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Title: Local Matters.
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THE CROSSINGS.-Mr. Cain Belangea is hurrying up the work on his contract, and before many days the citizens can go any place in town on good walks. This move of the Board is certainly one which deserves our thanks. The crossings would have been completed no doubt, within the time specified in the contract, had the weather been favorable.---THE SNOW STORM.-Last Sunday was Easter and a delightful snow fell Friday night. It is needless to say that the snow cooled the atmosphere, and rendered the oppressive heat of the two or three days before easier to be borne. Such was the case. Now would be a good time to contract for snow for the 4th of July.---FOR TREASURER.-Mr. Lew Hanes, and ex-Treasurer of this county, is now announced s a Democratic candidate in Fountain county. We were informed sometime since that Mr. Hanes intended going south, but we presume that this has been defered until Mr. H. know for a certainty that there is no chance for a position in Indiana.---TAX PAYING.-Last Saturday was the last day for paying taxes, and the Treasurer was overrun with business on that day. The first in was the first served, and he who happened to be a little late had to stand back and wait his turn. Tax-paying is one of the things which the people naturally defer doing until the 59th second of the eleventh hour.---THE LECTURE.-Rev. Evan Stevenson agreeable to appointment, delivered a lecture last Thursday evening, upon the subject of "Social Harmony." A very respectable number of the citizens turned out to hear him, and we doubt not were benefitted as well as entertained. He made some very good hits, and gave some excellent advice. The quotations given were fine and enhanced, and added beauty to the lecture, yet, weakened to a certain degree, its strength. Let us have more.---AN ACTION.-April 9, 1870, the case of Wm. J. Butt vs. Mrs. S.L. Pritchard, came up before Esquire Richardson, at his office. Messrs. Claypool & Billings appeared for the plaintiff and Messrs. Walter Coon & L.W. Brown for the defense. The suit was brought to secure a claim which Butt had on Mrs. Pritchard for beef, which he had sold her while he was in that business here. The amount of the claim was $26.00, which with interest accruing judgment for $28.00 was demanded. After the evidence the case was submitted to a jury of eleven, who rendered judgment in favor of plaintiff for $11.00.---PERSONAL.-Mr. Scott Hitchens, formerly in the Drug business in this place was in town last Monday. Mr. H. is now a resident of Danville, Illinois, and is still selling Drugs, in which business he is doing well. Last Tuesday morning we had the pleasure of again meeting our old friends Mr. Albert Thomas and Dr. William Hall. Mr. Thomas is practicing law in Crawfordsville. He looks in fine health and remains a votary to single blessedness. Dr. Hall is now a resident of Danville, Illinois, and is one of he old residenters of that place, having lived there five weeks already. The Dr. is a married man and can appreciate the happiness of the connubial state. Success to you gentlemen, and may we live to meet you often in this life.---ATTEMPT TO ROB.- On Wednesday morning at the hour of one April 12th, Mr. Isaac N. Julian, of Marshfield, was wakened from sleep by a noise in his hall, but supposing it to be made by one of the children coming downstairs, did not notice it any farther till he heard the door to his bed room open and saw the head of a man protrude through the aperture and then withdraw. Mr. J. did not move but awaited further development. In a little while he door again cautiously opened, and this time head and shoulders appeared, viewed the apartment and again withdrew, closing the door. After a moment or so of reflection, apparently, the door opened for the third time, and the head, shoulders, left leg and nearly the whole body of a man were seen. He stood a moment and scaned closely the room and its sleeping occupants and retired again shutting the door. All this time Mr. J. lay perfectly quiet watching the scoundrel's movements. For a fourth time the door opened quietly and the man cautiously entered, bearing in his right hand a murderous knife, and in his left, a dark lantern. Mr. J. sprang to his feet and seizing a chair, made for him, but the villian was gone. His object, no doubt, was to rob Mr. Julian, and that he was prepared for bloody work, is evident from the tools he carried. Mr. Julian thinks that were two of them as he heard the fellow call or speak to some one in the yard when he went to the door.

Date: 4/21/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00003008
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 3/3/2011
Collection: Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook
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