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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Locust Grove Cemetery, Old Section
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Locust Grove Cemetery Prairie Township, Warren County, Indiana Locust Grove Cemetery is the only cemetery in Prairie Township. To locate the cemetery from highway 41, take the highway 26 exit. Go west to the third crossroad and turn left. A sign located here says “Locust Grove Church.” The cemetery is on the right side, less than ½ mile down the road. It is a large cemetery and it is not hard to find. Barbara Leak is the secretary of the Locust Grove Cemetery Association. Her records are very complete as she has used the plat map and burial permit records as well as death records, Bible records, and newspapers to verify information. She has read every stone and recorded that information as well as burial permit records (noted in this list by the letters “bp”). If no stone exists she has reconstructed the information from other records. Barbara’s notes and burial permit information are noted in parentheses. The numbers refer to plat numbers so location of a stone is easy and reliable. A copy of the plat map of Locust Grove is included for reference. Barbara has prepared this list and offered it for use in this book. Old Section (Page 106) 1A Dalton, Susie A. 1891-1971 (bp age 80 d.10/03/71, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) Dalton, A. Carter 1889-1982 (bp age 92 7/06/1982, Benton Co., Ind) Dalton, William E. 7/23/1926-11/23/1944 Ind Pvt QM Corps WWII (bp age 19 d.11/23/1944, Marti Laugue, Belgium) 1 Turner, Maynard W. 10/02/1911-____ Turner, A. Louis, w/o Maynard W. 6/06/1922-9/02/1984 (bp Anna Louise Turner d.9/02/1984, Verm. Co., Ill) Turner, Harold A. 1913-1924 (bp Harold Arthur Turner d.7/06/1924, Prairie Twp., Warren Co., Ind accidental drowning) Turner, M. Earl 11/08/1887-7/02/1969 (bp age 81 d.7/02/1969, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) (no inscription for Hazel E. Turner 11/24/1892-12/21/1983, w/o M. Earl) (Bp age 91 d.12/21/1983, Benton Co., Ind) 2A Knowling, George H., Ind Pvt 35th Fld Art d.2/20/1925 (bp 28yrs 9mos 13days d.2/20/1925) Nicholson, Mary E. 1886-1963 (bp Mary Ellen Nicholson age 77 d.11/30/1963, Warren Co., Ind) Nicholson, Thomas W. 1885-1971 (bp age 86 d.9/21/1971, Fountain Co.,Ind) Knowling, Daisy Ruth 9/18/1894-3/18/1969 (bp age 74 d.3/18/1969, Wayne Co., Mich) Shaw, Bertha M. 2/02/1900-7/20/1977 (bp age 72 d.7/20/1977, Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) 2 Stephen, Charlotte 1890-1958 (bp Anna Charlotte Stephen age 66 d.1/10/1958, Ambia, Ind) Stephen, Alonzo F. 1884-1956 (bp Alonzo Franklin Stephen d.12/05/1956, Ambia, Ind) Stephen, Alonzo V. “Popeye” 1911-1979 (bp Alonzo Virgil Stephen age 68 d.10/06/1969, Indianapolis, Ind) Stephen, mildred M. 1926-____ Stephen, George A., Ind PFC Co G 501 Parachute Inf Bn WWII 11/14/1914-12/24/1972 (bp George Albert Stephen age 58 d.12/24/1972, Ambia, Ind) 3 (no stones; lot owned by Baldwin) 4 Baldwin, Letta, mother 1865-1890 5 Moyer, James 10/24/1849-4/04/1930 (bp age 80 d. 4/04/1930, Warren Co., Ind) Moyer, Eliza, w/o James 2/25/1848-6/03/1916 (Page 107) 6 (no stones; lot owned by Mans Beaver) 7 (N ½) Gehris, d/o N.R. and I.B. d.11/03/1890 1m 14d Gehris, Inda B., w/o N.R. 4/22/1873-12/28/1897 Gehris, N.R. 5/23/1870-9/16/1943 (bp Nathan R. Gehris d.9/15/1943 age 73y 3m 22d Grundy Co., Ill) 7 (S ½) Orr, Laura A. 1912-____ Orr, Wayne 1911-1970 (bp age 59 d.8/20/1970, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) 8 Orr, David A. 1844-1916 Orr, Mary A. 1825-1904 Orr, Sarah L. 1850-1928 (bp