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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Goodwine Cemetery
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Goodwine Cemetery Liberty Township, Warren County, Indiana The Goodwine Cemetery is located in Liberty Township and contains many stones for early settlers. At times descendants have repaired and reset some of the stones preserving the monuments. The cemetery is next to the road and mowed so access is quite easy. To locate Goodwine, follow Highway 41 north 1 mile after the Highway 28 turnoff to Williamsport. Turn left onto a blacktop. The cemetery is 1 ½ miles and on the right side. A list made by Stanley Hathaway of Rossville, Illinois in 1935 was located and checked against our list. Note that a few maiden names were added by him and underlined. Holycross, William, s/o D. and N. 4/27/1849-10/14/1852 4y 5m 17d Holycross, Rebecca, d/o D. and N. 4/05/1845-3/08/1854 8y 10m 27d Holycross, Nancy A., w/o David d.6/20/1854 25y 8m 26d Burch, James A, s/o I. (or J.) and M. d.11/16/1859 4m 6d Burch, Theodore P., s/o I. and M. d.5/11/1861 9m 14d [top of stone missing] d.12/29/1861 20y 9m Goodwine, infant d/o W.H. and Martha d.5/06/1864 4d Goodwine, James, s/o James and Sarah d.10/12/1847 7y 9m Goodwine, Louisa Lois, d/o James and Sophia d.10/14/1852 6y 1m 20d Goodwine, Washington, s/o James and Sophia d.8/20/1850 11y 1m 16d Goodwine, Mary Jane, d/o James and Sophia d.7/11/1870 35y 5m 11d Goodwine, John, s/o James and Sophia “died at Savannah, GA.” D.3/02/1865 28y 2d Piles, Nancy, w/o Henry H. d.10/17/1846 53y 6m 23d Piles, Mary A. d.7/17/1843 16y 4m 4d Thidday, (C.R.) d.9/05/18(38) Swisher, Mary W., d/o John and Amelia d.8/22/1839 6y 11m 5d Swisher, Jesse d.2/06/1860 85y 10m 12d Swisher, Barbary J. d.1/08/1839 60y 11d Sw____, James M., s/o Wm. and Emily d.9/__/1836 5y 7m Pence, John Harrison, s/o Geo. And Mary Swisher (Swisher underlined) d.1/11/1843 2y 7m 9d Sherman, William Henry d.6/04/1844 26y 2m 6d Pence, Anthony, s/o Geo. And Mary d.8/10/1844 1y 8m 16d Sherman, John S., s/o Asa M. and Anna Swisher (Swisher underlined) d.7/22/1845 20y 8m Sherman, Roger, s/o Wm. H. and Almira M. d.6/30/1848 5y 1m 20d Burch, Lydia d.8/31/1855 85y (Page 87) Burch, Rachel d.3/03/1838 34y 8m Burch, Hannah d.6/12/1843 3y 7d Burch, Christopher C., s/o James and Mary d.11/15/1845 4m 22d Sherman, Albert A. d.5/18/1840 18y 2m 6d Nodurft, Isaac William, s/o John and Ruth Matilda d.10/02/1862 2y 2d (Goodwine), Isaac W., s/o D.B. and H. d.10/25/1867 2y 1m 1d Brown, Ann, w/o Joel d.3/29/1845 74y 8m 5d Brown, Joel Hus/o Ann d.12/19/1853 84y Scott, infant d/o Dempsey and Charity d.9/28/1837 Brown, Rebecca, d/o Wm. and Susanah d.12/16/1840 52y 9m 4d Scott, Dempsey d.4/02/1844 52y 9m 4d Smalley, Sally, d/o D. and C. Scott d.5/12/1844 23y 11m 4d Scott, Charity, d/o Joel and Belinda d.3/05/1846 3d Scott, Charity, w/o Absalom d.7/23/1851 25y 5m 4d Maudlin, Nancy, w/o J. 12/08/1850 44y Brown, Infant s/o I. and E. d.4/29/1851 Scott, Martha R. d.12/07/1851 16y 6m 1d Scott, Nancy J. d.2/06/1852 26y 3m 10d Routh, Lillian M., d/o E.N. and Jennie d.12/25/1885 11y 12d Whartton, America d.(3/18/1870) 78y 4m 28d Swisher, Emily C. d.9/08/1895 85y 11m 4d Swisher, William d.4/18/1857 54y 2m 7d Goodwine, James d.3/12/1851 70y 10m 22d Spencer, Mary S., d/o Asa and Manerva d.9/01/1854 1y 5m 12d Specer, Clarissa J., d/o Asa and Minerva d.4/17/1856 1y Swisher, Charlies, s/o Joseph and Olive d.12/09/1868 5m 10d Spencer, Asa d.12/23/1855 29y 2m McKown, Eliza M., d/o Wm. and S. d.9/27/1853 16y 11m 25d Spencer, Mary, w/o Asa d.4/30/1857 65y 14d Spencer, Asa d.4/10/1862 78y 9m 25d Pugh, William S. d.10/12/1867 28y 1m 27d Swisher, Eliza Jane, adopted d/o