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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Jordan Cemetery, Center Section 2
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(Page 92) Center Section 2 Frankenberger, May, d/o S.G. and M. d.4/30/1879 8m 6d Frankenberger, Carl, s/o S.G. and M. d.7/19/1878 1y 9m 6d Frankenberger, ORa G., s/o S.G. and M. d.2/20/(29)/1874 2y 11m 27d Rashin, Estella Frances 9/02/1870-2/06/1952 d/o Nelson E. and Deborah A. Ross, w/o Barnett H. Rashin “buried in the national cemetery, Sawtelle, California.” Ross, Miller “Ola” 1879-1946 Ross, Nelson E., 125th Reg. Ill. Co B 8/31/1842-10/07/1909 Ross, Ann M., w/o Nelson 3/21/1856-12/07/1926 Ross, Debora A., w/o N.E. d.7/12/1886 40y 5m 14d Ross, Wendell C., s/o N.E. and D.A. d.3/18/1886 2y 11m 4d Ross, Gertie J., d/o N.E. and D.A. d.3/24/1882 8m 24d Ross, Annett M., d/o N.E. and D.A. d.12/27/1890 16y 14d Frankenberger, infant d/o H.P. and M. d.2/13/1868 5m 23d Frankenberger, Samuel J., s/o H.P. and M. d.3/20/1871 2m 5d Edwards, Harry Lee, infant s/o Mr. and Mrs. Harry 1934-1935 Petty, Robert A., s/o V.A. and C.J. d.8/28/1891 20y 5m 9d Petty, Maggie A., d/o W.A. and C.J. d.8/08/1890 9y 3m 1d Reiff, Albert, s/o J. and M. d.11/01/1859 3y 8m 23d Reiff, William, s/o J. and M. d.10/13/1859 2y 6m 23d Sears, S.B. 4/28/1848-4/10/1901 Sears, Ellen, w/o S.B. 3/01/1853-3/13/1896 Sears, Tesha, d/o S.B. and M.E. 8/17/1874-10/01/1876 Sears, Freeborn B. 3/07/1877-7/06/1901 Sears, S. Crystal, d/o O.H. and B.A. 12/05/1904-1/09/1905 Matthews, George, s/o Jacob and Clarissa d.3/22/1955 6m 22d Matthews, Mary E., d/o Jacob and Clarissa d.4/22/1855 2y 8m 8d Fred, Nellie, d/o G. and I. d.8/09/1889 2m 8d Wood, infant d/o W.W. and M.E. b&d.6/23/1892 Wood, Goldie, child of W.W. and M.E. d.9/19/1891 2m 16d Wood, Walter W. 1861-1903 Wood, Mary Emma 1857-1942 Harris, Sarah A., d/o Henry J.W. and Nancy C. 1860-1860 Harris, Nancy C., w/o Henry J.A. 1832-1864 Harris, Ida, d/o Henry J.W. and Mary E. 1866-1866 Harris, Amy, d/o Henry J.W. and Mary E. 1872-1972 Harris, Mary E., w/o Henry J.W. and Mary E. 1842-1880 Harris, Henry J.W., s/o Jesse and Lydia A. 1827-1914 (Page 93) Clark, Lydia A., d/o David and Phobe 1810-1865 [broken stone] 31y McElhaney, Ornett O., s/o B.E. and Ella d.6/05/1887 26y 1m 19d McElhaney, ella M., w/o B.F. d.8/21/1898 12y 1m 5d Guest, Rebecca, w/o Joseph d.10/20/1873 24y 11m 4d Guest, Mary W., w/o John 10/21/1815-3/20/1897 Evans, infant s/o F.M. and L.(A.) d.2/28/1896 Scudder, Henry (rest of information buried) Pence, George H., w/o S___ & Amanda d.8/31/1863 1y (11m 6d) Romine, matilda, w/o J. d.