age 77 d.1/02/1928, Prairie Twp., Warren Co., Ind) Orr, James W. 1845-1919 Dysert, Margaret, w/o Solomon 1/25/1803-1/13/1896 9 Keller, Catherine, d/o E. and S. (dim stone) 4/02/1883-5/01/1888 Noll, Elizabeth G., w/o B.F. d.11/22/1893 74y 10m 29d “No pain no grief no anxious fear can reach the peaceful sleeper here” Noll, Benjamin d.6/20/1885 64y 7m 14d “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord” 10 Orr, Bessie 8/12/1884-1/18/1957 (bp age 72 d.1/18/1957, Warren Co., Ind) Orr, Clayborn 7/19/1883-1/31/1965 (bp age 81 d.1/31/1965, Warren Co., Ind) Orr, infant s/o Clayborn and Bessie 1916-1917 (bp Shelburn Orr 2 mos 3/09/1917) Jones, Mary E. 1912-1970 (bp age 57 d.1/16/1970, Warren Co., Ind) 11 Myers, Bula B., d/o P.H. and M.R. 9/09/1899-12/06/1899 (no stone for male infant son of P.H. and M.R. Myers b 7/21/1898) Myers, Sarah I 1871-1956 (bp Sarah Isabelle Myers age 85 d.7/22/1956, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) Myers, George S. 1861-1946 (bp age 84 d.2/09/1946, Clinton Co., Ind) 12 Orr, Lora 1/05/1878-5/03/1916 Orr, David A., Jr. 2/18/1878-4/22/1954 (bp age 76 d.4/22/1954, Warren Co., Ind) (Page 108) 12 Orr, infant d/o J.R. and G.F. d.5/30/1975 (bp age 0 d.5/30/1975, Danville, Vermillion Co., Ill) Orr, Clifford M., s/o D.A. and L. 1/05/1904-12/23/1915 13 Shaffer, Lucy (dim stone) d.2/13/1894 74y 17d Lerch, George W. d.2/28/1879 32y 5m 25d Goodwine, Mother Elizabeth R. 3/31/1853-12/01/1913 Lerch, Wm H. 1876-1924 Lerch, Martha 1892-1942 14 Fix, Susan, w/o Charles 1825-1909 Fix, Charles 1820-1909 Hickman, Mary C. 1869-1958 (bp age 89 d.11/15/1958, Boswell, Benton Co., Ind) Hickman, Albert N. 1862-1934 15 Vines, Everett B., s/o H.A. and A.B. d.12/051899 4y 1m 13d Hanawalt, John (dim stone) d.5/28/1889 72y 5m 21d Hanawalt, Rosabel, d/o J. and I. d.11/28/1878 15y 1m 24d Stevens, Emma M. 11/05/1870-10/23/1935 (bp age 64y 11m 18d d.10/23/1935, Champaign Co., Ill) Jones, Lula H. 1874-1964 (bp Loustella Jones age 90 d.8/07/1964, Marion Co., Ill) Jones , Harvey T. 1869-1948 16 Wells, George S. Co L 6th Mo Vol Cav 10/07/1834-9/27/1914 Wells, Mary E. his wife 4/21/1847-5/25/1912 Children of George and Mary: Wells, Lillie O. 10/10/1870-12/08/1881 Wells, Rosetta A. 6/17/1868-6/24/1892 Wells, Jessie M. 5/26/1876-9/08/1897 (also fooststones Lillie, Aggie, Jessie) 17 Sigler, Rachel A., d/o G.W. and R.C. d.10/25/1878 10y 2m 11d (said to have been 2nd burial after cemetery was moved to present location) Sigler, George W. 2/22/1841-2/01/1901 Sigler, Rachel C. his wife 11/25/1833-1/22/1905 18 Fix, Lydia 6/02/1830-3/17/1911 Fix, Sebastian 1/25/1830-12/27/1920 (bp d.12/27/1920 age 90y 11m 7d, St. Clair Co., Ill) Fix, Alvin L. 5/28/1855-12/11/1909 Fix, Aaron S. 4/02/1859-11/29/1911 Fix, Kenneth, s/o R.M. and R.I. d. 1/02/1893 5y 14d 19 McDade, Thos. 1861-1941 (bp James Thomas McDade age 79 d.2/01/1941, Locust Grove) (Page 109) 19 Lesny, Bessie Hartlep 1894-1940 (bp age 46 d.6/09/1940, Ambia Ind) Lesny, Joseph C. 1897-1973 (bp age 76 d.11/09/1973, Ambia, Benton Co., Ind) Case, Otie F. 12/22/1895-8/17/1978 (bp Otie Campbell age 82 d.8/17/1978, Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) Case, James B. Ind Pvt 14th Fld Sig Bn 9/20/1894-6/02/1938 (bp age 44 d.6/02/1838, Marion Co., Ind) Hartlep, Anna Etta 1867-1947 (bp age 80 d.5/21/1847, Warren Co., Ind) Hartlep, John L. 1865-1935 20 Kelley, Albert D. 1840-1888 Kelley, Rebecca A. 1839-1909 Kelley, William Rexford 8/10/1882-4/15/1906 Kelley, Margaret A. Reitz, w/o Clint 5/18/1879-3/18/1902 Kelley, Clint 5/13/1869-3/17/1922 21 Wells, Arthur A., s/o D. and C.M. d.10/25/1887 27y 1m 5d 22 Larch, Elizabeth, w/o Aaron 2/19/1846-2/03/1919 Larch