Anthony and Jane M. d.3/03/1858 16y 6m 5d Roberts, D.H., s/o Moses B. and Catherine d.6/20/1856 17y 6m 22d Owens, Pumroy Henry, s/o George and Abagel d.4/20/1862 Strain, Samuel d.10/28/1858 26y 7m 10d Strain, Rebecca Jane, d/o John and Sarah d.2/09/1858 23y 10m 2d Line, John H., s/o D.B. and Sarah d.8/14/1855 11m 11d Strain, Eliza, d/o John and Sarah d.11/18/1855 19y 2m 28d Strain, Mary, w/o James d.8/29/1849 36y Strain, Jane, w/o James d.8/20/1846 55y Barwick, Nancy, w/o J.J. d.3/10/1850 43y (Page 88) Dooley, James A., s/o K. and M. d.1/06/1847 4m 16d Etnire, Harry J., s/o S.M. and Bell d.1/29/1871 7m 4d Etnire, Jacob d.9/15/1868 72y 5m Etnire, Mary, w/o Jacob d.3/23/1849 43y 5m Etnire, Elisha J. d.3/02/1874 41y 3m 22d Etnire, Perthena A., w/o E.J. d.3/06/1907 72y 21d Etnire, Alonzo, s/o E.J. and P.A. d.10/11/1898 43y 8m 14d Jones, Racehl S., d/o Isaac and Lucinda J. d.9/16/1854 2m 14d Line, Mary O., d/o John D. and Sarah d.1/27/1879 17y 7m 15d Pence, infant s/o Curtis and Susanah d.3/19/1863 22d Pence, Mary Olive, d/o C.M. and S.A. d.10/07/1857 1y 2m 4d Goodwine, George 7/11/1852-1/16/1853 Pence, Mary, w/o George d.5/18/1851 44y 6m 22d Swisher, Jacob W. d.1/22/1846 27y 5m 16d Brown, Allen F., w/o Thos. And Martha d.9/19/1840 6m 19d Brown, Joel, s/o Thos. And Martha d.10/07/1833 6m Brown, infant d/o I. and E. d.3/22/1854 Brown, Elizabeth, w/o Isaac d.3/03/1857 39y 11m 25d Brown, Isaac d.6/06/1864 56y 1m 27d Strain, Margaret M., d/o John and Sarah 10/18/184405/07/1868 24y 19d Strain, Elizabeth, d/o John and Sarah d.2/07/1868 41y 10m 22d Strain, Emma M. d.3/31/1871 22y 4m 20d Strain, Sarah 10/14/1803-1/19/1895 91y 3m Strain, John Sr. d.12/05/1859 73y 4m 9d Strain, Mary C.M., d/o John and Sarah S. d.12/30/1858 19y 8m 8d “Rest thee here our dearest Mary, Side by side with loved ones near, Earth to us grows sad and dreary, While thy voice no more we hear, But for thee we’ll plant bright flowers, Fragrant like thy life to bloom, While thou roamst through Eden’s bowers, Where above thou knowst no gloom. Swisher, Amelia Wright, w/o John (Wright underlined) d.8/20/1851 44y 21d Swisher, John d.5/06/1853 49y 2m 12d Crawford, Abraham Lincoldn, s/o Wm. and Martha d.9/25/1861 1y 2m 17d Crow, infant s/o Wm. and Martha d.8/13/1849 5d Pugh, Mary Jane, d/o John P. and Margaret d.3/26/1847 4y 8m 4d Miller, infant d/o S.M. and D. d.12/06/1858 2m Smithe, Elizabeth, d/o L. and R. d.12/26/1850 10m 23d Smithey, Mary C., d/o _ and R. d.3/09/1850 (60) 21d Pugh, John P. d.2/28/1849 32y 2m 14d Spencer, Manford E., s/o Joseph and M.A. d.5/17/1852 1y 4m 2d Spencer, Simon d.8/17/1849 19y 10m 18d (Page 89a) Spencer, Infant s/o Joseph and M.A. d.1/31/1851 Crow, William H., s/o Wm. and Martha d.6/22/1863 22y 7m 25d Swisher, Jesse, s/o Allen M. and Nancy Dunn d.6/15/1846 Cunningham, Eliza Ann, d/o Wm. and Mary d.9/03/1841 1y 9m 15d Day, Ella C., d/o John and Delphine d.3/16/1854 6d (Win)chester, John Wm. [no dates] (Win)chester, Elizabeth, w/o John [no dates] Miller, Geo. A., s/o S.M. and D. Dunn, Allen M. of Ky d.7/28/1865 (1845) Brown, Joel T., s/o I. and E. Perry, Alice, w/o John and d/o Levi Leslie from Warren Republican (underlined) d.9/02/1895 From Warren Republican, Thurs., July 27, 1893 “Dead Union Soldiers” A recent visit to the Goodwine cemetery, in Liberty Township, disclosed the fact that there are seven deceased Union soldiers buried in this burial ground, as follows: William S. Pugh, who died October 12th, 1867, at the age of 28 years, 1 month and 27 days. No minute is made of company or regiment on the slab that marks his last resting place. William H. Crow died June 22nd, 1863, aged 22 years, 7 months and 25 days. He was a member of Company E, 86th Indiana Regiment. Robert Dino