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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Highland Ledger
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Washington Township, Warren County, Indiana This cemetery, located just outside of Williamsport, is the largest cemetery in the county. It is part of a group of three cemeteries on the northeast side of town. To reach Highland, turn left at the corner of Highway 28 and 4th street when coming into Williamsport from the North. The cemetery is located about one-half mile east of and on the left side of the road before the railroad. This cemetery contains more recent burials and is well maintained. The first burial was Edgar Anderson who died on October 8, 1894. As with Hillside, the following list was compared with entries in the Highland Cemetery Ledger, which is in the Williamsport Library. This double-check eliminates some possibility of error. Entries in the ledger stop at January 4, 1958. This list starts with stones nearest the railroad and is divided into sections by lanes, etc. Please see the following map. Additional information found in the ledger but not on the stones is underlined. The following is a list of persons who are listed in the Highland Cemetery Ledger, but for whom grave stones were not found. Some of the names may be listed under a different name or may be in Hillside, but it is assumed that most of these are buried in Highland and either do not have a stone, the stone was missed in this survey or the person was buried elsewhere. In some cases persons listed in the ledger are also listed as being moved or buried elsewhere. Highland Ledger (Page 72) Alexandria, Etta May Welch 5/29/1886-9/01/1926 Allen, Mrs. George d.9/22/1932 Ammerman, Lafayette d.2/13/1935 78y Armstrong, William d.10/09/1935 Ammerman, Mrs. M.W. Strumpfer d.4/10/1938 69y Ammerman, Tillie Moore [no dates] Adams, Charles Monroe 2/27/1880-3/08/1950 Adams, Mrs. Rose Anna 1879-2/11/1951 Anderson, Joohn [buried 6/07/1943, cremated in California] Anderson, James Elwood 11/03/1885-8/22/1855 Anthony, James Martin 12/17/1871-4/03/1957 Adams, Thomas Corwin 6/24/1871-1/04/1958 Adams, Alvin Arthur 3/03/1948-8/21/1957 Bell, James d.10/23/1900 4y Belangea, Honora11/06/1900 34y Belangea, William d.11/23/1903 49y Belangea, Joseph M. d.11/23/1903 26y Bush, Catherine 1/02/1826-4/06/1904 Blue, Lawrence d.6/08/1908 8m Briggs, Henry 5/15/1869-2/01/1908 [buried in West Lebanon Cemetery] Butt, Edna May d.5/11/1910 39y Bush, Helen d.1/26/1912 18m Boggs, D.C. d.5/03/1912 Butt, Clarence [two children-no record] Brown, s/o Kelly Brown Baxtor, Kenneth Harold d.1/24/1915 7y Bird, Norman d.2/11/1916 31y Bittinger, Mary E. d.3/22/1916 75y Butt, Alta Ethel May d.7/13/1916 23y Brown, Andred M. 5/29/1840-9/20/1917 Butt, Anna Ruth d.10/29/1917 6m Brier, Lottie 4/14/1864-10/12/1917 [buried in West Lebanon Cemetery] Bush, Comfort Martin d.8/10/1919 Bush, [two children-no record] Bowlus, John W. d.4/23/1923 73y Blue, Ralph G. d.6/06/1923 