Aaron 4/20/1839-10/03/1906 Larch, Perry E. 1871-1918 (bp age 46 d.2/26/1918) 23 Myers, Daniel 10/07/1827-6/15/1879 24 Fisher, Sylvia 1872-1947 (bp age 74 d.7/25/1847, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) Fisher, Chris 1868-1962 (bp Christian Fisher age 94 d.12/18/1962, Warren Co., Ind) Fisher, Myrtle V. 1892-1969 (bp Myrtle Vane Fisher d.12/07/1969 age 77, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) (No stone for Fisher, Pearl) (bp Pearl R. Fisher age 87 d.10/04/1984, Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) 25 Meyers, Isabel, w/o John H. 4/08/1860-11/22/1880 Meyers, William, s/o J.H. and I. 11/10/1880-7/24/1881 26 Holz, Amanda, w/o John 2/09/1839-3/12/1918 (bp Sarah Amanda Holz age 78 d.3/12/1918, Prairie Twp., Warren Co. Ind) Holz, John 2/25/1835-9/07/1915 Hoshauer, Aaron 1/06/1838-7/11/1910 27 Anderson, Marcia M. 1892-1897 Anderson, Harris G. 1856-1920 (Page 110) 27 Anderson, Nellie L. his wife 1865-1945 (bp age 80 d.7/29/1945, Hammond, Ind) Anderson, William 1866-1959 (bp William Logan Anderson age 93 d.12/10/1959, Cass Co., Ind) Anderson, Scott 1869-1943 (bp age 73 d.9/22/1942, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) Anderson, Elizabeth 1863-1930 (bp age 66 d.7/24/1930, Boswell, Ind) Anderson, Perry B. 1843-1924 (bp Age 80 d.1/11/1924, Prairie Twp., Warren Co., Ind) 28 Felix, M. Blanche 1884-1949 Feliz, Charles W. 1883-1974 (bp Charles William Felix age 90 d.1/29/1974, Hoopeston, Vermillion Co., Ill) 29 Mitchell, John 1881-1954 Mitchell, Henry d.10/09/1885 67y (no stone for Mitchell, Jane) (bp age 83 d.1/14/1926, near Ambia) 30 Fisher, Allie, w/o R.H. 12/23/1871-11/08/1901 Robertson, Editch C. 1886-1971 (bp Edith Celeste Robertson age 85 d.10/19/1971, Benton Co., Ind) Robertson, Ward B. 1882-1981 (bp age 99 d.12/16/1981, Fowler, Benton Co., Ind) Robertson, Harold E., Sr. 1903-1975 (bp Harold Edgar Robertson Sr. age 71 d.1/04/1975, Otterbein, Benton Co., Ind) Fisher, Amos, s/o J.D. and E.J. d.9/14/1884 2y 7m 14d “Tho lost to sight To memory dear” Roberts, Samuel (metal marker) 1911-1984 (bp Samuel Eugene Roberts age 72 d.5/24/1894, Fremont, Mich) 31 Snively, Ollie 1863-1890 Conner, Franklin G., s/o Wm W. and R.F. d.11/22/1892 24y 3m 17d Conner, William W. d.(not cut) aged (not cut) Conner, Rebecca F., w/o Wm W. d.12/21/1890 68y 2m 19d 32 Starks, Martha A. 1882-1933 (bp d.6/04/1933, Ambia, Benton Co., Ind) Starks, August A. 1879-1953 (no stones for Gerald Worth Starks 5/30/1909-1/06/1910 and stillborn infant of A.A. and M.A. Starks 1/01/1915) (birth and death records Benton Co., Ind) (records of Leo Starks, w/o A.A. and M.A.) 33 Glasscock, Benjamin d.3/29/1883 51y 8d Trueblood, George W. 1900-____ Trueblood, Edna L. 1897-1974 (bp Edna L. age 76 d.2/15/1974, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) Coombs, Cleatia 1895-____ (Page 111) 33 Coombs, Luther 1889-1972 (bp David Luther age 83 d.4/02/1972, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) 34 Homen, Miriam C. 5/12/1827-3/14/1894 Homen, Emanuel d.7/18/1881 61y 17d 35 Anderson, Annie W. Kreger (Kreger underlined) 4/04/1879-5/03/1896 Anderson, Whit 2/18/1872-2/18/1936 (bp Whit A. age 64 d.2/18/1936, Warren Co., Ind) Anderson, Annie 10/25/1875-4/22/1933 (bp Martha Ann d.4/22/1933, Warren Co., Ind) Goodacre, malinda 1850-1918 Goodacre, William 1861-1933 (bp d.12/16/1933 age 72y 7m 22d, Putnam Co., Ind) Anderson, Edith Pearl d/o I.C. and M. d.6/20/1875 11m 6d Anderson, Isaac C. d3.02/1884 28y 5d 36 Robertson, Amos 12/24/1846-4/02/1910 Robertson, Julia A. his wife “MOTHER” 11/07/1853-9/01/1919 Robertson, Lilly Ann 3/08/1880-4/02/1880 (This stone replaces old one which read “Lily A