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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Highland Cemetery, Area 9
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Washington Township, Warren County, Indiana This cemetery, located just outside of Williamsport, is the largest cemetery in the county. It is part of a group of three cemeteries on the northeast side of town. To reach Highland, turn left at the corner of Highway 28 and 4th street when coming into Williamsport from the North. The cemetery is located about one-half mile east of and on the left side of the road before the railroad. This cemetery contains more recent burials and is well maintained. The first burial was Edgar Anderson who died on October 8, 1894. As with Hillside, the following list was compared with entries in the Highland Cemetery Ledger, which is in the Williamsport Library. This double-check eliminates some possibility of error. Entries in the ledger stop at January 4, 1958. This list starts with stones nearest the railroad and is divided into sections by lanes, etc. Please see the following map. Additional information found in the ledger but not on the stones is underlined. Section 9 (Page 69) Pleasant, Phillip P., Mech U.S. Army WWI 1895-1977 Pleasant, Ruth E. 1904-1977 Hamilton, Perry E. 1919-____ Hamilton, E. Bernice 1920-____ Dillworth, Charles B. 1915-1973 Dillworth, Genevieve 1916-____ Weidenhammer, Frank A., Ind CPL AAF WWII 2/09/1916-5/01/1974 Weidenhammer, Kathern 1916-1984 Ehler, Gerd W. 1893-1973 Ehler, Hazel L. 1884-____ Maple, Stephen Thomas Jr. d.8/21/1973 Myers, Jenifer Ann d.6/15/1975 Watson, Nelda C. 1922-1973 Dunn, E. Robert 1920-____ Dunn, N. Jean 1930-____ McKinzie, Marion William “Bill”, S1 U.S. Navy WWII 1915-1983 McKinzie, M. Louise “Tiny” 1912-____ Michaels, Raymond H. Missouri PFC U.S. Army WWII 9/19/1915-9/21/1973 Michaels, Helen M. 1916-____ Brooks, Lester H. “Buster” 1907-1978 Brooks, Donald E. “Brady” ____-____ Bailey, Esther 1900-1984 (Page 70) Dee, Robert H. 1913-____ Dee, Geraldine L. 1916-1972 Crawford, Frank N. 1887-1972 Crawford, Ollie 1891-____ Saxe, Charles W. 7/30/1967-3/10/1974 Burkhardt, Lesley W. 1911-1976 McAdams, Evertt 1899-1975 McAdams, Pauline 1899-1981 Worthington, Frank A. 1889-1977 Worthington, Bertha Jane 1895-1973 Anderson, Roy E. 9/29/1919-____ Anderson, Ruth A. married 9/29/1945 7/13/1920-____ Honaker, Corbine C. 1/17/1916-12/10/1979 Honaker, Effie M. 1/23/1920-____ Rush, J. Kenneth 1915-1981 Rush, Betty K., w/o Kenneth 1921-____ Rush, Lincoln R. “brother” 1912-1976 DeZarn, Clarence, CPL U.S. Army WWII 1/17/1924-12/01/1975 DeZarn, Betty Lou 1929-1974 Rothrock, Leroy E. 1920-____ Rothrock, E. Maxine 1926-1974 Keown, Oron 1898-1974 Keown, Della J. 1913-____ Hamblen, Viola M. 4/28/1919-8/02/1983 Pickrell, William F. 1917-1974 Pickrell, Josephine 1915-____ Starkey, James D. 1916-1977 Starkey, Robbie L. 1914-____ Crawford, Charles H., PFC U.S. Army WWII 8/07/1911-1/20/1984 Crawford, Ruby M. 1911-1979 Morgan, Michael Adam d.2/21/1975 4m Harrald, Harry E. 1899-1982 Harrald, Rosanna 1901-____ Krug, Lloyd, CPT U.S. Army WWII 10/25/1914-11/25/1977 “father of Maureen Ann and Edward Alexander” Dotson, Wilbur L. 1921-____ Dotson, Iva C. 1922-1976 Talbott, William F. 1928-____ Talbott, Mary Lou 1931-1975 White, Reuben A. 1917-1983 White, Etta Jean 1917-____ Bratton, James “Mike” 11/19/1957-11/23/1974 Sells, Ingelow Odell T., SGT U.S. Army WWII 1921-1978 Sells, Mary R. 1924-____ Dickey, Douglas A. 1916-____ Dickey, Ruth Brock 1918-1978 Duncan, William L. 1910-1979 Duncan, Irene 1915-1981 Cole, Kenneth L., LT JG U.S. Navy WWII 1920-1978 (Page 71) Cole, Alice M. 1919-____ Southard, Russell 1930-____ Southard, Mary 1932-_____ McCray, Cloie 8/20/1904-____ Beckett, Dale K., TEC4 U.S. Army WWII 2/14/1927-2/06/1979 Beckett, Martha A. 1931-____ Walters, Lee A. 1921-____ Walters, Grace, M. 1930-____ Newton, Curtis 1905-____ Newton, Gertrude 1908-1981 Hicks, Hyacinth Rothrock 1903-1981 Julian, John T., CPL U.S. Army WWII 2/16/1923-7/11/1982 Kiger, John Mark 2/13/1954-11/05/1979 Walker, Jack A., PVT U.S. Marine Corp 1934-1979 Walker, Phyllis A. 1935-____ Senf, Lawrence A. 1906-1982 Senf, Mary A. 1910-____ DeMumbrum, Billy Joe 5/18/1936-9/10/1979 Miles, Robert E. 1931-____ Miles, Deloris J. 1943-1979 Watson, Clair Dale “Jessie” 5/19/1930-____ Watson, Betty Clare 9/24/1930-____ Odle, Charlotte B. 1926-____ Odle, Robert R. 1928-1981 Odle, Melvin N. 1903-____ Odle, Almeda B. 1902-____ Frodge, Fairel P. 1923-1982 Frodge, Opal V. 1922-____ Arnold, Lawrence E. 8/03/1905-12/19/1981 Arnold, Flossie F. 8/03/1913-____ Cox, Crawford 1897-1983 Cox, C. Fayne 1900-____ Parker, Rosa J. 1927-____ Parker, William C. WWII 1918-1983 Wilson, Carol D. 6/03/1937-10/20/1981 Kennedy, Bill 1942-1982 Vanleer, Herbert L. 1915-1983 Vanleer, Selma E. 1919-____ Lambka, David C., SP4 U.S. Army 4/09/1942-10/07/1983 May, Robert S. 1926-____ May, Beulah M. 1930-____ Palmer, Blanche 12/25/1896-3/12/1984 Haupt, Cecil E. 1892-1984 Haupt, Edna L. 1905-____ Lucas, Verlin E. 1916-____ Lucas, A. Maxine 1918-____ Eyestone, Jean E. 1914-1985 Coleman, Mamie 1905-1985

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00002919
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 12/18/2010
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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