moffitt, Pearl J. 1882-1973 Painter, Stella 1876-1951 Painter, Kearney 1871-1939 Moffitt, J. Edward 1/28/1868-7/31/1928 Moffitt, Sylvia A. 7/18/1878-9/12/1949 Moffitt, Lester E. 1902-1966 Moffitt, Ethel 1908-1971 Coon, Walter H. 1843-8/19/1917 (death month and day underlined) Coon, Lottie May (May underlined), w/o Walter 1849-11/21/1942 Hanes, William I. 2/24/1851-4/29/1918 Hanes, Alice C., w/o William 5/12/1853-2/20/1932 Marlatt, Harry J. PVT 507 Aero Const Sq Dn 1892-10/13/1918 (death month and day underlined) (Page 49) Marlatt, Jay 1844-3/08/1915 (death month and day underlined) Marlatt, Catherine 1852-7/31/1936 Smith, Chester A. 2/06/1892-10/08/1960 Smith, Valentine P. 4/08/1865-10/09/1939 Smith, Carrie Amelia (Amelia underlined) 10/15/1869-10/26/1933 Broadie, John R. 1874-1962 Ferguson, William 3/301830-1/02/1904 Ferguson, Lucinda 8/13/1932-2/23/1908 Huff, Corydon J. (Corydon J. underlined) Ind Sorp 15th U.S. Inf WWI 1869-7/11/1934 (birth date underlined) Nehrig, Herman 1870-9/17/1938 (death month and day underlined) Nehrig, Lisbeth H. Prather (Prather underlined) 1878-7/12/1944 (death month and day underlined) Nehrig, Mary L. 1883-1953 Nehrig, Ulric R. 9/14/1903/12/10/1903 Morfoot, Elmer 8/07/1861-9/14/1950 Morfoot, Elizabeth V. (V underlined), w/o Elmer 9/17/1869-8/11/ 1903 Morfoot, Denna M. 1907-1961 Morfoot, Lawrence 1900-1958 Barget, George W. Copr co G 138th PA 11/02/1837-12/30/1922 Barget, Catherine E. Kline, w/o G.W. 10/09/1846-9/25/1920 Rater, Ray 3/10/1904-1/07/1956 (birth and death months and days underlined) Weidenhammer, Elizabeth 1864-5/24/1912 (death month and day underlined) Weidenhammer, George 1871-1966 Story, Samuel G. Co I 142nd Ind Vol 9/11/1841-4/14/1917 Story, Nancy H., w/o Samuel 5/30/1851-4/07/1936 Head, William Edward (Edward underlined) 12/15/1879-9/15/1920 Head, Sallie M., w/o Wm 8/26/1883-10/03/1975 Head, William R. 1/30/1912-8/20/1912 Head, James W. b.&d. 10/27/1907 Head, John and Mary-twins b.&d. 7/24/1906 Head, Richard J. 1917-1967 Head, Alonzo Loraine 1913-1984 Slifer, Alma Retta Shroyer (Retta underlined), w/o Elmer 11/19/1864-12/02/1923 Rater, Elmer F., w/o Mr. and Mrs. Ray 1926-12/05/1942 (death month and day underlined) Brier, Priscilla 1853-10/30/1926 (death month and day underlined) Brier, Leonard, s/o Priscilla 1875-1933 Powell, Martha A. 1845-1/10/1923 (death month and day underlined) Powell, Alva Marion (moved from Shanklin Cemetery) 1845-1912 Demotte, Lelia Sheldon 10/01/1889-9/08/1959 Demotte, Mary F., w/o George 5/12/1868-7/26/1947 Demotte, George E. 2/12/1862-11/14/1929 Stump, Philander T. 1836-9/28/1911 (death month and day underlined) Stump, Mary E. 1842-1920 Schoonover, William J. 1851-1867 Schoonover, Francis M. 1849-1864 Schoonover, Sarah A. 4/04/1841-8/04/1841 (Page 50) Schoonover, Benjamin F. 1845-1847 Schoonover, James 1/01/1819-9/08/1878 Schoonover, Susanah Chrisman, w/o James 11/11/1820-3/01/1908 Farmer, John P. 1902-1960 Swanson, Clarissa C., w/o Otto J. 7/28/1867-4/1907 (birth month and day, death month underlined) Smith, Elva D. 1898-____ (no date) Smith, William H. 1895-1972 Hartz, Wilma