26y Blue, Mary Catherine d.6/04/1923 22y (Page 73) Bishop, O.W. [child-no record] Bittinger, Wallace 1830-9/1926 Butlar, Ida Bell d.5/02/1927 53y Bowlus, Mary E. d.8/04/1932 77y Barnhart, J.J. d.10/19/1935 70y Brier, A.W. d.4/05/1937 or 8/23/1939 Bertrand, H.H. d.7/18/1940 Belangea, Mary E. d.2/11/1917 [on Roy Belangea’s lot] Bennett, Martha Ann d.12/14/1929 18d Robinson, Madge Bowlus 7/08/1891-3/28/1941 Biggs, Joseph N. d.8/22/1941 61y [hit by Wabash Freight 8/17/1941] Brier, Lottie Long d.9/23/1941 80y Beaver, George’s grand-daughter d.112/14/1944 Boswell, Vernon [buried in Rainesville Cemetery] Butler, Clint d.4/19/1950 76y Bennet, Arthur C. 5/23/1883-9/19/1952 Brooks, Randy b. and d.3/24/1955 Clements, Mary 1812-9/17/1888 Chenoweth, Mary Agnes Grace 3/01/1833-8/01/1907 Corbin, Francis E. d.2/28/1914 14y Corbin, infant [no dates] Compton, Hattie Lottie d.3/21/1916 27y Cory, Harold 11/20/1919 Covalt, Joseph (Josephine?) [buried on J.H. Covalt’s lot] Compton, Charles Francis 8/05/1862-2/15/1921 Carlton, Elmo Francis d.4/08/1928 49y Conrad, Frank d.12/18/1931 86y Carter, Lillian R., w/o Dr. A.B. 1863-1929 [buried in Danville, Illinois] Citizen, Marie d.3/22/1933 88y Craft, Clara Bell d.6/02/1933 1m Clardy, Rheuben d.8/1937 56y Cook, Charles d.2/28/1939 [buried on County Farm] Carver, Albert E. d.7/28/1938 Cox, Lewis A. d.2/15/1940 Cripe, Isaac W. 5/03/1868-10/10/1941 Cowgill, Isola Pearl 5/22/1884-2/04/1943 Cowgill, Larry Kent d.5/26/1943 8m Cowgill, Frank 9/17/1879-2/1946 Cozad, John [buried in Danville, Illinois] Carver, Roy d.1/13/1946 Cowgill, William Jr. d.7/17/1935 41y Cripe, Rura O. 8/05/1869-5/07/1955 Cole, Claude Manson 5/18/1874-10/08/1957 Conley, Charles Fremont 12/19/1906-10/26/1957 Conley, Mary Margaret 9/28/1914-9/25/1957 Hard, Jacob D. 5/10/1842-12/24/1903 [buried in Lafayette Cemetery] Dove, Christopher 9/1837-2/18/1900 [buried in Newton Cemetery] (Page 74) Davis, William d.8/16/1915 81y Downs, Frank d.6/05/1921 60y Draper, Daniel d.11/08/1926 60y Darding, Robert Jean d.12/29/1926 1m Dee, Doris Jean b. and d.11/18/1931 Darding, Rae H. d.1/09/1933 42y Dannecker, Henry d.9/30/1933 80y Downs, Frank Jr. d.12/08/1934 Downs, Mrs. Pearl d.5/15/1935 Davis, George W. 6/04/1937-6/14/1937 Darding, Allen Eugene d.5/27/1939 1m 28d Darding, Anna d.1937 2y 8m Dee, Richard d.1918 DeZarn, Frank d.10/05/1938 51y [moved from Rochester, Minnesota] Davis, Frank d.12/26/1941 82y Davis, Helen Maxine, w/o Wayne d.12/28/1941 41y Dee, Richard Wayne 6/19/1930-11/26/1942 [accidental death by gun] Davis, Ida Meeks 8/12/1862-6/03/1943 Draper, Bill [no dates] Davis, Wayne 8/12/1896-7/30/1946 Dove, Addie M. 3/25/1865-8/31/1946 Davis, Attie L. 1860-1945 Dalton, Kathryn Elizabeth 12/06/1867-1/28/1952 Dimmich, Clarence R. 7/04/1897-2/29/1953 Dee, Blanche Mae McElroe 12/30/1894-4/24/1955 Davis, Thomas Buck 12/07/1887-12/25/1957 Edwards, J.G. d.5/20/1937 Eads, Robert J. Sr. d.6/26/1943 Fetterling, Mary Goff 12/17/1875-7/05/1910 Foster, Mary Ann D. d.8/28/1916 64y