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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Carbondale or Manky or Clark
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Carbondale or Manky or Clark Liberty Township, Warren County, Indiana An older cemetery no longer used for burials, but well-kept and mowed. This small cemetery is easy to locate just off old State Road 41 at Carbondale. The following is a legal description of the cemetery plot. This Indentuer Witnesseth, that Wesley Clark and Mary T. Clark, his wife, of the County of Warren in the State of Indiana, Convey and Warrant to the Trustee of Liberty Township in Warren County is said State of Indiana. In Trust for the use of the inhabitants of said Township of Liberty in Said county and State aforesaid. Not hereafter subject to sale of transfer the following real estate in Warren County in the State of Indiana to wit: The South West part of the West half of the South East quarter of section number eight (8) in Township number twenty two (22) North of range number eight (8) West, and bounded as follows, on the East by the Chicago and Williamsport road on the south by the Bloomington road on the West and North by lands owned by Wesley Clark. Said lot of land as now fenced and conveyed contains one acre more or less. Said lot of land is hereby conveyed to the inhabitant of Liberty Township for the use of a burying ground the parties of the first-part reserving twenty feet in width on the West end for a family burying place or cemetery. Said lot of land is also conveyed for the purpose of erecting or building a free cappel or hall on: Said hall when so erected to be free and open to all persons to preach or lecture in. Should two or more appointments happen at the same hour the speakers shall cast lots for choice of time it shall be the duty of the trustee to appoint a janitor to take charge of the house and grounds whose duty shall be to keep the keys of the building, take up collections for repairs and see that the same is duly appropriated. Said grounds and building is never to be appropriated especially for one religious denomination to the exclusion of others, nor for the keeping of a common school on the same. In witness whereof, the said Wesley Clark and Mary T. Clark, his wife, hath hereunto set their hands and seals this 13th day of April A.D. 1867 Wesley Clark, Mary Thos Clark The State of Indiana Warren County, Before me, John P. Hunter, a Justice of the Peace for this county, this thirteenth day of April A.D. 1867, personally appeared Wesley Clark and Mary T. Clark, his wife, and acknowledged the execution of the annexed dead. Witness my hand and Seal, John P. Hunter, Justice of Peace I certify that the dead of which the above and foregoing is a true copy was stamped with a fifty cent revenue stamp. Recorded April 30th 1867, Geo. Adams R W Co Ind (Page 82) Romine, El(izabet)h, w/o J. d.9/19/1861 39y 11m 27d Cameron, Charles d.7/09/1871 12y 7m 25d Clark, Martha, w/o Daniel d.2/22/1834 34y 3m 18d Clark, Daniel d.8/01/1835 87y 2m 8d Clark, Mary Blair (mother) 1764-1842 [sandstone marker – too faded to read] Clark, Wesley d.5/09/1881 71y 5m 25d Clark, Indiana, w/o Wesley d.9/21/1862 47y 11m 5d Dick, Martha J. Clark, w/o Jacob L. d.3/28/1866 28y 11m 13d Dick, Della d.3/09/1866 3d Butler, Sarah, w/o Robert d.1/04/1880 69y 9m 3d Butler, Jennie E., d/o Robert and Sarah d.11/23/1866 20y Dick, Indiana E., w/o