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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Highland Cemetery, Area 6
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Washington Township, Warren County, Indiana This cemetery, located just outside of Williamsport, is the largest cemetery in the county. It is part of a group of three cemeteries on the northeast side of town. To reach Highland, turn left at the corner of Highway 28 and 4th street when coming into Williamsport from the North. The cemetery is located about one-half mile east of and on the left side of the road before the railroad. This cemetery contains more recent burials and is well maintained. The first burial was Edgar Anderson who died on October 8, 1894. As with Hillside, the following list was compared with entries in the Highland Cemetery Ledger, which is in the Williamsport Library. This double-check eliminates some possibility of error. Entries in the ledger stop at January 4, 1958. This list starts with stones nearest the railroad and is divided into sections by lanes, etc. Please see the following map. Additional information found in the ledger but not on the stones is underlined. Section 6 (Page 58) Stewart, Robert L. 10/21/1937-3/03/1984 Wilson, Tony Ryan b.&d. 3/21/1973 Wilson, Joe A. 1903-1976 Wilson, Ethel M. 1910-1967 Hunter, John R. 1929-1972 Hunter, Ralph Ind Sgt Air Ser WWI 4/07/1892-9/02/1962 Hunter, Georgia M. 1898-1975 Ritchie, Otto E. 1920-1974 Ritchie, Margaret 1923-____ Hawley, Frank R. 1895-1963 Hawley, Effie J. 1899-1975 Newton, William C. 1928-1962 Newton, Wilma I. 1923-____ Eyestone, Oscar L. 1886-1979 Eyestone, Oday B. 1886-1962 Curts, Mildred F. 1905-____ Curts, Lee V. 1893-1961 Jennings, Bert 1895-1961 Jennings, Marie 1903-1973 Wallace, Howard N. Ind PFC U.S. Army WWII 8/01/1908-12/20/1966 Wallace, Gladys R. 1907-____ Hurd, James F. 1911-____ Hurd, Dorothy A. 1919-____ Cronkhite, Cheryl D. 6/02/1957-6/08/1962 Roach, Stacy Ann 12/04/1968-12/26/1968 Roach, Ivan F. Ind Tech 4 387th Inf Regt WWII 12/18/1923-10/16/1970 Roach, Clara E. 1926-____ (Page 59) Roach, Isaac H. 1881-1961 Roach, Frank A., b/o Isaac 1876-1970 Dee, Jack 1886-1968 Dee, Lona 1883-1964 Dilley, Edward F. Ind E USNR WWI 5/24/1899-11/23/1973 Strong, George 1911-1982 Strong, Lola 1923-____ Masters, Glenn B. S1 U.S. Navy WWII 1909-1978 Masters, Lucina C. 1906-1982 Crain, Beatrice R. 1889-1960 Crain, Rev James A. 1886-1971 Stump, James J. 1934-____ Stump, Nedra E. 1934-____ Bartlett, Clara B. 1899-1965 Bartlett, Robert C. 1899-1960 Chambers, J. Carlton 1909-1978 Chambers, Esther L. 1908-____ Butler, Jessie B. 1877-1960 Corwin, Walter H. 1886-1962 Corwin, Mary M. 1904-____ McKinzie, Wm F. 1877-1965 McKinzie, Della A. 1877-1963 Enyart, Patricia K. 1/26/1941-12/16/1981 Rothrock, Cindy Jo 1960-1965 McKinney, Arch R. WW1 1889-1961 McKinney, Clea A. 1897-____ Rudolph, Jess O. 1894-1979 Rudolph, Nellie O. 1894-1979 Abel, Cecil B. Y1 U.S. Navy WWII 1910-1960 Ward, Thomas E. “Founder Williamsport Hospital” 1898-1950 Pugh, George S. 1891-1968 Pugh, Grace L. 1891-1961 Story, Walter D. 1899-1974 Story, Ethel J. 1903-1960 Howard, George D. 1899-1970 Howard, Emma F. 1907-1960 Luttrell, Earl “Pete” 1909-1969 Luttrell, Chrystal 1913-____ Jeffers, John E. 1897-1961 Jeffers, Joene 1905-1984 Flint, Berniece L. 1904-1966 Flint, John W. 1901-1970 Hellwig, Claud T. 1913-1966 Hellwig, Thelma L. 1915-____ Johnson, Jesse G. 1903-1968 Johnson, Nell E. 1907-____ Conrad, Harry 1890-1966 Conrad, Cora L. 1891-1981 Davis, Guy L. 1889-1966 Davis, Nellie F. 1892-1975 Anderson, Walter C. 1915-1981 Anderson, L. Nora M. 1914-____ (Page 60) Sells, Horace E. 1901-1972 Sells, Roxie E. 1903-1961 Murray, Teresa b.