(6/09)/1875 53y 5m 19d Ross, Winfred, s/o N.E. and D.A. d.9/26/1871 3y (6)d Romine, Sarah A., d/o J. and M. d.9/07/1870 21y 9m 10d Romine, Smith L., w/o J. and M. d.9/06/1868 25y 9m 19d Romine, Isaac M., s/o J. and M. d.6/20/1857 6d Remster, William (F) d.11/(9)1868 3y _m 22d Labaw, Elmer E., s/o B.B. and E. d.1/16/1868 2y 22d Smith, Asa, b. in Seneca Co., NY 12/24/1803 d.3/10/1855 51y 2m 16d Bush, Elsie infant 1900 McCombs, (David), (Oliver) (11/28)/1888-(1/11)/1909 Wilcox, Albert, s/o Levi V. and Muldal (rest is buried) Wilcox, Levi b. in Essex Co. N.J. 7/28/1796-9/27/1853 57y 2m Wilcox, Elizabeth, w/o Levi V. b. in Midland Dist. Of U.C. 2/14/1816-2/09/1855 38y 11m Wilcox, Marcella, d/o Levi V. and E. d.12/10/1855 (rest is buried) Wilcox, Frank, s/o D. and M. d.12/04/1850 8m 26d Pribble, James H., s/o B. and E.C. d.11/25/1860 1y 8m 28d Pribble, Alice E., d/o B. and E.C. d.11/22/1862 8y 3m 11d Reese, Minnie Bessie, d/o J.L. and J.A. 4/21/1884-10/27/1889 Benedict, Frankie L., s/o W.N. and E.A. d.4/15/1882 1y 6m 13d Evans, Isaac L., s/o D.O. and ____ d.7/04/1872 1y 9m 23d Evans, James A., s/o D.O. and C. (1867) 17y _m 27d Evans, David D. 12/071810-5/18/1883 Evans, Catherine, s/o David 8/03/1830-7/20/1902 Evans, William F. 5/1835-10/1897 Evans, Eliza J. 3/1843-11/1919 Watson, Elsie A. 1897-____ Watson, Ray A. 1893-1975 Pence, infant s/o Geo. L. and Mattie d.7/12/1906 30d Pence, infant d/o Geo. L. and Mattie d.3/05/1895 6d Butt, Eva May, d/o Wm. M. and E. 1891-1892 Butt, Geo. W. d.2/11/1893 61y 11m 8d Butt, Elizabeth A., w/o Geo. W. d.3/27/1866 33y 1m 2d Guest, Eva Ganear, w/o B.A. 12/21/1859-6/03/1921 Dice, Florence, w/o Frank d.3/30/1896 32y 20d Pence, George b. in Shenandoah Valley, VA 1804 d.3/29/1879 74y 2d Pence, Gainor, w/o George d.6/03/1866 57y 9m 1d Meitzler, Elizabeth (Page 94) Meitzler, Frederick Meitzler, Isaac T. d.9/05/1875 23y 6m 12d Meitzler, Albert F., s/o Frederick and Elizabeth d.1/15/1859 2y 9m 4d Houk, William J., s/o Calvin and Anna N. b.6/07/1861 16y 11m _d Crawford, Nancy d.5/26/186(5) 3(3)y 6m 13d Lemon, Henry B. d.4/24/1861 21y 2m 8d Lemon, Daniel S. d.10/18/1851 54y 5m 20d Lemon, Sarah [face down] Cook, John S. 8/31/1861-10/24/1889 Swank, A. Margery 5/22/1824-4/30/1905 Davis, Nancy M., d/o W.W. and S.M. d.8/01/1895 14y 7m 1d Dvis, Willie, s/o W.W. and S.M. d.2/04/1891 2y 3m 29d Davis, Ida J., w/o J.L. d.12/14/1899 37y 3m 6d Davis, Viola, w/o J.L. 1866-7/1891 Davis, John 1857-1932 Pence, Zara E. 1870-1933 Pence, Maggie A. 1873-1932 Pence, Gabriel 6/19/1845-5/16/1885 Pence, Louisa, w/o Gabriel 4/24/1845-6/17/1905 Roe, Emily J. 1858-1920 Roe, Chas. E. 1868-1949 Hevel, Albert H. b.York Co., PA 6/14/1858-12/05/1886 28y 10m 21d Hevel, Elva Myrtle 1885-1972 Pence, Clara B. 1868-1943 Pence, Frank E., brother of Clara 1866-1933 Pence, Ellie, d/o C.M. and Susanna d.9/16/1865 10m 29d Pence, Susanna 2/26/1835-6/01/1896 61y 3m 6d Pence, Curtis M. 9/23/1826-3/15/1913 84y 5m 22d Pence, Harry S. 1873-1950 Pence, Martha V. 1865-1938 Pugh, John 1826-1915 Pugh, Nancy, w/o John 1832-1880 Pugh, Edmund [no dates] Pugh, Edwin [no dates] Pugh Foreman [no dates] Liggett, Arnet O., s/o Wm. And M.A. d.9/30/1880 2y 8d Liggett, William 2/10/1837-3/25/1910 Liggett, Mary A., w/o Wm. 12/25/1842-3/04/1897 Scarlett, Edward 7/26/1889-2/19/1970 Scarlett, Reata F., w/o Edward 5/26/1895-1/15/1916 Scarlett, Anna M., w/o Edward 1889-1971 Scarlett, Morton E., Ill Pvt Util Constr Div QMC WWI 7/26/1889-2/19/1970 