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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Jordan Cemetery, South Section 3
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South Section 3 (Page 98) Winegardner, Dice 1882-1928 Winegardner, infant 1922-1922 Winegardner, Sherman 1891-1956 Cossler, Edward 2/08/1871-7/02/1944 Cossler, J.R. 9/20/1910-2/04/1927 Cossler, Mona 7/08/1866-12/11/1976 Jernagan, Kenneth E. 9/14/1937-11/13/1937 Jernagan, Charles W. b. and d.11/13/1945 Jernagan, Warren H. 1910-1976 Jernagan, Helen E. 1909-____ Davis, infant d.5/25/1971 James, Harley W. 1874-1937 James, Minnie E. 1883-1950 Theble, Mary Lemon d.9/27/1889 37y 1m 9d Lemon, Cornelius d.1/27/1884 63y 10m 2d Crane, Ward, Ind Motor Corp d.4/24/1940 Crane, Joseph O. 1868-1925 Crane, Effie E., w/o Joseph 1871-____ Strickland, Charles C. 11/15/1818/12/25/1881 Cole, Harley L. 1885-192 Harris, Josephine 1871-1962 Harris, Lydia Ann 1869-1957 Holz, Olive N. 1864-1946 Holtz, George 1862-1943 Gray, Ethel Beever 1888-1916 Gray, Charles M. 1870-1931 Ross, Hannah, w/o John d.4/28/1823 72y 11m 19d Ross, John d.12/08/1883 74y 11m 15d Crane, Fred 1874-1942 Brown, W.T. Sherman, s/o N. and J. d.3/06/1867 1y 2m 7d Ridenour, Cora, d/o E. and L. d.3/16/187(5) 9m 26d Reitz, Mary A., d/o Peter and S.(E.) d.1/16/1887 3m 18d Ross, Emma F., d/o Wm. A. and Susan d.10/28/1867 3m 18d Ross, George H., w/o Wm. A. and Susan d.2/01/1869 1m 6d Ross, infant d/o O.L. and E.M. d.2/02/1880 12d Wallace, John d.12/18/1882 78y 2m 27d Ross, Essie 7/13/1877-11/30/1882 Ross, Lillie 2/12/1880-2/24/1880 Ross, Elizabeth M. 12/31/1856-4/24/1917 Ross, Orange L. 12/09/1851-8/21/1915 Margason, Bonnie B. 1894-1961 Margason, William, Ind Pvt 20th Inf 1/29/1856-9/10/1929 Mead, Ulysses Grant, s/o J.R. and H.A. d.5/25/1866 1y 1m 13d Marchant, Harriett, w/o S.A. d.7/23/1871 42y Glover, Olaf E. 1899-1960 (Page 99) Glover, Ellen M., s/o Olaf 1899-1931 Gray, Martha J. 1855-1923 Gray, Vista 1850-1928 Glover, Archer A. 1868-1954 Glover, Bessie G. 1880-1923 Coon, Belle 1876-1955 Coon, Ora A. 1877-1936 Thurman, Robert Mason 1919-1919 Jones, Harry M., s/o E.M. and M.E. 10/18/1885 2y 10m 20d Swank, infants of J.H. and M.J. d.5/13/1877 VanDorn, Hester O., d/o A. and L. d.8/26/1889 3m 20d VanDorn, Margaret, w/o Wm. D.2/02/1879 47y 8m 8d VanDorn, William d.4/16/1886 67y 10m 29d Flint, Joe 9/22/1892-7/01/1980 Flint, Teenza Hurley 2/18/1895-12/17/1980 Flint, Joseph M. 1917-1917 Flint, Mary H. 1857-1927 Mitman, Retta R., d/o C.M. and A. d.9/02/1886 1m 15d Joslin, Alva A. 1874-1912 Mitman, Adelia A., w/o C.M. d.9/01/1886 26y 1m 2d Himmelright, Melvina C. 1/08/1898-3/25/1915 HImmelright, George H. 12/05/1855-8/01/1917 Himmelright, Lucinda E. 4/27/1893-12/19/1928 Bantz, Jacob 1837-1903 Bantz, Susan H. 1843-1889 Ross, Hayes 1876-1953 Ross, Lillian Cadle 1876-1945 Ross, Lois Frances, d/o H.R. and L. 1908-1909 Weaver, Hazel, d/o Dave and Mary 6/28/1916-11/20/1917 Renville, Lucy A., w/o Isaac d.12/30/1860 Renville, Isaac 11/01/1829-12/20/1908 Volmer, Cora d.11/16/1897 Paul, Daniel 8/20/1873-2/08/1911 Paul, Ruth Ross 11/15/1876-9/25/190_ Henderson, Mary