seems to be little known, nothing appearing on his tombstone, but his name. Squire Howard died February 21st, 1865, aged 19 years, 10 months and 25 days. He was a member of Company A, 142nd Regiment. Charles J. Burch was a Corporal of Company F, 72nd Regiment and died at Gallatin, Tenn., January 20th 1863, at the age of 26 years, 9 months an d17 days. Isaac Sellers was a member of Company D, 86th Regiment and died October 10th, 1868, aged 47 years. Kelley Leak was a member of Company g, 154th Regiment and died September 3rd, 1865, at the age of 16 years, 10 months and 27 days. Arriving at the cemetery we found a fine flock of sheep in full possession and had probably been there so long on pasture that they had either driven all the ghosts away or had become so familiar with them that they were not afraid. Pasturing the sheep on the graves of the dead saves time to those having friends buried in the cemetery, as the briars, thistles, high grass and weeds are nibbled down or trodden under foot and this saves the time it would take to cut and burn them. Why would it not be a good and economical plan for the friends of each neighborhood cemetery to own a flock of sheep for grazing purposes in the cemetery? The fence around the grounds are in good condition, but many of the slabs were lying upon the ground and some were broken; a few others were leaning up against the (continued on page 89b) fence taking a rest for the great Resurrection day, seeming to be out of any other employment. (Page 89) Spencer, Arnella, d/o Joseph and M.A. d.9/10/1847 1y 8m 2d Spencer, Manford D., s/o Joseph and M.A. d.9/10/1847 6m 22d Spencer, Mary Ann, w/o Joseph [Also an infant died the same day and now sleeps in Mother’s arms.] d.7/09/1853 31y Spencer, Joseph d.3/01/1876 60y 7m 11d Shortridge, James L., s/o Elias W. and Talitha d.1/07/1856 2y 4m 5d Winchester, John L. d.5/03/1863 22y 11m Burch, Charles J., s/o James and Mary d.1/20/1863 26y 9m 12d [Corporal of Co E 12th Reg Ind Vol died in the service of his company at Gallatin, Tennessee.] McCandless, Isabelle, w/o W. d.4/27/1862 17y Howard, Squire, Corp Co E 12th Reg Ind Vol d.2/21/1865 19y 10m 25d Barwick, J.J. d.2/03/1870 69y 8m Dine, Robert [died a soldier of the Great Rebellion] Day, Eva d.5/27/1874 1d Day, Elmer d.4/26/1876 9m Day, Cordelia, d/o John H. and D. d.12/26/1855 4m 26d Day, Emma, d/o John H. and Delphine d.8/23/1873 7m 11d Himmilright, Mariah A., d/o Wm. J. and Malvina P. d.12/29/1856 3d Wilson, James A., s/o Richard and Elizabeth d.8/22/1855 31y 3m 17d Mills, Henry J., s/o J.W. and S. d.9/03/1855 10m 23d Mills, David H., s/o J.W. and S. d.9/12/1855 13y 5m 7d Sellers, Henry, s/o Isaac and Mary d.3/02/1862 2y 2m 5d Sellers, Isaac, Co D 86 Reg Ind Vol d.10/10/1868 47y Goodwine, J.A. d.3/12/1851 70y 10m 22d Jones, Laura A., d/o Wm. and M.S. d.3/07/1856 1y 2m 8d Tyler, Anna L., w/o Parker d.10/08/1855 Tyler, Parker d.6/28/1853 62y 8m 14d Spencer, Wilson d.12/29/1877 54y 2m 6d Liggett, William H., s/o John and Mary d.10/24/1859 32y 1m 22d Liggett, Sarah J., d/o Wm. and Rebecca d.3/26/1855 3y 3d Liggett, Mary, w/o John d.1/26/1864 62y 1m 7d Liggett, David, s/o John and Mary d.9/04/1857 26y 6m 12d Leak, infant s/o Robert and Zelda d.8/08/1857 Leak, Alfred, s/o Robert and Zelda d.7/28/1860 1y 9m 20d Leak, Benjamin, s/o Robert and Zelda d.5/26/1853 6m 8d Leak, Robert d.25/1863 Leak, Kelley, s/o R. and E. Co G 15th Reg Ind Vol d.9/03/1865 16y 10m 27d Arden, Victoria 9/17/1872-10/31/1910 Arden, Blanche 2/25/1898-8/20/1910

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
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Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
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