dau of AA & JA Robertson d. 4-2/-1880 age 25d”) Robertson, Luther A. 12/15/1882-10/15/1890 (This stone replace old one which read “Luther D son of AA & JA Robertson d. 10/15/1890 age 8y 10m”) Mitchell, Rosetta 1875-1966 (bp d.9/28/1966, Vermilion Co., Ill age 91) Mitchell, George E. 1873-1952 (bp George Edward d.11/04/1952, Iroquois Co., Ill., age 79y 2m 15d) 37 Hartlep, Mary J., d/o K. and E. d.3/07/1872 5y 1m (dim stone) (Body must have been moved from old cemetery location) Hartlep, James O. d.8/05/1898 32y 3m 27d Hartlep, Casper 10/20/1835-1/04/1918 Hartlep, Elizabeth French his wife (French underlined) 6/20/1838-7/17/1905 Hartlep, infant s/o Charles B. and Lealia A. d.12/20/1916 (bp infant d.12/20/1916 lived 7hrs) Hartlep, Charles B. 4/16/1868-8/08/1947 Hartlep, Lealia A. 9/26/1897-8/28/1975 (bp Lealia Ann age 77 d.8/28/1975, Vermilion Co., Ill) 38 Hanawalt, Bowman 8/29/1855-10/27/1880 25y 1m 28d Hanawalt, Caleb “FATHER” 6/07/1819-7/16/1907 Hanawalt, Margaret A. 1852-1926 (bp age 68 d.4/19/1926) (Page 112) 39 Fox, Maybell E. 1883-1971 (bp Maybell Etta 2/08/1883-9/25/1971, San Mateo Co., Calif) Fox, Charles M. 1879-1969 (bp Charles Morgan age 88 d.1/07/1969, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) Hixson, Lora Allen 1877-1950 Hison, William H. 1872-1943 (bp age 71 d.10/19/1943, Benton Co., Ind) (Stone with the whole top section missing. Twin sons of Lora and William Hixson are buried on this lot; this may be their stone.) Allen, Clara L. 1851-1927 (bp Clarissa Lorinda age 75 d.Indiana buried 7/25/1927) Allen, Wilson S. (dim stone) d.5/22/1888 43y 5m 22d 40 Gamble, Alexander P. 1825-1915 Barnette, Denzel Marie d.9/21/1926 (bp age 3 hrs d.9/22/1926, Hamilton Co., Ind) Gamble, William 1852-1930 (bp d.8/22/1930, Vermilion Co., Ill age 77y 10m 6d) Gamble, Elma S. 1855-1937 (bp d.7/14/1937, Cheneyville, Ill age 82y 1m 20d) Gamble, Gracie L. 1881-1902 Gamble, Luther C. 1879-1881 Troxel, wife Missouri White 1834-1885 Troxel, husband Adam 1820-1895 41 No stone (unmarked grave of Rockenfield, Mabel dau of George) 42 Boswell, J.A. 1880-1951 (bp Josiah Andrew age 69y d.9/07/1951, Marion Co., Ind) Boswell, James L. (metal marker) 1888-1935 (bp ames Lubree age 46 d.7/18/1935, Warren Co., Ind) Boswell, James N. (metal marker now missing) 1858-1929 (bp James Nathaniel age 70 d.6/17/1929, Warren Co., Ind) Boswell, Ella B. (metal marker) 1863-1928 (bp Ella Bell age 65 d.4/04/1928, Kentland, Ind) Boswell, Delbert B. (metal marker now missing) 1903-1923 (bp Delbert Loyd age 19 d.3/12/1923) 43 Iliff, Esta E. 1908-1973 (bp age 65 d.8/10/1973, Benton Co., Ind) Iliff, John W. 1904-1974 (bp age 70 d.9/15/1974, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) Gilkey, Lola C. 1887-1971 (bp age 84 d.4/06/1971, Cook Co., Ill) Gilkey, WElton P. 1880-1957 (bp Welton Park age 76 d.10/08/1957, Vermilion Co., Ill) Gilkey, Angeline, w/o L. (dim stone) d.7/22/1885 35y Gilkey, Lewis G. 1/14/1844-5/15/1920 (bp father Otto Irvin; mother Ethel Troxel) (Page 113) 44 Ervin, John R. 1922-1923 (bp age 2m 7d 12/15/1922-2/22/1923, Ill) Ervin, mother Ethel S. 1889-1955 (bp Ethel Sciota d.1/14/1955, Rossville, Ill) Troxel, John M. 1856-1935 (bp age 78 d.9/05/1935, Warren Co, Ind) Troxel, Rhoda A. 1866-1952 (bp age 86 d.12/08/1952, Ill) Troxel, Reed Milford 1897-1918 (bp age 21y 6m 27d d.8/13/1918, Vermilion Co., Ill, cycle accident) Troxel, Harry N., s/o J.M. and R.A. d.9/07/1887 4m 4d 45 Pugh, Lowell, s/o J.P. and M.p. d.10/03/1892 8m 3d (unmarked grave of Rennaker, Clara, d/o Hiram and Susannah) (Vermilion Co., Ill death records; Clara Rennaker d.5/16/1886 age 9y 8m; burial, Prairie Twp., Warren Co., Ind) (Rennaker family records) 