infant d/o W.T. and Pearl 6/22/1906-9/17/1906 Hartz, Pearl 1880-1963 Hartz, William T. 1876-1955 High, Celia C. 1/25/1865-5/17/1936 High, Edward E. 10/10/1861-3/12/1932 Hicks, Clara Ellora High 2/02/1907-10/08/1983 Hicks, Homer N., h/o Clara 1/19/1919-____ Buch, Joseph Carl (Joseph underlined), s/o H. and E. 10/30/1897-10/06/1911 (birth and death months and days underlined) Buch, Herman 1851-1908 Buch, Ella E. 1859-1904 Reiff, Viola H. 1880-1971 Reiff, Charles G. 1885-1968 Bush, Robert L. Cpl U.S. Army 12/05/1891-5/01/1974 Gaver, Florin J., s/o W.J. and D. 3/12/1906-3/19/1906 Farthing, Ruby Dean 11/05/1904-11/24-1904 White, Grace D. 1889-12/23/1953 White, Charles E. 6/12/1876-6/23/1944 (birth and death months and days underlined) Keys, Anna B. 1875-12/23/1957 (death month and day underlined) Keys, Charles 2/02/1876-1945 (birth month and day underlined) Rossiter, Della Blanche Felming (Blanche Fleming underlined) 1873-10/15/1929 (death month and day underlined) Rosstier, Chester G. 1872-10/10/1932 (death month and day underlined) French, Sarah Kathryn 11/03/1911-10//24/1980 French, Luis N. 11/23/1909-1/08/1963 French, Earl Osborn (Osborn underlined) 1/28/1908-3/31/1929 French, Fanny F. 8/05/1881-7/02/1961 French, Samuel F. 12/26/1879-2/26/1915 Clark, Shelby S. 6/11/1858-12/24/1918 Pritcher, Ella Carter 7/08/1874-4/15/1963 Pitcher, Louis 8/15/1864-9/08/1950 Stansbury, Hazel Katherine Painter (Katherine underlined), w/o Dale 8/25/1897-11/29/1924 Stansbury, Luella Fisher (Luella underlined), w/o Ele 6/20/1861-3/25/1944 Stansbury, Ele “Born in Saybrook, Ill 2/08/1861, served Indiana as State Representative 1903-1921 and as Attorney General 1917-1921. Died in Williamsport, Ind on 8/22/1929.” Watkins, George Beverely 1908-____ Watkins, Opal Hamblen 1907-____ Watkins, Charles Edward 1860-5/22/1923 (death month and day underlined) Watkins, Arnetta Moore 1865-4/15/1937 (death month and day underlined) (Page 51) Warrenfelt, Jonas 12/04/1839-7/25/1925 Warrenfelt, Mary E. 11/04/1836-7/06/1935 Holtz, Minne Alvirda Anderson (Alvirda Anderson underlined) 4/20/1882-12/16/1937 (birth and death months and days underlined) Holtz, Fred 1870-1961 Stephenson, John Hughes (Hughes underlined) 1/01/1850-10/02/1922 Stephenson, Frances Sturgeon (Sturgeon underlined) 5/12/1852-12/14/1938 Meisenhelder, Essie 1886-1958 Meisenhelder, John 12/12/1881-1953 (birth month and day underlined) Carter, Maggie Robson (Robson underlined) 8/28/1872-9/13/1949 (birth and death months and days underlined) Carter, Finely R. 1869-5/31/1947 (death month and day underlined) Bush, Indiana Bargett (Bargett underlined) 1870-9/06/1949 (death month and day underlined) Bush, Benjamin F. 1868-10/20/1938 (death month and day underlined) Bush, Virginia L. 1896-1978 Bush, Robert L. 1891-1974 Fruits, Dollie Kochell (Kochell underlined) 10/24/1875-5/15/1954 (birth and death months and days underlined) Fruits, Bert A. 1875-7/28/1927 (death month and day underlined) Kochell, Henry 1837-1904 Kochell, Drusilla, w/o Henry 1837-1911 Lindsley, William J. 1/25/1857-8/07/1929 Lindsley, Luella, w/o Wm 1/26/1857-1/20/1908 Pate, Florence VanReed Stump (Stump underlined) 7/08/1877-2/1955 (birth month and day, death month underlined) Johnson, Bertha W. Stump (W underlined) 1875-1946 Weaver, Roberta Carol, d/o R.H. and M.I. b.