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Title: The Seventh District
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The Seventh Distric is gradually getting a good ready for the coming contest. Candidates for Congress are slowly coming to the surface, and possibly we may learn of two or three other gentlemen announcing their names and intentions for Congressional honors. Who those distinguised individuals might be we do not presume to even conjecture, but such is the proness of human nature to love fame and undying glory, that we would not be at all suprised to hear of more being lured into temptation by the endowments of this office.--Montgomery county has the distinguished honor of presenting to the people of the seventh District, for their suffrage, two candidates; Gen. Lew Wallace and John M. Butler. Tippecanoe county for champion, has William C. Wilson, of LaFayette. Boone county impressed with the ability of Mr. Hazelrigg, announced his name as a candidate for the office, but he has refused to run, not having been aware that his name was to be brought before the people. Warren county the "old wheel horse" and republican balance wheel in the district, pledges her support to the second candidate for Congress she has ever had the honor to contain. Col. J.R.M. Bryant some years ago ran for the nomination, but his more fortunate competitor, Hon. James Wilson, of Crawfordsville, won the prize, and the consequence was, Montgomery, and not Warren county, sent the Congressman for the eighth-since made the seventh-district. That Warren should once in a lifetime be heard upon this subject is very evident. That her claims upon these larger counties are just, no one for an instant thinks of disputing. But Tippecanoe and Montgomery have become so accustomed to eating the cream, that they are actually astonished that the other counties don't relish the skimed milk and drink it down, at the same thanking the Lord that they belong to the seventh district. We are lovers of cream too, and cannot understand how it is, that when the banquet is called, that Warren must wait until somebody else gets a bite, and then she is expected to be perfectly happy and content with the crumbs. This is fun, but it turns out to be like the fun the cat experienced when the monkey used her paw to scratch out his chestnuts. If Warren were not in the seventh district, then her true worth and power would be known and felt as it has been when the contest waxed hot, and everything seemed all but lost, candidates in these other counties have turned to patriotic Warren and felt secure. And now when an opportunity is presented, by which the entire district can show her appreciation ofher noble deeds let justice be done.

Date: 3/31/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00002933
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 2/1/2011
Collection: Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook
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