Ferguson, Darwin d.2/11/1921 58y Foster, David [no dates] Foster, Albert d.12/25/1924 53y Foster, Hexa [daughter] d.1/22/1929 Flint, infant d.10/29/1932 Fox, Hattie Elizabeth 10/09/1932 60y Farthing, Herbert Eugene d.1937 Flint, Charles Elmer d.1/20/1931 1m Flint, Albert Earl d.1/23/1935 15m Foster, Mary Francis d.5/15/1932 67y Fritz, Dan [no record] Force, infant b. and d. 10/26/1936 Fox, Fred d.11/16/1929 57y Fortney, Thomas F. d.6/02/1941 81y Fox, Sarah Estella Haupt 4/08/1872-8/29/1942 Fox, Frank 12/15/1881-9/03/1947 Foster, Mrs. Frank 10/19/1884-1/22/1950 Frank, Charles Edgar 12/19/1877-2/24/1953 Fullenlove, Daniel W. d.12/15/1956 Fox, Grace Blanche 3/30/1878-6/26/1957 Fox, John Sr. 9/19/1878-10/02/1957 Granger, Theresa C. 2/07/1883-12/23/1907 (Page 75) Gates, [two children – no record] Gill, George Thomas d.5/02/1913 42y Graff, Elmara Marian 10/30/1850-11/12/1913 Gill, Eliza J. d.5/1919 Griffith, Francis Emma Odle d.3/20/1926 60y Gill, Anna d.19/19/1926 607 Gill, Sarah [no dates] Gephart, Mary V. d.12/25/1920 Gillett, Cora d.9/25/1934 Guinn, Mary Elizabeth d.8/19/1937 Green, Mary Thompson d.3/25/1940 Gray, Jasper N. d.10/08/1939 64y Gritton, Labon E. d.4/24/1948 71y Griffith, William 3/23/1868-7/27/1955 Head, John Thomas 1/23/1880-4/11/1907 Hodgson, Caroline C. 4/12/1838 Hobart, Hannah A. Pitcher 4/20/1825-1/01/1908 Hass, Minnie Jackson d.8/04/1910 Haupt, child [no dates] Hillay, Theda Irene d.7/31/1919 14y Hittsland, William E. 12/15/1878-9/05/1920 High, Sarah Elizabeth 3/17/1859-4/14/1922 Hartz, Lottie d.4/08/1923 39y Horn, Joseph E. 6/18/1926 62y Hartz, Nellie Lula d.2/15/1927 41y Howard, Daush d.4/04/1927 Heilman, Mrs. John d.4/02/1932 Hartz, Alonzo d.5/05/1938 70y Heilman, John d.4/30/1938 88y Harden, Frank d.3/01/1940 Held, John d.5/05/1940 Hetrick, Ruby Jean d.1/30/1945 11y Hart, Elizabeth Smith 6/22/1876-1/25/1947 Houts, Charles C. d.1947 68y Hamblen, Elmira E. 1/02/1882-4/02/1950 Hayworth, Catherine d.5/07/1951 47y Hamilton, Charles 3/04/1882-12/1951 Hanes, Joseph Warren 12/10/1866-2/03/1952 High, Howard d.10/02/1952 Hewitt, Josephine 12/12/1874-8/28/1953 Horn, Edward Samuel 6/27/1880-9/10/1953 Hewitt, Ernest Waring 3/31/1882-4/28/1954 Haupt, Lillie 9/03/1875-5/30/1954 Hamilton, Rupert 7/26/1881-2/24/1955 Held, Edward Phillip 7/24/1877-9/17/1955 Held, Frank Henry 9/03/1896-10/01/1955 Hanes, Lula Darling 12/21/1868-11/30/1955 Howard, Lee 3/09/1869-8/19/1956 Harris, Minnie Statzell d.10/1957 81y Kerr, Margaret Jackson 10/27/1869-3/1945 Johnson, Elizabeth d.8/31/1938 Jacks, Roy O. 7/06/1897-7/31/1954 Johnson, Otho E. d.1892 Judy, Mabel d.12/09/1912 30y Johnson, Griffin d.8/17/1923 52y (Page 76) Julian, Jesse d.4/14/1930 61y Jenkins, Bevel D. d.10/01/1929 46y Julian, Goldie d.7/08/1934 50y Keys, Mary M. 3/01/1840-10/22/1906 Kesling, Moses d.9/19/1925 83y Keller, Mrs. John d.4/02/1932 Kidwell, Fred d.6/06/1933 68y Keane, William [no record] Kritsah, Sarah Elizabeth d.10/21/1929 67y Kesling, Mrs. Nevada 9/18/1868-1943 Kane, Emma d.2/21/1950 47y