46 no stones; owned by Chas Reach 47, 48, 49, 50 (Lots for use of those without a lot—used mostly for infant burials. Information from cemetery ledger and map.) 47 Hunt, Frank Spray, infant of Chas. D.3/1894 Garner, child d.10/21/__ 7m (Index to Deaths in Warren Co., Ind lists Garner, Orin Edwin age 7m d.10/20/1900, Prairie Twp., WarrenCo., Ind) Garner, baby Mathews, baby of Dolly d.1905 Rosher, baby of Arther d.5/24/1916 (bp infant Rosher age 5hrs d.5/24/1916, Prairie Green Twp., Iroequois Co., Ill) Nehemiah, baby of Elbert d.10/09/1918 (mother of baby, Leora Edwards Nehemiah died 10/10/1918; buried in Veedersburg) 48 Carswell, infant d.1/08/1900 3d Carswell, infant d.7/18/1901 (Index to Deaths, Benton Co., Ind, lists Carswell, Ora male white d.7/18/1901 Hichory Grove Twp., Benton Co., Ind) Viles, Charles baby d.7/24/1921 Mondy, baby of Newton d.12/04/1921 (bp Stillborn Mondy d.12/02/1921, Prairie Twp., Warren Co., Ind) Goodwine, Helen sb baby of Arkley d.3/31/1927 (bp Helen Goodwin sb 3 31/1927; father Arkley Goodwin by Tenn.; mother Ehtel Miller b. Tenn.) Potter, Leroy 7/14/1928-9/14/1928 (bp Oscar Leroy Potter d.9/13/1928 age 2m 1d, Hoopeston, Ill) (Page 114) 49 Daggs, John d.3/28/1929 (an adult murdered in Tab, Ind) Terrell, baby age 4 wks d.1/01/1935 (baby of Charles) Terrell, baby of Charles sb.1/07/1928 (bp Stillborn Terrell d.1/07/1928, Warren Co., Ind) Broadus, baby d.9/17/1930 18d (bp Veanata Broadus age 18d d.9/17/1930 18d, Prairie Twp., Warren Co., Ind) 50 Keeler, Salli infant d/o Joe and Sally sb.10/05/1982 (bp Sali Keeler d.10/05/1982, Vermilion Co., Ill) 69 Schwerdtmann, Judith Gay d.8/12/1944 (bp baby girl Schwerdtmann age 3hrs d.8/12/1944, Cook Co., Ill) (unmarked grave of Olsen, baby of Ralph and Virginia) (bp Baby Olsen age 1d d.4/22/1946, Chicago, Ill) 69A Felix, Edward 1/28/1926-2/17/1926 (bp Edward Eugene age 19d d.2/17/1926, Hoopeston, Ill, whooping cough) Felix, William Adelbert 9/04/1902-2/04/1982 (bp William Adelbert 9/04/1902-2/04/1982, Los Angeles Co., Calif., cremated 2/09/1982, ashed buried 8/01/1982) Felix Grace M. 11/23/1900-____ 70 Thomas, Susan E. 1856-1934 Thomas, William W. 1844-1933 (bp age 88 d.6/15/1933, Warren Co., Ind) (unmarked grave Clara Biddle) (bp age 88 d.6/29/1968, Marshall Co., Ind) 70A Felix, Fred R. 1895-1971 (bp age 75 d.1/16/1971, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) Felix, Esther 1902-1963 (bp age 61 d.12/26/1963, Tippecaone Co., Ind) Felix, Robert D. 9/04/1924-5/20/1944 (bp Robert Dean age 19 d.5/20/1944, Dade Co., Florida) Harper, Kevin W. 1st Lt U.S. Army 2/20/1957-7/04/1981 (bp Kevin William d.7/04/1981, North Carolina) 71 Pope, Robert Morton Co E 111th Ind 5/30/1809-4/29/1893 Pope, Mary A. 10/10/1830-8/11/1916 (bp Mary Ann age 85 d.8/10/1916, Benton Co., Ind) Pope, Nora James 1883-3/18/1918 Pope, John H. 5/02/1860-3/18/1892 72 McCormick, Charles, M., husband 1862-1918 (bp age 56y 11m d.8/12/1918) McCormick, Elvira A., wife 1861-1938 (bp age 67 d7/02/1938, Warren Co., Ind) McCormick, small illegible stone could be Margaret? (Page 115) 72 McCormick, Raymond J., son 1900-1919 Smith, Edna Mc 1892-19__ Smith, George L. 1883-1965 (bp George Louis age 81 d3/06/1955, Ford Co., Ill) 73 no stones; owned by Harvey McRey 74 Jones, Dorwin 1860-1939 (bp age 79 d.2/28/1939, Carroll Co., Ind) Jones, Jennie F. 1866-1926 (bp Jennie Francis Jones age 60 d.12/23/1926, Warren Co., Ind) Infant (probably for Maude) Jones, Maude, d/o D. and J.F. 4/03/1897-1/14/1899 Jones, Merle d/o D. and J.F. 12/30/1899-2/16/1901 Jones, Albertus C. 1885-1958 (bp Corwin Albert Jones age 53 d.11/14/1958, Elwood, Ind) 75 Gephart, Annie May, d/o A.W. and E. d.11/01/1882 