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Title: The Irish Catholic Cemetery
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THE IRISH CATHOLIC CEMETERY The Irish Catholic Cemetery is located in the NE 1/2 of the SW 1/2 of Sect. 29 - R9W - Steuben Twp., Warren Co., Indiana. It owes its existence, for the most part, to the Catholic Church which once stood at Marshfield in the early days of the town. The Irish did much of the work in building the old Wabash and Erie Canal, and later worked on the Wabash Railroad, which was built through the area in the late 1850's and which brought about the founding of Marshfield. The cemetery, however, is much older than this, as there are graves belonging to the Trimble family which date to 1843 and 1844, which is several years before the time of Marshfield or the Railroad. The first Irish burial for which there is a stone is not until 1864, which is 20 years after the first Trimble burial. IT might be claimed that this should be called the Trimble Cemetery. It is certain that the beautiful arched marker of Will and Carly Trimble is one of the most unusual in the area. I have cut the weeds and grass around it many times and I am always impressed by the beauty and dignity of it, which is all the greater because of its secluded surroundings. It consists of two marble columns joined by a graceful marble arch on which are engraved clasped hands. It has stood for over 100 years, but how much longer it will stand is hard to say,as the arch shows signs of cracking. I hope it may endure many years to come to mark the graves of the young couple. Other stones paint the pictures of tragedy, too. Stone No. 3 shows that two of the Trimble children, brother and sister, died just a day apart. On stone No. 17, we see that Ella and Bridget Shaughnessy, one five years old and the other seven, died just ten days apart. What bright-eyed laughing children they must have been. On stones No. 10 and 11, we find Caty and Ellen, daughters of John and Caty Mariarty, both born in the Parish of Glenbrigh, County Kery, Ireland. They survived the long and dangerous journey to this new land only to die, both on the 15th day of May in 1864. Side by side have the sisters slept now for over one hundred years. A brief history of the life of one of these people might be representative. Thomas Carroll (stone No. 14) was born January 12, 1836 in Ireland, in a cottage on the old Dingley Stage Road. The blue waters of the sea could be seen from the windows of cottage. His mother was an O'Conner and was the daughter of the local blacksmith, who shod the horses of the English soldiers and was a feeholder, having a grant of twenty acres from the Crown. Famine and hard times came to Ireland. Tom's mother died and was buried in a crypt near the village church. Tom boarded a sailing ship and came to America, landing in Newfoundland. He soon made his way into the United States and got a job with other Irishmen building the Wabash Railroad and so came to this area, where he married and remained. His father, Thomas Carroll, Sr., later came here, too, and is buried beside him, having lived to the remarkable age of 110 years. In the words of his stone, "May his soul rest in peace, Amen." And so they sleep, the sons and daughters of the "Auld Sod," never dreaming one of their countrymen would become one of the most famous presidents of these United States. Hundreds more of the Irish lie buried in unmarked graves along the sides of the old Wabash and Erie Canal. For all of them--the bright eyed children taken with the bloom of youth, the greyhaired patriarch full of years and, for that matter, indeed perhaps for all of us, too, the epitaph on the last stone seems to speak: When I am gone, Forever gone, I'd be remembered yet. Oh, think of me at times, Dear One And never quite forget. -Grover Williams, Jr. THE IRISH CATHOLIC CEMETERY Warren County, Indiana Copied by Grover Williams, Jr. - May 1965 To locate the Irish Catholic Cemetery, go one mile west of Marshfield and turn south. Go about one and one-half miles, crossing the railroad tracks. The cemetery is on the east side of the road and can be seen from the road. It is a short distance from the road behind a new, white ranch-style home. 1) DELANEY, Maggie 2) McSHANE 3) TRIMBLE, Hester A., d/o J and ER; d. 4/05/1844 2y 3m 11d TRIMBLE, Resin H., s/o J and ER d. 4/06/1844 8m 19d 4) (TRIMBLE), plain stone marking unknown grave 5) TRIMBLE, Joseph H., s/o J and ER d. 1/03/1843 8d This is the oldest marker in the cemetery. 6) TRIMBLE, Wm. C. d. 11/15/1862 28y 10m 11d 7) TRIMBLE, Carly A., w/o Wm C d. 9/02/1864 25y 3m 5d 8) TRIMBLE, Noah d. 4/24/1877 44y 11m 15d 9) MORIARTY, John d. 7/04/1881 60y 10) MARIARTY, Caty, d/o John and Caty d. 5/15/1864 3y 11m 23d Native of Parish of Glenbrigh, Co. of Kery, Ireland 11) MARIARTY, Ellen, d/o John and Caty d. 5/15/1864 14y 9m 26d Native of Parish of Glenbrigh, Co. of Kery, Ireland 12) DOOLING, John d. 2/01/1870 44y DOOLING, Mary CARROLL, d/o Thos. d. 3/02/1899 68y 13) CARROLL, Thomas d. 8/19/1886 110y 14) CARROLL, Thomas, s/o Thomas 1/12/1836-12/14/1915 15) COLLINS, Henry 3/10/1845 COLLINS, Bridget 5/24/1857-7/09/1913 16) SHAUGHNESSY, Timothy d. 8/25/1872 54y 17) SHAUGHNESSY, Ella d. 9/03/1877 5y 8m SHAUGHNESSY, Bridget d. 9/13/1877 7y 7m 18) CASSIDY, James d. 10/15/1908 90y 19) CASSIDY, Patrick d. 2/11/1867 32y Born in the Parish of Inagh, Co. Clare, Ireland CASSIDY, Mary d. 9/10/1871 80y Born in the Parish of Inagh, Co. Clare, Ireland 20) BERRY, Patrick d. 3/01/1877 57y 21) TOLBERT, James d. 10/24/1865 22) MAHANEY, Henery; Com K, 33R, Ind Vol d. 10/26/1883 40y 23) TUISS, Johney, s/o G and C d. 4/03/1873 TUISS, Willie, s/o Gand C d. 3/23/1870 24) KENNEY, Margaret d. 3/29/1874 90y Born in the Parish of Kilgorin, Co. of Kerry, Ireland 25) KENNEY, Thomas b. 1830 d. 9/25/1892 62y Kerry Co., Parish of Killgorn, Ireland 26) KENNEY, Hannah b. 18__ d. 12/04/1910 Born in County Kerry, Ireland 27) GRIFFIN, Ellen, w/o Patrick b. 1820 d. 12/25/1880 60y Born in County Kerry, Ireland 28) Grave marked only by the base of a stone 29) H_____, Edmund d. 7/06/1869 60y County of Limerick, Ireland Stone is broken. 30) BOLGER, John d. 2/18/1889 74y 31) MARTIN, John d. 4/18/1895 60y MARTIN, Emma d. 2/17/1914 69y MARTIN, Ella d. 11/29/1870 1m 14d MARTIN, Emma d. 2/13/1870 2m MARTIN, Anna d. 10/14/1888 15y 32) GREEN, Felix d. 7/24/1879 29y 10m 33) GREEN, Charles, Sr. b. 1808 d. 1/20/1892 Born in Co. Moneghan, Ireland 34) TOLBERT, Michael d. 1/17/1875 70y 35) TOLBERT, Thomas; Company C 150 Ind Vol d. 1/10/1892 46y 36) TOLBERT, James d. 6/02/1874 34y

Date: 7/23/1985
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions Volume II
Author: Rosella Rasmussen Jenkins
Record ID: 00002895
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 10/28/2010
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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