Kerst, Flossie Weaver 7/18/1895-6/13/1952 Kell, Inez J. 11/16/1912-3/30/1953 Kerst, William Edwin 5/27/1888-9/11/1954 Kane, John Clarence 1/04/1898-5/23/1957 Knipe, Clara Ette 11/15/1877-5/18/1957 Long, Edward d.5/22/1905 Lemen, LeRoy d.5/10/1900 4y Lucas, Robert Charles d.7/20/1907 52y Lee, Parthena Ann d.3/08/1907 [buried in Goodwine Cemetery] Lincoln, Ollie Tiffy d.1/01/1922 52y Lewis, Mrs. Phillip d.5/04/1929 Lincoln, Jimmie Wallace d.2/28/1928 70y Lutz, Alonzo d.6/16/1928 Lane, Joan Ann b. and d.10/03/1939 Lowe, Arthur d.11/10/1939 63y Lowe, Anna d.4/25/1940 Landreth, Mildred Iverna b. and d. 5/21/1936 Landon, Martin d.8/14/1935 65y Landon, Benjamin L. d.11/28/1933 78y Leath, Hannah d.12/30/1946 [buried in Attica Cemetery] Leath, Oliver 8/31/1891-4/27/1947 [buried in Attica Cemetery] Landreth, Ivan 1/16/1910-1948 Landreth, Merle M., PFC 6/03/1923-11/22/1947 [killed in Germany] Landreth, William Edward 2/11/1877-11/09/1954 Lyons, Ora 4/04/1889-4/12/1955 Long, Conrad Robert 8/1882-4/03/1957 Livengood, George R. 11/02/1828-8/26/1906 Marlatt, John 1/16/1834-2/01/1905 [buried in Beulah Cemetery] Marlatt, Nellie 12/31/1866-12/29/1904 Myers, Humphrey 4/23/1863-8/13/1905 [buried in Rainesville Cemetery] Morfoot, Mary E. 7/28/1833-11/01/1909 Morfoot, Elizabeth 3/30/1833-5/04/1910 Morfoot, Emma Frances Kerr d.6/05/1911 50y Morfoot, R. Milton [no dates] Miller, Anna Bell d.9/30/1930 6m Marlatt, Frances 12/15/1840-6/07/1916 Michael, Joseph David d.7/24/1917 62y Mathis, Luna D. Gallaher d.5/19/1922 43y (Page 77) Mankey, Charline Wilma d.8/11/1922 17d Meadows, Edna K. d.5/24/1923 24y Miller or Milten, Perry Eugene d.6/10/1924 Miller, Cosby Elizabeth d.9/29/1926 33y Moore, “Budd” James E. d.5/16/1927 64y Miller, Bettie Jean d.6/29/1929 2m Mitchem, Mrs. John d/7/29/1930 Mathis, Eli [no dates] Murphy, John W. [no dates] Miller, Mrs. F.A. d.3/11/1928 Moore, Lucia [no dates] Miller, Edward Tobias d.3/28/1925 or 1935 75y Moore, John W. d.10/18/1934 84y Mather, John d.7/21/1934 Moffett, Miss d.4/09/1931 Morfoot, Frank d.8/12/1935 McKinney, child d.1/20/1936 15d Miller, [two children of Joe Miller – no record] Mathis, Samuel Jr. d.11 or 10/15/1927 McWherter, Louisa 9/15/1842-5/12/1939 Marquess, infant b. and d.4/21/1942 McNett, Jesse 3/04/1882-12/21/1943 Mitchem, John V. d.7/12/1942 85y Mitten, Walter 5/06/1894-3/14/1944 [killed in auto accident] Mounts, Home Rex 11/19/1892-10/10/1944 McBroom, Helen V. 3/24/1883-6/1945 Meharry, Clyde Wesley 3/224/1883-10/26/1951 [buried in Danville, Illinois] McCarty, Charles R. 9/08/1888-4/10/1952 Morrow, Adah Pollom 9/26/1884-4/16/1954 McKinney, Nancy 11/04/1870-12/04/1954 May, Roy 1/26/1890-12/23/1954 Millin, Norman Gilbert 1/14/1929-11/01/1956 Madaus, Mary Margaret 9/21/1907-10/28/1957 Nichols, Nova d.2/12/1904 19y Nodurft, Phillip 11/14/1836-3/08/1908 Nichols, Clara [no dates] Norton, infant d.10/05/1943 Norton, Joanne b. and d.1/09/1945 Osborn, Scott d.12/30/1933 72y Odle, Thomas A. 9/13/1876-1/11/1949 Odle, Rubert LeRoy 