Sol. L. d.3/05/1867 24y 9m 2d Dick, Solomon L., 1st Sgt Co C Ind Vol d.10/10/1872 42y 6m 5d Dick, Franklin C., s/o S.L. and I.E. d.9/01/1867 6m 28d Thompson, Elias d.1/21/1893 73y 2m 21d Spencer, Altie M., child of A.J. and E.B. d.7/03/1884 5m 11d Spencer, Willie H., s/o A.J. and E.B. d.9/20/1884 2y 4m 2d A.W.S. [footstone] Spencer, Effie F., d/o A.J. and E.B. d.10/25/1885 4y 11m 21d Spencer, Alton d.9/17/1892 35y 8m 11d Simmermon, Mary 8/15/1835-4/19/1883 Simmermon, Samuel S. Jr. d.12/11/1876 26y 1m 27d Simmermon, Frederic d.1/19/1878 65y 5m 17d Simmermon, Catherine d.8/25/1891 75y 1m 10d Simmermon, Newlin E. 9/15/1869-2/13/1887 Odell, Susan Hunter, w/o Miles d.5/17/1870 22y 5m 22d Farr, Capt. W.V. d.5/09/1872 35 y 1m 20d Capt. Co E 106th Penn Vol “Took part in all the principal battles of the Potomac.” Fink, Andrew 4/16/1828-4/06/1898 Fink, Mary Alice, d/o Jacob and Sarah d.10/06/1871 1y 2m 6d Fink, Franklin M. d.5/01/1877 1y 6m 24d Mehaffey, infant s/o E.A. and N.J. d.6/25/1883 Trickey, Charles 1870-1874 Trickey, James (E), s/o N.J. and L.A. d._/03/1874 1y 9m 21d Trickey, gEorge F., s/o N.J. and L.A. d.1/08/1872 (5y or 5m) 5d (Page 83) Trickey, Hannah A., d/o N.J. and L.A. d.1870 6m 22d Kerst, Sarah Ann, w/o Franklin d.12/17/1873 24y 4d Calton, Virginia (A) d.8/11/1862 3y 6m 27d Mehaffey, Alexander d.12/30/1882 61y 6m 6d Mehaffey, Laura M., d/o Alex and M.A. d.2/02/1878 9y 7m 28d Jackson, infant d/o Hezikiah and Janie d.12/29/1881 Jackson, Ora (Oma), s/o Hezikiah and Janie d.6/29/1883 1y 2m 29d Cameron, Dora E., d/o T. and M. d.7/03/1872 5y 1d Fink, Michael E., s/o (Michael) and Jane d.12/29/1880 9y 8m 6d Hetrick, Mary E., w/o E.E. d.6/11/1892 31y 10m 14d Pittman, Melso d.11/09/1881 18y 3m 29d Keister, Florence A., d/o S. and Louisa d.11/26/1881 14y 28d McClaflin, Arnold d.11/04/1847 45y 6m 2d (possible buried in White Co.) McClaflin, Esther d.11/12/1881 78y 9d (Pe)nce, Lurillia A., d/o T.C. and Hester d.9/11/1875 6y 11m 22d Clark, A.J. d.4/22/1896 53y 9m 27d Clark, Mariah L. d.10/29/1875 (4)6y 10m 29d Clark, Daniel T., s/o J.W. and A.E. d.10/19/1893 19y 7m 3d Clark, Elizabeth, w/o S.B. d.6/11/1857 62y (10)m 11d Clark, Samuel B. d.1/1(4)/1860 65y 8m 17d Clark, Mary E., d/o J.W. and E.A. d.(6)/27/1866 (1)y 10m 13d Clark, John W. 8/28/1824-1/23/1883 Clark, Eliza A., w/o John 3/25/1842-8/08/1913 Bell, Claria, w/o Robert d.9/25/1890 22y 10m 1d Pomeroy, Minnie G., d/o F. and M.J. d.4/06/1887 16y 6m 26d Ross, Harley E., s/o W.M. and C.M. d.10/11/1901 9m 3d Ross, Freedie M., d/o W.M. and C.M. d.2/05/1900 1y 1d Rice, Raymond, s/o J.T. and S.M. d.11/21/1893 4m 27d Rice, Mamie P., d/o J.T. and S.M. d.11/10/1896 7y 1m 24d Johnson, Rosanna, w/o W. 3/03/1831-8/12/1897 Johnson, W. 1/30/1833-5/25/1915 Johnson, Rosie C., d/o J. and C.H. d.(12)/29/18__ (7y) 8m 9d McBride, Jno Co H 13th Ind Vol Johnson, Nancy, w/o William 4/16/1848-10/23/1904 Jernegan, John A.R., s/o Wm H. and N.J. d.7/18/1880 10m 28d Jernegan, W.H., Corp’l Co L 1st Ind Cav From Newspaper Clippings – Other Carbondale Burials Hill, Infant s/o Mr. and Mrs. Green Hill buried 12/24/1892 Thompson, Elias, found frozen in cournfield about age 80 – article from 1/26/1893 paper Dick, Orestes, s/o W.C. and Jestie d.4/12/1895 20d

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00002921
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 1/4/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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