Jackson, Winon Guest, d/o B.A. and Ganear E. [no dates] 36y 6m 23d Guest, Benjamin A. 2/14/1858-7/14/1936 _____, Hannah, d/o Robert Renville, Charlie 1866-1943 Renville, Cyntha E. 1871-1915 Renville, Cecle E., d/o C. and C.E. 1889-1906 (Page 95) Renville, infant son 1906-1906 Renville, Berchy R., s/o (I.) and E.A. 6/12/1889-1/15/1893 _y 10m 10d Renville, infant s/o C. and C.E. d.11/03/1888 Larkins, abse only – footstone – Nellie Reynolds, Mary E., w/o E.W. 7/09/1876-3/10/1901 Esterbrook, infant s/o J.G. and M.A. d.6/17/1895 5d Farmer, Cyntha A. d.3/16/1893 15y 24d Redman, infant d/o Maud b. and d.9/11/1892 Reckard, (Zora), d/o J. and C. d.8/17/(1905) 1y Street, Bernice 1901-1901 Terrell, infant d.2/1923 Wilson, infant d.10/1934 Wilson, Mabel Elaine 1927-1938 Nelson, infant d.1958 Wilson, Basil D. 10/13/1899-6/12/1908 Wilson, Dessie 2/16/1878-9/28/1940 Wilson, Alred M. 7/15/1880-3/09/1949 Wilson, Lois Wallace 1910-1941 Wilson, Lloyd E. “Tip” 1906-1972 DeBord, infant s/o Estle and Mabel d.11/19/1914 (11/19 underlined) Swisher, Nancy Jane, w/o Wm. 9/04/1845-6/23/1939 Swisher, William H. Co K 33rd Ind Vol 1/10/1838-6/13/1927 Shatell, Sandy W. 1868-1962 Shatell, Bessie L. 1891-1978 Shaell, mother 1842-1911 Shatell, father 1835-1892 Shatell, Mertie M. d.4/21/1880 2y 5m 21d Shatell, Newton F., s/o S.A. and Catherine d.2/13/1895 13y 10m 25d Shatelle, Estella 1872-1905 Stalnaker, Anna E., d/o W.C. and Mary A. 7/16/1867-10/26/1892 Stalnaker, Mary J., d/o W.C. and Mary A. 5/17/1875-2/03/1898 Armstrong, Edmund 1917-1919 Armstrong, Georgia 1911-1931 Armstrong, Isaiah 1872-1955 Armstron, Alma 1880-1964 Armstrong, Louis “Shorty” 1904-1961 Armstrong, Samuel “Van” 1906-1973 Beaver, Harold Wayne 5/07/1929-8/10/1933 Eaton, Burt David, T Sgt U.S. Army WWI 5/29/1914-11/01/1982 Eaton, Effie L. 2/24/1919-7/06/1940 Eaton, Ella P. 1/20/1880-4/26/1959 Eaton, Bert A. 2/12/1876-12/29/1954 Roberts, Ollie 12/02/1891-6/14/1972 (Page 96) Roberts, Elmer 1/11/1891-7/09/1960 Bottorff, Mary d.12/04/1878 76y 8m 1d Bottorff, Samuel d.10/14/1877 69y 6m 22d Galloway, John Allen d.1945 2m 28d Galloway, Raymond E. 1914-1970 Galloway, Catherine L. 1913-____ French, Mary E. 1854-1929 French, Leander 1850-1920 Butt, Lydia A. 8/25/1834-4/12/1914 Swisher, Lucinda 4/02/1843-4/08/1876 McAlister, Chas. D.10/16/1894 1y 2m 21d McAlister, Effie Z., d/o H.M. and M.C. d.7/26/1890 5/6y 9m Osborn, Nora A., d/o H.L. and M.E. d.12/12/18(90) Slater, infant d/o Dale and Beulah d.2/06/1931 Slater, Dale 3/18/1900-11/19/1956 Slater, Beulah 12/09/1896-6/22/1982 Lutz, Andy 3/03/1867-3/01/1917 Lutz, Anna 2/22/1870-2/01/1907 Conner, Evelyn Muriel, d/o C.E. and Barbara 8/10/1914-12/21/1918 Crane, Mary Jennie Goodwine (Jennie Goodwine underlined), w/o Oscar G. 1853-1907 Crane, infant d/o O.C. and M.J. b. and d.10/01/188(8) Goodwine, Harrison, Sr. d.4/13/1887 67y 9m 4d Goodwine, Isabel, w/o Harrison d.11/10/1890 74y 10m 18d Himmelright, Estelle M. Clem (Clem underlined) 1906-1956 Himmelright, Newton Ray “Yank” (Newton underlined) 1900-1974 