7/04/1880-6/19/1954 Osborn, Leonard d.1/10/1955 Piper, Mary Jane d.8/10/1910 66y Prather, Anna d.8/01/1912 61y Prather, Jean Louise d.9/07/1916 2m Prather, Donald B. d.11/26/1916 4y Pugh, child b. and d.12/16/1916 Pugh, infant b. and d.9/06/1922 Pugh, Frances Mary d.2/07/1924 66y Pugh, child b. and d.12/18/1923 Pugh, James Bayer d.3/03/1927 75y Purple, Lewis Grant d.7/10/1927 62y (Page 78) Pugh, Eunice Aileen d.8/02/1925 4m Pemberton, Jesse J. d.10/05/1930 26y Paulsel, Charley d.9/12/1930 62y Perry, Mrs. John d.6/21/1928 Phipps, Sarah Ann d.1/06/1926 90y Piper, Mahela Emey d.6/23/1936 Pollom, Jimmie D. 1/09/1938-2/01/1939 Painter, Kearney d.2/22/1939 68y Pollom, James Jr. d.3/06/1941 2d Pollom, Henry Sr. 9/08/1854-5/20/1943 Pugh, Jess d.6/02/1944 Porter, George 9/1870-6/27/1946 Painter, Stella Haines d.3/30/1951 77y Pearson, Bertha Shaw Madison 10/13/1867-3/18/1952 Pemberton, Henry Arthur 9/28/1879-7/12/1953 Powers, Harry3/08/1899-6/25/1954 Ross, Alford 8/31/1868-2/04/1900 Ray, Mary Berry d.6/03/1916 84y Ray, Frank 6/18/1921 56y Ray, Fred d.2/20/1925 54y Rank, Joseph [no dates] Roe, James [no dates] Reed, Everett V. 6/1893-7/04/(1899) Robertson, Earl 2/13/1885-9/02/1944 Ray, Edwin W. 4/22/1900-1948 Ross, Effie Polom d.8/17/1949 69y Runkle, Eliner L. 3/31/1891-12/12/1954 Swank, Lowell 11/05/1891-2/27/1892 Stump, Arthur 5/28/1867-7/04/1907 Stephens, John C. 10/09/1850-2/16/1908 Schoonover, Sarah d.3/01/1908 84y Stewart, Dallen Elwood d.3/08/1909 8m Stewart, Bessie d.10/26/1909 20y Stump, Charles W. 3/03/1912 30y Stephenson, Edward 3/07/1877-2/20/1915 Stump, Sarah Ellen d.9/31/1919 71y Stump, George d.3/20/1920 56y Schoonover, Beatrice B. 4/20/1884-8/13/1920 Smith, Catherine Broade d.9/18/1920 70y Stewart, Jacob d.9/23/1920 72y Sexton, James M. d.2/16/1920 47y Smith, Estelle, infant b. and d.2/18/1922 St. John, Anna Bell Fox d.12/22/1922 58y Swarts, Ellen Mary Stratton d.1/05/1923 61y Sipes, Lucy d.7/03/1924 55y Struck, infant b. and d. 6/19/1925 Stewart, Bessie d.10/27/1909 Stineberg, Mary Jane b. and d.1/24/1926 Stump, Amanda d.3/20/1926 68y Stufflebeam, Morgan d.1/30/1927 87 Stark, Deliah Butt Permberton d.2/05/1927 70y Street, Charles d.5/02/1929 65y Sipes, John d.11/13/1928 Shamp, Mrs. John d. 3/25/1929 (Page 79) Strumpfer, Mrs. William [no dates] Smith, Harry Justin d.8/25/1930 51y Smith, John D. d.8/22/1931 83y Smith, Charles d.7/14/1931 57y Solomen, Morgan Albert d.4/16/1930 80y Simonten, Richard d.8/07/1933 Smith, Mrs. Peter Haupt d.8/07/1933 64y Storey, John d.2/11/1935 62y Shaw, Beulah Gallaher Knowles d.7/15/1936 59y Stufflebeam, Jesse d.7/09/1936 Stoudt, Miles d.10/24/1936 68y Unidentified man hit by a truck on Highway 41 d.3/23/1935 71y Simmans, Benjamin E. d.3/25/1938 71y Storey, Carrie d.10/01/1937 Shileds, David d.6/24/1939 65y Slifer, Elmer d.11/15/1940 78y Shipps, William Ray [no dates] Swisher, Flora French 6/09/1882-8/12/1941 [buried in West Lebanon Cemetery] Snodgrass, Adna Wilmer 7/09/1867-1945 [buried in Attica Cemetery] Storm, Timothy Melvin