5y 9m 3d Gephart, Robert, s/o A.W. and E. d.7/28/1894 19y 11m 28d Gephart, Augustus W. 1847-1921 (bp age 73 d.2/23/1921, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) Gephart, Eleanor 1851-1932 (bp Eleanor McCord Gephart age 81 d.10/22/1932, Tippecanoe, Co, Ind) 76 Barker, Lillian A., d/o A.H. and M.C. 3/27/1876-3/17/1891 Barker, Mollie E., w/o A.H. 6/15/1853-1/25/1896 77 no stones; owned by W.H. Dire 78 Ransom, Isabella, w/o Reuben d.5/11/1887 46y 1m Ransom, Gladys d.4/15/1899 1y 2m 18d Ransom, Reuben W. 4/24/1863-1/21/1912 Ransom, Rose E., his wife 5/15/1859-9/22/1934 (bp Rose Ellen Ransom age 75 d.7/22/1934 (stone disagrees)) 79 High, Greta Louise, d/o J.H. and M.P. 1/12/1916-1/15/1916 High, Pearl 1881-1936 High, John 1882-1952 (bp John Hindman High age 69 d.4/13/1952, Lafayette, Ind) 80 Thomas, James Otto, s/o W.W. and S.E. d.11/16/1885 10m 7d Thomas, Susan Beatrice, d/o Charley and Grace 6/01/1913-6/27/1919 (bp age 6 died near Ambia, Ind from spinal meningitis, buried 6/30/1919) (Page 116) 80 Thomas, Grace F. 7/29/1885-1980 (bp age 94 d.3/20/1980, Lafayette, Ind) Thomas, Charley E. 3/15/1883-3/24/1966 (bp age 83 d.3/24/1966, Warren Co., Ind) 81 High, Infant, d/o (M. and I.) d.6/05/1881 13d High, Margaret M. 3/16/1853-5/05/1917 (bp age 64 d.5/05/1917, Prairie Twp, Warren Co., Ind) High, Isaac D. (bp age 72 d.7/04/1917) High, Pearl R. 1891-1969 (bp Pearl Ruby age 79 d.1/05/1969, White Co., Ind) High, William E. 1886-1971 (bp age 85 d.Monticello, Ind) 82 Goodrick, Maggie H. Padgitt 1864-1885 Goodrick, James W. 1833-1866 Goodrick, Rebecca A. 1838-1905 Padgitt, Jemima E. 1861-1927 (bp d.1927 Tippecanoe Co., Ind; permit issued 5/08/??) Padgitt, Albin M. 1856-1938 (bp Alvin Lamont age 82 d.7/06/1938, Warren Co., Ind) Hickman, Harriet 1852-1929 (bp Harriet C. age 76 d.9/27/1929, Warren Co., Ind) 83 High, Anna E. 2/18/1859-9/25/1915 High, John V.R. 6/20/1855-12/17/1931 (bp age 76 d.12/17/1931, Warren Co., Ind) 84 no stones; owned by J. Rosengwets 85 High, Chalres W., Co W 1st Mich L. Art. 1849-1922 Orr, Wincy M. 1872-1916 Orr, Francis M. 1870-1947 86 Crabb, William H. d.10/31/1888 25y 11m 14d Sargent, John 1879-1914 Crabb, Geo H.L. d.12/02/1888 22y1m 2d Crabb, Catharine, w/o Vincent d.12/28/1895 68y 10m 16d 87 no stones; owned by P.C. Marlatt 88 Henry, Alexander 3/11/1835-10/12/1904 Henry, Elizabeth, his wife 9/23/1835-12/17/1922 Greenberg, Eugene Lee d.4/05/1929 (bp age 4 days d.4/05/1929, Ambia, Ind.) (obit: son of Reed Greenberg) 89 Larch, Cinderella d.1/18/1917 77y 7m 3d Larch, Harrison d.11/10/1895 61y 7m 29d 90 Custer, Ella /o J.W., d/o J.B. and M.L. Lacey d.2/09/1881 23y 1m 15d (Page 117) 90 Custer, Infant, s/o J.W. and E. b. and d.2/01/1881 91 Hottenstein, Mary E., d/o Charles and Mary 2/24/1861-6/14/1863 3y 3m 28d Hottenstein, Mary 11/02/1816-12/31/1897 MOTHER Hottenstein, Charles 5/11/1816-3/22/1903 FATHER Felix, Sally Ann 11/12/1837-2/12/1915 Felix, Joseph 5/13/1839-2/10/1917 (brother to Sally) Hottenstein, C. 1854-1923 (bp Robert C. age 69 d.5/27/1823, Tippecanoe Co., Ind) Hottenstein, Mary E., his wife 1853-1926 (obit: 10/07/1853 / 12/24/1926 93 Cooley, Francis M., d/o J.A. and C.A. (dim stone) d.2/16/1871 6m 24d Cooley, Katharine A. 9/23/1849-7/23/1918 Cooley, Andrew J. 3/08/1840-5/18/1918 Hoggatt, Anna E. 1872-1945 (bp age 72 d.5/06/1845, Crawfordsville, Ind) 92 Francis, D. May, d/o S.P. and M. 1/01/1866-12/12/1895 Gady, E.E. 1866-1952 (bp Elmer Ellswort d.8/04/1952 age 85, Warren Co., Ind) Gady, Alice E., his wife 1868-1925 (bp Alice Esther age 57 d.11/25/1925, LaPorte, Ind) 94 Bever, Amm__ttie died June 2_, 1881 age 3m, 25d (dim stone) lot owned by Ans Bever 95 Felix, Oma May 3y 7d