&d. 3/08/1961 Fox, Ray G. 1895-1968 Fox, Estella 1896-1980 Snead, Martha A. 1877-1965 Snead, Mary Dawn 1908-1962 Rainey, William L. 1912-____ Rainey, Thelma B. 1915-1974 Maddox, Roy Ky PVT U.S. Army WWI 8/31/1886-7/27/1973 Maddox, Vera E. 1892-1982 Crumly, Betty G. 1920-1983 Crumly, I. Dale 1910-1962 Davis, J. Delbert 1910-1962 Davis, Helen L. 1915-____ Woodrow, Wilber Lee CPL U.S. Army WWII 11/03/1915-9/17/1983 Weiser, Rudolph C. 1922-1967 Spence, Elroy Ind PFT 70th Arty CAC WWI 12/06/1895-2/15/1968 Thompson, Terry Lee 1/07/1958-12/19/1963 Shoaf, Bessie M. 11/04/ 1894-12/05/1968 Morphew, I. Estella 1892-1976 Morphew, Hubert L. 1882-1977 Simpson, Roger B. 1906-1963 Simpson, Richard Lee 1946-1946 Simpson, Beatrice R. 1914-____ Simpson, Russell James “Rusty” 1950-1966 Freeland, Francies V. 1910-____ Freeland, Raymond F. 1902-1963 Freeland, Robert L. Korean War Vet 1932-1972 Freeland, Norma L. 1931-____ Powell, Thomas C. CPL U.S. Army WWI 1893-1979 Powell, Ruth A. 1915-1964 Powell, Bonnie L. 1894-1979 Powell, Tom C. 1893-1979 Reitz, Arnot P. 1893-1965 Reitz, Bertha E. ____-____ Schoonover, James C. 1893-1980 Schoonover, Buda E. 1894-1975 Anderson, L. Freeman 1890-1963 Anderson, Bess M. 1892-1968 Rolan, Walter 1886-1976 Rolan, Bertha 1892-1968 Gee, Claude 1905-1968 Gee, Jesstine 1909-1980 Murray, John A. 1928-1980 Murray, Joan married 11/24/1954 1934-____ Murray, William Cyril 1916-1967 Cmbell, Gary Allen 7/21/1947-12/04/1968 Conrad, Francis L. 52nd U.S. Navy WWII 7/01/1914-9/02/1975 Taylor, Harold A. 1907-1978 Taylor, W. Louise 1908-1971 (Page 61) Julian, Elbert “Bert” 11/16/1913-5/08/1983 Beck, Loy E. PVT U.S. Army WWII 1909-1977 Beck, Celia M. 1905-1981 Bowlus, Frederick J. 1898-1966 Bowlus, Olive R. “Parents of Daniel Allen Bowlus and Linda Bowlus Carney” 1900-____ Rapley, Cecil J. Sr. 1906-1976 Rapley, Anna Marie 1918-1971 Watson, Alfred 1906-1971 Watson, Hazel 1928-____ Watson, Janis 1949-____ Sipes, Cletus N. 1906-1969 Sipes, Normand H., s/o Cletus 1935-1963 Armes, Lloyd R. 5/27/1938-12/04/1965 Armes, Nina F. Ricketts, sister of Lloyd 1942-1983 Swadley, Samuel P. 1918-1965 Swadley, Dorothy I. ____-____ Snouwaret, Amiel 1905-____ Snouwaret, Mary E. 1914-1973 Kerlin, William L. 1896-1968 Kerlin, Jessie M. 1890-1972 Jernagan, Cecil H. 1903-____ Jernagan, Hazel M. 1907-1975 White, Clara Louise 1914-1965 Larson, Sherri Kay 2/09/1970-6/15/1970 Miller, Leroy Dale, Ill CPL 300th Base Unit AAF WWII 2/07/1927-5/08/1971 Butt, Ernest, Ind F1 U.S. Navy WWI 6/18/1883-1/15/1971 Butt, Mary 1904-1977 Schmidt, Fred C., Ill SGT 321st MTR Rep Unit MTC WWI 7/18/1893-5/10/1969 Schmidt, Eva G. 1889-1980 Copeland, Jennie 1875-1970 Hensley, Charles 1908-1968 Hensley, Juanita 1912-____ Mehaffey, Edna M. 1894-1982 Mehaffey, Carl A. WWI 1886-1966 Lang, Wilma J. 1925-____ Sperlin, Bryant Hattie A. 1900-1975 Sperlin, Roscoe 1917-____ Sperlin, Maxine 1920-____ Lanham, Willis R. 1929-1975 Turner, Alva E. 1921-____ Turner, Emma G. 1921-1973 Smith, Raymond 1892-1974 Beaver, George 1892-1972 Bullington, Samuel B., Ind PVT Co E 113th Ammo TN WWI 3/18/1889-12/18/1971 Bullington, Ethrie 1912-1982 Manus, Moss Lee 1905-1972 Manus, Julie May 1910-____ (Page 62) Coleman, Roger Allan 10/21/1952-11/02/1971 Siefert, Donna Coleman 3/06/1948-9/27/1976 Rater, R. Lorene 1897-____ Rater, Bessie E., d/o Lorene 1923-1971 Weathers, Fred E. “Budd” 1929-1969 Weathers, L. Marlene 1934-____

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00002916
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 12/16/2010
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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