b. and d.5/11/1950 Smith, Anna Cantrell [no record] Smith, Charles William, infant s/o Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smith 9/02/1951-9/03/1951 Stump, Anna Moffitt 5/02/1871-11/10/1951 [buried in Harvey, Illinois] Siddens, James William d.4/08/1952 Scott, Wesley Warren 6/02/1870-10/04/1953 Solomon, Charles Edward 1/26/1889-1/24/1954 Smith, David A. 4/05/1879-7/15/1955 Shaw, Sam Jr. 11/06/1903-2/21/1956 Stetler, Steven Roy 11/01/1955-3/25/1956 Stewart, Capt. Ralph Winston 5/18/1949-3/01/1957 Snider, Walter Sylvester 9/27/1903-10/28/1957 Thomas, Edwin Owen 10/20/1863-2/05/1949 Thomas, child [no dates] Thomas, Jennie 6/09/1854-12/27/1906 Thomas, Clarissa 9/20/1820-3/04/1908 Thomas, Horatio d.11/21/1911 40y Trotter, John B. d.1/16/1936 74y Townsend, Thomas M. d.9/09/1937 Tate, Dickie Bill b. and d.8/08/1838 Taylor, Elizabeth 4/24/1828-12/09/1912 Titley, Anna d.3/01/1940 [on J.R. Hass lot] Townsend, Ruth Jane d.19/09/1938 1m 28d Thome, Joseph d.4/25/1938 73y Thownsend, infant d.9/13/1941 Euclare, Nellie d.4/25/1946 68y VanSickle d.2/171913 40y Varis, Agnes A. Brier d.2/28/1914 27y (Page 80) Varis, Nettie, d/o Agnes [no dates] Varis, Hazel, s/o Agnes [no dates] VanSickle, Lewis Napoleon d.3/16/1922 61y VanSickle, Mrs. Lewis [no record] VanSickle, Roy, child [no record] VanSickle, Helena Wilkinson 2/06/1905-8/04/1956 Wilson, Eliza Jane 4/02/1856-6/24/1901 Welsh, infant d.12/16/1903 4m Wilhite, Torbert d.3/04/1906 2m Winks, Dan, s/o Harry E. 3/20/1908-4/01/1908 Wagner, Rachael May d.5/1910 [moved from St.Louis, Missouri to Highland] Wilhite, Ruth Lillian d.10/16/1911 2m Winks, Harry Lee Jr. d.1/31/1915 3y [moved to Danville, Illinois] Wagner, Riley d.11/25/1916 41y Walters, Mary E. Moore 1/18/1850-4/09/1918 Winsett, John Wesley 10/13/1842-12/17/1908 Wilson, Jennie [no dates] Weidenhamer, Aaron [no dates] Wood, William Jr. d.12/09/1929 [moved to Danville, Illinois] Winks, Ruby d.10/15/1930 Alexandria, Etta May Welsh 5/29/1886-9/01/1926 Weidenhammer, Catherine d.12/14/1926 79y Welsh, Benjamin F. d.11/19/1930 74y Wood, John d.1/10/1931 Wilson, Norman d.4/16/1932 Winks, Emma L. 9/30/1931 47y Walters, Minnie Long d.1/12/1935 74y Wakeman, Edward d. 8/29/1935 Wibbens, Mrs. Bernard Anna d.9/02/1938 Whitus, Robert Dean d.4/25/1934 9y Wilson, Edward C. 4/07/1847-10/03/1941 Walters, Charles d.2/14/1944 74y Wood, Mrs. Roy 11/17/1893-8/19/1947 Weidenhammer, Arthur 3/23/1893-1/1943 Wilson, Lawrence 10/18/1870-3/17/1954 Wagner, Wilma 8/12/11895-1/07/1956 Wilson, Mrs. Atha Olia 12/14/1875-7/04/1957 Yerkes, Lula May Butt Shaffer 5/28/1876-12/04/1943 [moved to Covington, Indiana] Zeller, Arthur, s/o Frank d.1/04/1939 9y Zenor, Clarence 6/28/1900-4/28/1955 Zellers, Effie Dee 5/25/1890-4/06/1957 Zenor, John 6/28/1900-4/25/1955

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00002920
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 12/28/2010
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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