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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Highland Cemetery, Area 7
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Washington Township, Warren County, Indiana This cemetery, located just outside of Williamsport, is the largest cemetery in the county. It is part of a group of three cemeteries on the northeast side of town. To reach Highland, turn left at the corner of Highway 28 and 4th street when coming into Williamsport from the North. The cemetery is located about one-half mile east of and on the left side of the road before the railroad. This cemetery contains more recent burials and is well maintained. The first burial was Edgar Anderson who died on October 8, 1894. As with Hillside, the following list was compared with entries in the Highland Cemetery Ledger, which is in the Williamsport Library. This double-check eliminates some possibility of error. Entries in the ledger stop at January 4, 1958. This list starts with stones nearest the railroad and is divided into sections by lanes, etc. Please see the following map. Additional information found in the ledger but not on the stones is underlined. Section 7 (Page 62) Elliot, Emma K. 1896-1972 Elliott, Andrew C. 1885-1959 Wilson, Wilbur C. 1892-1961 Wilson, Dorothy E. 1899-____ Long, Conrad E. 1882-1957 Long, Lillie E. 1887-1961 Reusch, Elmer T. 1898-____ Reusch, Mary C. 1910-____ Held, Edward P. 1877-1955 Held, Ada B. 1881-1978 Baker, Elsie Marie Keown 1917-1965 Simons, Joshua A. 1897-1973 Simons, Dora C. 1899-1981 Smith, Charles C. 1878-1967 Smith, BIrtie F. 1882-1935 Mitton, D. Elmer 1895-1970 Mitton, Ruby F. 1899-1974 Snider, Walter 1903-1957 Snider, Doll 1911-1972 Adams, Harry G. 1936-1958 Madaus, Robert O. Sr. 1917-1977 Madaus, M. Margaret 1908-1957 Lauer, John H. 1896-1958 Lauer, Edna H. ____-____ Adams, Norma Jean Ind Tec 5 Womens Army Corp WWII 3/08/1924-1/06/1961 Adams, Frances 10/15/1925-9/07/1970 Anthony, James 1871-1957 Anthony, Lucy 1879-1963 Johnson, Louis O. 1882-1965 Adams, Violet Marie 1933-1975 Adams, Thos. Roy 1909-____ Adams, Mary G. 1908-1977 Claypool, Frederick 1872-1959 Claypool, Mabel, sister of Frederick 1877-1959 Merrill, Lloyd R. 1891-1959 Tirpak, Eleanore 1924-1980 Tirpak, John J., Ind LCDR USNR WWII 8/03/1920-11/12/1959 Barnhart, Lawrence 1906-____ Barnhart, Beulah A. 1908-1969 Barnhart, Joesph 1959-1959 Citizen, Lonnie H. 1891-1963 (Page 63) Citizen, Mary E. 1893-1981 Cole, Claude M. 1874-1957 Cole, Abbie M. 1887-1966 Stultz, infant d.1/02/1957 Wagner, Harry M. 1889-1977 Wagner, Lucy G. 1892-1971 Million, Norman G., Korean War 1929-1956 Folk, John B. 1900-____ Folk, Esther C. 1901-____ Nehrig, Glenn L. 1930-____ Nehrig, Jewell M. 1955-1955 Nehrig, Elizabeth 1936-____ Nehrig, Lores H. 12/03/1898-____ Nehrig, Frannie 4/24/1908-4/14/1980 Hurley, Lon 1876-1968 Hurley, Bessie 1883-1983 Wagner, Wilmer, Ind PFC Ord Dept WWI 8/12/1895-1/07/1956 Wagner, Mabel 1902-1958 Wagner, Raymond, Ind PFC Co M 26th Inf WWI 6/30/1892-12/26/1958 Brooks, infant s/o R.T. and M.E. d.3/25/1955 Painter, infant b. and d.1958 Brooks, Roland T. 1910-____ Brooks, Mary E. 1920-1968 Brooks, John A. 1877-1964 Brooks, Sarah S. 1883-1966 Demmary, John R. , Ind SGT Co E 22nd Eng BN WWI 4/09/1892-5/06/1971 Demmary, Mary F. 1927-____ Demmary, Lucille M. 1897-1978 Held, Frank H., PVT 297th Aero Prov SVC Sq WWI 9/03/1896-10/01/1955 Held, Floy G. 1906-____ Zellers, Effie Dee 5/24/1890-4/06/1957 Bratton, Maurice L. 1914-1955 Bratton, Carmen L. 1918-____ Shaw, Sam Gilbert 1903-1956 Shaw, Barbara K. 1906-____ Morrow, Adah 1884-1954 Morrow, Henry, s/o Adah 1901-1973 Zenor, Clarence J. 1900-1955 Zenor, Vina M. 1901-____ Adams, Harry E. 1913-____ Adams, Beulah 1900-1981 Vanreed, Orville Byron, MM2 U.S. Navy WWII 4/28/1904-2/23/1980 Vanreed, Hester B. 1/24/1906-____ Hamilton, Rubert E. 1881-1955 Hamilton, Ethel E. 1887-1961 Wilson, Olia A. 1875-1957 Wilson, Lawrence L. 1870-1954 Horn, Edward S. 1880-1953 Horn, Bertha F. 1881-1959 Werner, Lillian T. 1890-____ (Page 64) Werner, James W. 1877-1964 May, Roy W. 1890-1954 May, Daisy 1892-1981 Davis, Lewis A. 1902-1977 Davis, Constance 1907-____ Wehren, Edward 1883-1956 Wehren, Gertrude Etnire 1890-1958 Fullenlove, Dan 1874-1956 Fullenlove, Nell 1876-1970 Hillyer, Kenneth A. 1901-1980 Hillyer, Alice E. 1910-____ Small, William L. 1923-____ Small, Jo Ann 1931-____ Small, David Mitchell 1955-1955 Brown, L. Jean 1921-____ Brown, Lorenze 1914-____ Brown, Maxine 1916-1960 Pence, Ernest 1904-1973 Moore, Clarence Irwin, Ill CPL 5th Regt USMC WWI 3/14/1892-7/14/1959 Moore, Hazel B. 1894-1982 Anderson, Ethel Wood 1886-1969 Anderson, James Elwood 1885-1955 Houck, Richard M. 1924-1974 Houck, Joseph M. 1896-1969 Houck, Edna L. 1904-1976 Anderson, J. Frank 1870-1953 Anderson, Lena M. 1880-____ Hewitt, Ernest W. 1882-1954 Hewitt, Joesphine 1874-1953 Odle, Leroy R. 1880-1954 Odle, Anna R. 1885-1978 Lyons, Ora, Ind PVT Co I Dev BN WWI 4/04/1889-4/12/1955 Lyons, Alma B. 6/21/1889-9/09/1972 Slifer, Clarence Jr. 1937-1950 Sifer, Marjorie D. 1911-____ Slifer, Clarence E. 1904-1983 McNett, Ruth S. 1893-1981 Funk, Charles E. 1877-1953 Funk, Pearl 1883-1967 Broadie, Thomas 1903-1978 Broadie, Marjorie 1904-1965 Smith, Anna F. 1872-1951 Cantrell, Lewis V., Ind PFC PRO Guard Co WWI 1/06/1890-8/27/1962 Powers, Esther A. 1900-1980 Powers, Harry E., Ind 1st SGT 131st Inf 33rd Div WWI 3/18/1899-6/24/1954 Nierengarten, Cecelia M. 1880-1976 Nierengarten, Charles J. 1875-1966 Dillman, John F. 1892-1949 Dillman, Mary C. 1905-1983 Kane, Emma E. 1902-1950 (Page 65) Kane, John Clarence, Ind F1 USNRF WWI 1/04/1898-5/23/1957 Adams, Charles M. 1880-1950 Adams, Rose A. 1878-1951 Walker, Fred J. 1908-____ Walker, Iva I. 1913-____ Walker, Fred and Freida, twins d.4/14/1950 Miller, Jacob M. Ind PVT 256th Amb Co 14th Div WWI 6/18/1891-11/05/1957 Miller, Eva N. d.11/28/1980 77y Aldridge, Pearl Lena 1897-1975 Aldridge, Oral J. Ind PVT Trp M. 2nd Cav 3/10/1882-4/03/1965 Aldridge, Lawrence R., Ind TEC 5 U.S. Army WWII 11/13/1921-4/21/1973 Runkle, Elmer L., Ky CPL Co 38th Inf 3/31/1891-10/12/1954 Runkle, Goldie A. 1892-1976 Davis, Clyde 1886-1964 Davis, Mayme L. 1887-1958 Kerst, W. Edwin 5/27/1888-9/11/1954 Kerst, Florisse E. 7/18/1895-1/16/1952 Hamblen, Jesse E. 1880-1973 Hamblen, Elmira Lewis, w/o Jesse 1882-1950 Hamblen, Joesph Lewis Jr. 9/04/1952-9/03/1969 Lewis, Joseph 12/19/1916-____ Lewis, Lois L. Hamblen 3/04/1918-____ Winks, Carleton R. 1894-1953 Winks, Mary B. 1895-1978 Bennett, Arthur C. 1883-1952 Bennett, Lulu C. 1887-1960 Briles, Robert E. 1930-____ Kiger, Claude 1876-1943 Eads, Robert J., Navy, Spanish-American War 1876-1943 Eads, Maude E. 1876-1950 Barwick, Lt. Rex F. 1919-1945 Barwick, Hazel M. 1895-1978 Barwick, Ray A., WWI 1897-1968 Davis (monument) Odle, Cecil T., Ind Saddler Co B 101st Engnr WWI 11/10/1895-1/30/1973 