Himmelright, William Earl, Pvt Co K Ind 129th Inf 33rd Div WWI 12/27/1893-1/10/1970 Himmelright, Wm.R. 1848-1918 Himmelright, Mary C. 1853-1951 Goodwine, Barbary Jane (Jane underlined) 10/14/1830-3/04/1904 Goodwine, Abner 7/10/1826-9/24/1922 Goodwine, Bell 11/03/1856-12/04/1873 Goodwine, Harry M. 9/27/1874-3/15/1951 Pence, Edna Edith, d/o G.A. and Kate d.9/26/1905 1m 16d Pence, Gabriel A. 1858-1941 Pence, Kate Agnes 1873-1965 Forrest, Wayne 1881-1956 Forrest, Dora 1882-1958 Forrest, infant s/o R.W. and Dora d.7/10/1913 Forrest, infant d/o R.W. and Dora 1882-1958 Goodwine, infant of H. and M.A. d.4/21/1881 Goodwine, Mary A. 1851-1933 Goodwine, Harrison 1850-1918 Sibbett, John W. 9/14/1847-4/11/1880 Sibbett, Josephine, w/o John 10/02/1855-7/10/1887 Gassaway, Laura A. 1867-1914 Gassaway, Thomas W. 1864-1933 Goodwine, Sarah 8/30/1840-3/11/1875 Goodwine, A.C. 2/23/1839-3/17/1910 (Page 97) Himmelright, Mary Leola 3/01/1890-1/21/1908 Himmelright, infant d/o W. and M.C. d.7/05/1880 Himmelright, Cora P., d/o W.R. and M.C. 8/13/1881-7/17/1902 Guthrie, Ella B. 1874-1943 Whicker, James C. 2/20/1866-8/18/1901 Parker, Harold D. 1908-1952 Parker, David E. 8/22/1872-10/14/1908 Parker, Croffie A. 1873-1921 McCandless, J. Ernest 1871-1952 McCandless, Annie S. 1867-1947 Wagner, Jessie Pence 9/03/1872-8/01/1918 Buck, Josie 9/03/1872-3/16/1907 (death date underlined) Buck, Charles d.3/17/1875 Pence, Amanda, w/o Wm. 5/14/1837-10/06/1875 Pence, William W. 8/02/1835-3/23/1913 Smith, Abner A., s/o s/o A.R. and J.R. d.9/02/1898 5m 20d Goodwine, Polly, d/o N.C. and E.A. d.8/15/1883 3m 20d Goodwine, infant s/o, d/o N.C. and E.A. d.4/03/1886 4d Goodwine, Newton C. d.8/12/1928 73y 4m 26d Goodwine, Elizabeth A., w/o N.C. d.8/02/1899 44y 2m 29d Ray, infant s/o Chas. And Sallie d.3/03/1909 Ray, Evelyn Elizabeth, d/o C. and S.E. 6/06/1912-7/04/1913 Perry, Effie, w/o George 1884-____ Perry, George W. 1871-1923 Rush, Albert 10/21/1872-7/12/1918 Harris, Amanda Rush 12/31/1881-4/11/1963 York, Frances G. 8/26/1908-9/22/1909 York, Lee A. 1880-1936 York, Gladys Crawford, w/o Lee A. 12/24/1882-8/27/1908 Winegardner, infant d/o J.R. and S.E. d.1/09/1887 Crawford, Freddie, s/o J.H. and C.V. d.8/25/1890 9m 27d Briggs, Madge E. 4/01/1900-11/10/1903 Briggs, Cora 1867-1912 Briggs, Martin 1861-1921 Briggs, Edithe L. 1905-1930 Knighten, Ida M. 1882-1928 Knighten, Russell, s/o Ida 1907-1921 Winegardner, Joseph R. 1852-1923 Winegardner, Sarah E. 1858-1936 Lakin, James B. 12/28/1857-12/07/1928 Lakin, James, s/o J.B. and Nora d.11/05/1908 Pugh, Alvin L. d.11/27/1893 28y 2m Lakin, Nora Pugh 6/27/1867-11/21/1952 Pugh, John A. 7/19/1892-10/21/1938 Crawford, John H. 6/22/1855-8/01/1924 Crawford, Clara V. 2/11/1861-3/27/1952 Crawford, Owen H. WWI 4/25/1891-8/01/1929 Reeder, Orpha Crawford 10/14/1895-2/22/1982 Reeder, Beulah 1893-1945 Reeder, Calmer G. 1886-1965

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00002983
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 2/17/2011
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