&d. 10/14/1944 Walker, Doris C. Demotte 1/04/1925-6/18/1949 Demotte, John M. 9/05/1891-3/31/1959 Deomtte, Edythe 1/17/1895-1/09/1964 Shaw, Katherine 1909-1969 Shaw, Elmer 1903-____ Brier, LeRoy “Lee” (LeRoy underlined) 1871-6/04/1932 (death month and day underlined) Brier, Ella 1878-1971 McCabe, Harold 7/06/1903-5/08/1952 McCabe, Martha L. Ross (Ross underlined) 7/28/1864-12/04/1953 McCabe, Edwin F. 1857-1942 Frame, Mary McCabe, w/o F. 1887-1909 Ritenour, Leah Catherine, d/o J.F. and A.E. 2/21/1908-2/24/1908 Ritenour, Esther A. Citizen, w/o John F. 1878-12/25/1938 (death month and day underlined) Ritenour, John F. 6/04/1878-7/04/1942 (birth and death months and days underlined) Ritenour, Martha Jane (Jane underlined), w/o H. 1842-1/08/1915 (death month and day underlined) Winks, Sabra E. 10/17/1835-2/18/1906 (birth and death months and days underlined) Winks, John Quincey (Quincey underlined) 1826-10/24/1881 (death month and day underlined) Miller, Emma Winks 1860-1914 Judy, Kenneth O. 7/02/1904-7/13/1904 (birth and death months and days underlined) Judy, Morris C. 8/11/1906-12/23/1920 (birth and death months and days underlined) Judy, Ole R. 1922-1922 Judy, Grace M. 1883-1964 Judy, Ole R. 1880-1962 Vansickle, J. Charles (Charles underlined) 12/02/1870-2/06/1905 Vansickle, Mina, w/o J.C. 3/09/1874-2/27/1963 (Page 52) Dexter, Nettie C. Reynolds (Reynolds) 11/26/1864-11/08/1906 Moore, Sarah D. 8/16/1854-2/13/1906 Keith, James Lee 3/09/1941-1/22/1954 Pedigo, Bonita Lynn 3/17/1961-3/21/1961 Butler, Emma I. Milligan (Milligan underlined) 9/10/1857-1/10/1942 (birth and death months and days underlined) Butler, Roberta A. 1868-9/19/1947 (death month and day underlined) Rice, Ella May (May underlined) 11/19/1871-3/27/1912 (birth and death months and days underlined) Rice, Joseph J. 1866-1958 Rice, Margaret D. 1886-1958 Marsh, Luter W. 2/19/1875-3/01/1945 Marsh, Warren co I 86th Ind Vol 1845-3/06/1913 (death month and day underlined) Marsh, Rebecca, w/o Warren 1856-11/05/1927 (death month and day underlined) Trotter, Jane, w/o John 8/26/1944-5/21/1913 Broadie, Jane Anderson 1873-1967 Broadie, Augustus Guy 5/20/1869-9/18/1950 (birth and death months and days underlined) Stearns, Florence Broadie 1903-____ Broadie, Arnett Gerald 1909-____ Bertrand, Arvilla Hunter (Hunter underlined) 1/03/1861-11/24/1945 (birth and death months and days underlined) Bertrand, Herbert H. 1858-1940 Marlatt, E. Belle Clawson (Clawson underlined) 1876-1942 Marlatt, Jerry 6/07/1872-9/20/1949 (birth and death months and days underlined) McAlister, L. Mae Kessling (Kessling underlined) 2/26/1877-11/10/1945 McAlister, James M. 12/13/1855-4/09/1926

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00002878
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 9/6/2010
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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