Felix, Anna C., w/o Joseph A. 6/15/1877-7/30/1912 Stranger, pause not as you pass by/As you are now so once was I/As I am now soon you will be/Prepare for death and follow me. Trueblood, Wallace 1896-1961 (Mil. Marker . Wallace A. Trueblood Ind Pvt 669 Aero Sq WWI 5-3-1896 / 4/10/1961) (bp Wallace A. d.4/10/1961 age 64y, Marion Co., Ind) Trueblood, Ruby Marie, his wife 1901-1925 (obit: 1/07/1901 / 5/23/1926) Felix, Joseph A. 1868-1959 (bp age 90 certificate filed 4/22/1958) (obit: 2/01/1868 / 4/20/1958, Warren Co., Ind) Felix, Susan E. 1876-1940 (bp Susan, Emma age 79 yr 28d 1/1/1842-1/28/1921 (bp age 79 d.1/28/21, Prairie Twp, Warren Co., Ind) (Page 118) 95 Felix, William age 77yr 4m 19d FATHER 5/11/1842-9/30/1919 96 lot owned by John Mitchell one dim stone:________dau (or son) of _________ Mitchell 97 Nern, John, Sr. 2/26/1828-6/6/1910 FATHER Nern, Anna B. his wife 9/18/1830-1/23/1923 MOTHER (bp Anna Barbara age 92 d.1/23/1923 Prairie Twp Warren Co., Ind) 98 Bolty, Augustus d.12/29/1882 49y 7m 12d Bolty, Alice wife of A. 1/1/1842-9/8/1900 Bolty, Lou 4/16/1873-5/28/1909 no stone for Bolty, James George (bp age 69, d.5/15/1934, Washington Twp., Warren Co.) Wilhite, Nannie wife of A. 12/16/1873-6/9/`897 99 Winchester, Charles 9/9/1869-3/18/1904 Blue Lulu A. 1878-1960 (bp age 82 d.10/15/60 Tippecanoe Co., Ind) Blue John M. 1873-1946 (bp age 72 d, 1/31/1946 Benton Co., Ind) 100 Freed, Jacob 4/19/1850-11/24/1908 Freed, Eva his wife 7/4/1852-8/17/1924 Freed, John d.1/21/1882 (age illegible) (obit:2-26-1828/6-6-1910 FATHER) 101 Hoppes, Cora 1869-1956 (bp Cora Bell 87 d.11/21/56, Williamsport, Ind) Hoppes, Lon 1862-1932 (bp Wm. Alonzo d.7/3/1932 Warren Co., Ind) 102 Spacy, Samuel S. 1/27/1848-1/15/1912 Spacy, Mary A. his wife 12/1/1859-3/14/1945 (bp age 85 d.3/14/145, Warren Co., Ind) Spacy, s/o S.S. and M.A. d.4-2-1888 10d 103 Robertson, Alonzo A., s/o B.F. and L.A. d.2/18/1881 5y 2m 6d Robertson, Anna B. d/o B.F. and L.A d 2-8-1881 aged 9m 15d dim stone Robertson, Frank FATHER 1849-1927 (bp Benjamin Robertson 77 d 8-28-1927, Benton Co.) Robertson, Lydia MOTHER 1857-1938 (bp age 81 d.12/6/1938 Vermilion Co., Ill.) Robertson, Addison Russell 12/22/1873-7/21/1958 Robertson, Myrtle L. 1913- (Page 119) 103 Robertson, Preston E. 1913-1982 (no bp; Preston d.9/3/82 Tippecanoe Co., In, age 69) 104 Nern, Conrad d.4/8/1888 85y 7m Nern, Rozetta, d/o M. and C. d.7/23/1880 17y 2m 28d Nern, Christina, w/o Martin d.3/01/1888 (dim stone) 47y 10m 3d Nern, Henry, s/o C. and M. Nern d______ (date illegible) 105 Payton, Viola May, d/o B. and B. d.8/01/1888 4m (dim stone) 106 no stones; owned by J. Comstock 107 no stones; owned by S.P. Davis 108 Boyer, Sarah J., w/o Simon H. d.7/15/1896 59y 4m 10d Boyer, Simon H. 1/14/1913 79y 1m 28d Boyer, Amelia, d/o S.H. and S.J. d.7/02/1889 24y 1m 16d (dim stone) Hill, Emma S., w/o j.D. d.2/27/1893 29y 5m 3d Boyer, William 4/29/1857-10/30/1901 44y 6m 1d 109 Laughlin, Adaline, w/o David d.7/13/1881 38y 8m 29d Laughlin, David d.9/26/1903 67y 8m 18d Laughlin, Eva M., d/o D. and A. d.1/17/1882 22y 16d 110 Kinneer, Samuel 2/16/1852-3/14/1910 Kinneer, Mary S. his wife 8/17/1855-7/3/1910 Kinneer, infant d/o S. and M.S. 2/27/1887 / 3/08/1887 Kinneer, John E. 4/27/1895-3/21/1941 South Dakota PFC 88 Mil Police, World War I (bp John Ellsworth Kinneer age 45y 8m 15d d.3/12/1941, Warren Co., Ind.) no stone for: Kinneer, George (bp age 70 d.3/11/1956, Warren Co., Ind) no stone for: Kinneer, Chris (bp age 63 d.2/20/45, Ind) no stone for: Kinneer, Harry (bp age 69 d.2/19/1960, Montgomery Co., Ind) 111 Shoemaker, Wilhelmina, w/o G. d.5/09/1889 37y 7m 7d Shoemaker, Rachel dau of G & W d.12/14/1886 Messner, Lee