Odle, Grace E. 1897-1948 Odle, Beulah F. 1900-1959 High, Phillip Howard, Ind S. SGT 569th Signal Corp WWII 9/19/1914-10/04/1952 Kell, John E. 1908-1983 Kell, Inez J. 1912-1953 Kell, Carolyn Sue 1942-1959 Davis, Wayne M. 1896-1946 Davis, Helen M. 1900-1941 Davis, Berneice H. 1890-1970 Davis, Thomas E. 1887-1957 Ray, Edwin W. 1900-1948 Ray, Florence 1901-____ (Page 66) Craig, William G. 1880-1958 Craig, Hattie Rachel 1876-1952 Gooden, Addie “Jim”, Ohio PFC CO F 40th Inf WWI 11/10/1893-7/03/1972 Gooden, Leona Mae 1895-1968 Davis, Frank S. 1862-1943 Davis, Ida Meeks 1862-1943 Davis, Dene 1889-1977 Quinn, Merle D. 1891-1970 Held, John E. 1909-1978 Held, Zelma M. 1909-1963 Held, Jon 1875-1940 Held, Belle 1876-1962 Brutus, Lee N. 11/16/1895-____ Brutus, Geraldine 5/17/1900-____ Fox, John R. 3/24/1905-____ Fox, Aileen 4/16/1907-____ Pugh, Ronald “Steve” 1907-____ Pugh, Martha Crow, married 10/08/1938 1918-____ Pugh, Jesse L. 1880-1944 Pugh, Louise J. 1880-1962 Gritten, Alvin C., Ind PFC Btry 141st AA Gun BN CAC WWII 1/16/1925-9/20/1964 Gritten, Calvin L., Ind TEC 5 U.S. Army WWII 1/16/1925-5/15/1973 “Twin Brothers” (Alvin and Calvin Gritten) Griten, Luban E., Ind PVT 44th U.S. Vol Inf Sp-Am War 7/10/1876-4/24/1948 Gritten, Delia A., w/o Luban 1895-1963 Turbin, Delores E. 1/19/1936-5/09/1962 Boswell, Lowell L. 1912-1977 Boswell, Stella M. 1916-1966 Smith, June F. 1924-____ Smith, Donald F. 1916-1976 Smith, Thresa Kay 9/04/1969-9/05/1969 Smith, Chas. Wm. 9/02/1951-9/05/1951 Landreth, Ivan DeVeurn 1910-1948 Landreth, Merle M., Ind PFC WWII 6/13/1923-11/22/1944 Dee, George B. 1888-____ Dee, Blanche M. 1894-1955 Dee, Richard Wayne 1930-1942 Biggs, Joe M. 1880-1941 Biggs, Madge 1884-1967 Biggs, Robert L. 1908-1971 Biggs, Lorna Irene 1910-1968 Cripe, Isaac W. “Editor” 1868-1941 Cripe, Ruia Q. “Teacher” 1869-1955 Cowgill, J. Frank 1879-1946 Cowgill, Isole P. 1884-1943 Wood, Roy 1888-1971 Wood, Hazel B. 1893-1947 Hetrick, Ruby Jean 5/16/1934-1/30/1945 Hetrick, Elsie S. 1/21/1901-6/21/1965 Hetric, Chester 7/27/1898-2/10/1975 (Page 67) Siddens, Clarence 1889-1966 Siddens, Pressie1894-1973 Siddens, Jimmy 1918-1952 Siddens, Robert 1920-____ Siddens, Charles 1922-1975 Fox, John1878-1957 Fox, Grace B. 1878-1957 Fox, Frank ____-____ Fox, Daisy B. 1901-1976 Reuzenaar, Robert J. 1914-____ Reuzenaar, Jane H. 1917-____ Hamilton, Hazel I. 1894-____ Hamilton, Edwin R. 1889-1961 Hamilton, Ama Rene 1870-1953 Hamilton, William M. 1863-1947 Hamilton, Sylvia 1893-1894 Hamilton, Nellie 1890-1892 Porter, George S., M.D. 1870-1946 Hamilton, Charles J. 1882-1946 Hamilton, Mima M. 1882-1873 Gold, James 1862-1951 Gold, Effie Belle 1864-1944 Bailey, Ormand M. 1905-____ Stetler, Stephen Roy d.3/25/1956 4m 26d Jacks, Clara M. 1910-1979 Jacks, Roy O. 1897-1954 Hanes, Lulu D. 1868-1955 Hanes, Joseph W. 1866-1952 Robertson, James Earle 1885-1944 Robertson, Bonnie K. 1890-____ Bales, Wallace 1974-1959 Odle, Thomas A. 1876-1949 Odle, Rose E. 1879-1964 Kiger, Joe 1881-1962 Kiger, Sarah M. 1882-1971 Brayfield, Barney 1900-1976 Brayfield, Marie 1908-____ Siddens, Arthur 1896-1979 Siddens, Agnes J. 1899-1965 Turnbaugh, Henry C. 1880-1962 Cowgill, Glenn Wert, Ind MAM I USNR WWII 7/17/1906-1/28/1951

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00002917
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 12/16/2010
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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