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By a recent decision of the U.S. Supreme Court pertaining to bounties, a number of soldiers who enlisted in the service in 1861, are financially interested. Rulings of the treasury officers which did not allow soldiers the $100 bounty who were discharged by certificate for disability previous to the expiration of two years service have been reversed, and now soldiers who were discharged on a Surgeon's certificate for disability, before serving two years out are entitled to the bounty. The following we copy from the Philadelphia Ledger: The United States against Henry J. Hosmer.-Appeal from the Court of Claims.--A judgement was given below for the claimant for $100 bounty for enlistment under the President's call for volunteers in 1861, he having been discharged for disability on a surgeon's certificate. The question was whether, under the act of Congress ratifing the act of the Executive the claimant could recover, the act providing that two years service should have been rendered to entitle the soldier to the bounty, unless discharged for wounds. Mr. Justice Swayne delivered the opinion of the Court, holding substantially that the proclamation of the President and the general orders of the War Department stipulating to pay $100 to each volunteer, folowed by the inlistment of the claimant, constitute a valid contract between the Government and the claimant, upon which he was entitled to the bounty, he having been honorably discharged, even though he did not serve two years nor was discharged for wounds.--The judgment was affirmed.

Date: 4/7/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
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Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 2/7/2011
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