Effie 5/17/1873-5/11/1911 (Page 120) 111 Morgan, Margaret 1907-1950 (bp Margaret Lucille also known as Lucille Shoemaker age 42 d.5/1/50 Burbank, Calif) Shoemaker, Milo 1883-1955 (bp Milo H age 72 d.11/27/55 Tippecanoe Co., Ind) Shoemaker, Essie 1884-1934 112 4 burials; no stones; family records show: Hughes, Byrd daughter 2/9/1878-1/23/1888 Hughes, Florence daughter 10/3/1874-2/04/1888 Hughes, Deborah wife 1/31/1847-3/21/1888 Hughes, Harry E. son 3/11/1871-9/02/1887 (lot purchased by David Hughes) 113 Torpey, Paul Forrest, s/o Hugh and Nannie 1895-1896 Forrest, H. Frank 1877-1946 (bp Henry Franklin Forrest d.8/28/1946 age 698 Warren Co., Ind)Forrest, Wm C. 1870-1932 Missouri Sgt 6 US Cav (bp age 61y 11m 22d d.5/24/32 Danville, Ill) Torpey, Nannie Forrest 1865-1936 Torpey, Hugh Watt 1861-1939 (bp d.12/18/1939, Ambia, Ind) No stone for: Forrest, Eula (dc 6/10/1884 / 12/19/1900 Warren Co., Ind) No stone for: Torpey, infant of MH & MS d 9-4-1886 at birth No stone for: Torpey, infant of MH & MS d at birth ca 1885 114 Cox, Mary wife of Geo. B 10/28/1850 (no death cut) Cox, George d.8/09/1888 42y 5m 4d 115 Hummel, Isaac 4/09/1827-7/04/1905 Hummel, Catharine 4/16/1837-1/10/1913 Hummel, Clarence, s/o I & C 1/9/1860-9/10/1915 (bp Clarence age 55 d.9/19/1915, Fountain Co., Ind) Hummel, Uressa 6/21/1867-5/21/1893 Evans, W.T. 1/01/1842-2/16/1888 (stone fallen—back has not been checked) 116 (N1/2) Winblad, John 3/25/1859-1/09/1894 Winblad, Elmira, w/o John d.7/29/1888 29y 10m 25d 116 (S1/2) No stone for: Lamb, Matilda (bp age 56 d.7/15/1939 Warren Co., Ind) 117 No stones; owned by Wm Camel (Page 121) 118 No stones; owneb by Milt Hyett (definite sunken grave on this lot) 119 Colter, Jeremiah d.6/16/1894 74y 120 Brigman, Elizabeth Geary 1829-1916 Cheney, Cynthia A. Alexander 1841-1892 Cheney, Robert 1839-1891 Cheney, Arthur Boyd 1866-1905 Matthews, Lola B. Cheney 1894- Matthews, Frank J. 1892- 121 No stone for: Side, baby of Charles and Elizina 122 Rowan, Lemuel d.1891 Rowan, Amos 1849-1916 McDonald, Alonza L. s/o T.M. and J. d.11/13/1894 2m 20d 123 no stones; purchased June 5, 1902 by Jess Miller (Index to Deaths, Warren County, Ind: female white Miller 6 days old died June 12, 1902, Prairie Township) 125 Sides, Elzina 1876-1937 (bp d. 11/29/1932 age 57y 5m 5d, Hoopeston, Ill., Route 4, Grant Twp.) Sides, Charles 1874-1937 (bp Charles D. d.811/1937 age 61y 4m 10d, Vermillion Co., Ill) 128 Fisher, Mary, w/o Felix 8/09/1825-1/17/1858 Fisher, Mary, w/o Felix 7/30/1834-3/06/1878 Fisher, George 6/21/1853-9/03/1858 Fisher, Felix 3/25/1825-4/11/1815 (Felix fisher had three wives named Mary; Mary d.1858 and son George must have been moved from the original cemetery site. The second Mary is buried in Keyes Cem. with son Felix.) 130 Nern, Conrad 6/01/1871-11/08/1899 (very very dim) Nern, John, born Dec__, 18__ died ___ 16, 1896 (very dim stone) Nern, Margret 9/27/1859-11/01/1889 Nern, Matilda E., b._____ 1864, d.______ (stone very dim, broken) (Page 122) 130 Nern, Catherine, w/o John d.July (broken off) Nern, Nora, d/o J. and C. d.5/10/1880 17y 10m 10d Nern, Martin (illegible) (Warren Co. Index to Deaths: Cathern Nern 43 d.7/31/1882 Family bible not accurate; entries made at the same time and in the same handwriting and do not all agree with stones.) (Warren Republican, Thursday July 23, 1896: “John Nern, Jr., of Prairie, is lying quite ill at his father’s from consumption.”) 135 no stones; owned by Wolfe

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00003003
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 3/1/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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