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Title: Redwood Cemetery
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REDWOOD CEMETERY Warren County, Indiana Redwood Cemetery is located on Hwy. 28, west of New Hwy. 63. It is on the north side of the highway, is well-kept, and contains stones from the 1830's to the present. Barbara Leak copied the inscriptions from this cemetery in the mid-1960's. This list was re-checked in December 1984, with a few additions and corrections made. Row 1 SALE, Lelia HANSON, w/o Wm W 1855-1934 HANSON, Wm. 1884-1930 HANSON, Russell 1854-1927 HANSON, Caroline 1848-1919 WALLACE, Pauline L. 12/26/1903-2/10/1933 HANSON, Maude B. 1/30/1888-12/15/1932 HANSON, Bertie S. 12/12/1880-1/03/1958 DYSON, Buel D. 1913-1915 CONRAD, Cora Beth d. 3/17/1981 CONRAD, Amy Lynn d. 3/17/1981 MILLER, William R. 1/08/1889-5/17/1971 Wash Co., Va MILLER, Ruby F. 5/16/1894- Warren Co MILLER, Martha Ann 9/18/1927-10/21/1927 MILLER, Daniel Lee 1/30/1935-8/11/1935 Row 2 SIKES, George Victry 1868-1932 SIKES, Betty Victoria, w/o George 1871-1913 RITTER, Infant s/o E and F d. 8/02/1910 RITTER, Infant d/o JB and LF d. 8/07/1910 BOWERS, Bertha -1892 BOWERS, Baby William BOWERS, John E. 1889-1950 Row 3 VANNATER, Jossie Phene 2/21/1878-7/29/1908 30y 5m 8d (stone fallen) VANPELT, John W., s/o LD and AB 1885-1910 VAN PELT, Lorenza D. 1/18/1850-7/17/1929 VAN PELT, Anna B., w/o Lorenza 5/14/1867-2/18/1908 McLAUGHLIN, Lester V.; Pfc Co B 194th Glider Inf 17th Air Borne Div 1922-1945 McLAUGHLIN, Harry L. 1/25/1908-2/22/1908 McLAUGHLIN, Bess Ann 1885-1934 McLAUGHLIN, Robert A. 1876-1945 JORDAN, William Elmer 11/13/1870-3/10/1944 JORDAN, Nancy 7/16/1840-4/26/1909 LEAK, Bertha JORDAN 2/04/1891-7/21/1913 HARRIS, Catherine YOCUM 12/16/1842-11/15/1927 H.J.F. (footstone) SMART, John D.; Co E 86th Ind Inf Row 4 MILLER, Mary E., d/o DW and E d. 9/27/1853 2y 3m WILSON, Isaac F. 5/05/1845-5/07/1907 MAINS, Cumfort, w/o John d. 3/16/1889 72y 7m 6d SMART, Louisa, d/o John D Sarah A d. 12/21/1886 17y 1m 12d McCLELLAN, John W., "Willie" d. 4/14/1890 21y 3m 3d WEST, Leanna, w/o d. Martin 5/05/1883 22y 8m RITTER, Mary R., w/o Dennis d. 1/23/1896 29y 3m 10d FORD, Viola, d/o WH and N d. 4/25/1888 2y 3m 14d FORD, Frances J. 1865-1938 FORD, William H. 1862-1960 ENEIX, A. L. 5/14/1861-11/29/1894 ENEIX, Dora, w/o AL 1/1866-3/10/1894 Row 5 FORDE, Nancy w/o Jarret d. 4/06/1847 25y 7m 18d FORD, William d. 4/16/1848 51y 11m 22d YOAKEM, Sarah J., d/o H and MH d. 10/20/1856 23y 7m 11d BRAGG, Narcissa, w/o Wm. d. 11/24/1856 28y 7d YOAKEM, Harness d. 12/10/1864 61y 4m 10d YOAKEM, Mary, w/o H d. 12/31/1873 20y 6m 22d FORD, Lu(c)ey (or Luley), d/o (J and E) d. (8/21/1882) 2y 7m (23)d YOAKEM, John d. 8/20/1879 47y 5m FORD, Benjamin 12/16/1816-3/22/1902 FORD, Abigail FLEMING, w/o Benjamin 10/18/1827-1/14/1861 CARIHER, Mary w/o Henry d. 3/13/1882 68y 3m 25d Row 6 POWELL, Elizabeth, w/o RA d. 5/26/1857 52y 9m 9d HIGH, Sarah, w/o Amaziah d. 4/30/1858 22y 3m 13d WEST, Margaret, w/o JM d. 9/08/1856 58y 5m 26d I.T. (footstone) West, Joseph J., s/o JM and M (rest of stone buried) J.H. (footstone) BELL, Mary A., d/o GT and EW d. 9/04/1860 1m 4d FOSTER, Caroline, d/o E and SA d. 9/10/1860 8m 16d FOSTER, Horace G., s/o E and SA d. 11/04/1860 2y 1m 1d BELL, Frankie, s/o GT and EW d. 8/24/1863 1y 8m 26d BELL, Hattie, d/o GT and EW d. 9/28/(1867) 2y 9m 23d FOSTER, Caroline, w/o Z 6/03/1872 FOSTER, Zebulon 9/05/1889 81y 17d BELL, Rosie M., d/o GT and EW d. 9/13/1878 1y 4m 7d BELL, Grace, d/o GT and EW d. 1/13/1882 2y 10m 10d L.D.B. (footstone) SPACY, William H. d. 78y 11m 25d SPACY, Margaret, w/o Wm H d. 11/30/1886 59y 8m 27d SPACY, Bertin B., s/o JW and R 5/08/1884 2y 2m 25d SPACY, Rossie, d/o JW and R d. 8/05/1883 4y 10m SPACY, John W. 2/01/1850-9/19/1917 SPACY, Rebecca 7/08/1853-1/24/1950

Date: 7/23/1985
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions Volume II
Author: Rosella Rasmussen Jenkins
Record ID: 00002900
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 10/31/2010
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: WCHS

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