B. 1893-1979 Allen, Frank 1922-1937 Allen, Minnie 1921-1937 DeZarn, Mary 1866-1941 DeZarn, Wiley 1864-1941 Dezarn, Emery 1891-1947 DeZarn, Maggie 1901-____ Lohmeyer, Meirl Jr. 3/10/1920-11/4/1920 Lohmeyer, Meirl E. 1892-1971 Lohmeyer, Vivian V. 1899-1983 Grant, Iva Cheak 1884-1960 Grant, Russell 1901-1970 Hoskins, Celia, d/o Wm. And A. 1/07/1887-12/12/1903 Hoskins, William 11/1872-6/1963 Hoskins, Arrilla 10/1872-9/1955 Weaver, Jesse E. 1/20/1919-1/30/1919 Butler, Judith Carol 1939-1940 Willard Hannah 2/22/1852-3/19/1936 Willard, Z.M. 11/4/1847-1/14/1916 (Page 100) Roberts, Samuel 1867-1942 Roberts, Minnie May 1880-1935 Roberts, Ruthie May 2/24/1909-4/24/1911 Clark, Augha Lee 1894-1940 Clark, Mildred Farrell 1899-1978 McCandless, Belle 1869-1947 McCandless, Sarah Hunt, w/o J.A. 9/21/1845-4/13/1924 McCandless, J.A. 8/12/1837-8/19/1910 Clark, J. Milton 1863-1937 Clark, Dochia F. 1873-1955 Kirkchhoff, Frederick 1824-1917 Kirchhoff, Ana 1834-1909 Pence, Frank R. 1868-1920 Pence, Delia McCandless 1867-1956 Lohmeyer, Henry G. 1856-1920 Lohmeyer, Elizabeth, w/o Henry 1862-1925 Beebe, Ira L. 1889-1962 Beebe, Carrie M. 1889-1958 Amick, Cleo J. 1918-____ Amick, George Estel, Tec4 U.S. Army WWII 1909-1978 Jones, Stephen Allen 6/29/1955-4/26/1980 Jones, Alberta 1925-____ Jones, Inez A. 1923-____ Jones, Dewey L., Ind Sp4 U.S. Army Vietnam 1/01/1948-11/22/1973 Jones, L.W. “Casey” 9/12/1919-9/09/1974 Jones, Lones C., Pvt Co A 52nd Armed Inf BN WWII 6/04/1923-6/04/1969 Amick, Howard E. 1916-1961 Bryant, Henry E. 1891-1970 Bryant, Vida G. 1892-1975 Lyman, G. Edwin, Sp5 U.S. Army Vietnam 1946-1974 James, Delmar 1/20/1908-____ James, Elizabeth R. 7/07/1912-____ DeZarn, Carolyn Kay 1943-1948 DeZarn, Betty d.4/02/1976 McIntosh, George 1903-1973 McIntosh, Maude 1904-1980 York, Lawrence 1906-1973 York, Gladys 1908-____ Slauter, Barbara Jane 1928-1948 Slauter, John S. 1900-1977 Slauter, Margaret C. 1902-____ Slauter, Otis ____ Slauter, Itha d.1969 Armstrong, Lester C., T Sgt 561 Base Unit AAF WWII 8/29/195/3/22/1954 McLaughlin, Benjamin H. 1886-1950 McLaughlin, Edith M. 1888-1969 Amick, George L. 1888-1955 Bestel, Lena J. Amick 1889-1975 Thurman, Eugene H. 1895-1964 (Page 101) Thurman, Bessie M. 1898-1958 Slauter, Mearl 1883-1947 Slauther, edgar M. 1873-1959 Weaver, Jesse 1875-1947 Weaver, Effie O. 1885-1979 Renville, Forrest W., Ind PFC 12th MG BN WWI 4/07/1896-11/04/1969 Renville, Olive 1896-____ Wyatt, John W. 1867-1959 Wyatt, Minnie J. 1874-1946 Pence, Ernest 1904-____ Pence, Udorah 1907-1945 Strickland, Ralph M. 1913-1974 Strickland, Pauline G. 1910-____ Carpenter, Luke 1866-1948 Carpenter, Maude N. 1885-1950 Farrell, John R. 1875-1959 Farrell, Lula B. 1875-1948 Hile, Catheirne C., d/o Jack and Mary d.1/20/1914 Turnpaugh, Earl 1886-1969 Turnpaugh, Anna 1887-1968 Turnpaugh, Glenn 1913-1933 Turnpaugh, Pearl 1911-1920 Turnpaugh, Wilfred 1909-1928 Turnpaugh, Edgar 1919-1930

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00002984
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 2/23/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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