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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Soldiers of All Wars
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Soldiers of All Wars Buried in Warren County Cemeteries From “Williamsport Pioneer,” May 28, 1911: A list of soldiers of all wars buried in the different cemeteries in Warren County is given below, as complete as is possible to give at this time. It will be observed that the Pine Village and Green Hill Cemeteries are not included in this list. These may be published later. Anyone knowing of a soldier’s grave in any cemetery in Warren County that is not included in the list, please notify Warren Post 259, Williamsport. The American Legion Post is endeavoring to get a correct file of every soldier buried in the county and ask the cooperation of everybody in reporting any marked or unmarked graves not now listed. West Lebanon Cemetery (Page 148) Orin Aborn Henry Alburn, 72nd Ind. Chas. H. Anderson, Co. E, 54th Inf. Wm. V. Anderson, Co. E, 86th Ind. Inf. Agno W. Baker, 1st Serg. Co. C, 179th Ohio Inf. Wm. N. Benedict. Wm. Berry, Co. T, 40th Ind. Inf. Samuel Beymer, Co. K, 135th Ind. Richard Biddlecorn, in Capt. Hutchris Co., Fletchers Regt. Vermont Mt., Revolutionary War Eli Biggs George M. Biggs, Co. B, 60th Ind. Josiah Biggs J.M. Billings Reserdy T. Bowlus. Samuel H. Bowlus, Co. F, 72nd Ind. Inf. Alex W. Buell, Co. E, 86th Ind. Inf. James M. Bush S.B. Byers Seth Cadwallader Thomas B. Campbell, Sergeon George Carithers, Co. E, 86th Ind. Newell Carr, Co. S, 40th Ind. Erasuts C. Cating, Co. E, 63rd Ind. Inf. N.B. Cating, Co K, 6th Ind. Cav. John Cheeseman Wm. H. Clark, Co. T, 72nd Ind. Inf James H. Clinton, Co. E, 86th Ind. Inf. George Cole, 72nd Ind. King B. Compton (Page 149) Elijah Cronkhite Henry C. Cronkhite, Co. E, 85th. Hosea Cronkhite Luke Cronkhite, Co. E, 86th Ind. Stephen Cronkhite, Co. E, 86th Ind. Walter H. Crow, Co. F, 10th and Co. K, 33rd Ind. Wm. H. Crow, Co. E, 86th Ind. Unknown, probably J. Curtis. Daniel Etnire Henry H. Evans, Co. K, 33rd Ind. Inf. Wm. W. Farr, Capt. Co. F, 106th Penn. Inf. Abraham Fisher, Co. E, 86th Ind. D.W. Fleming Dickson Fleming James Fleming Loran Fleming P.W. Fleming Peter Fleming, Sol.War 1812 Wm. B. Fleming, killed battle Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862, probably Co. E, 86th Ind. Michael Flynn Wm. Foster Sylvester F. French H.C. Gibson, Co. K. 72nd Ind Frank Goodwine, Co. K, 33rd Ind. James S. Goodwine, Co. E, 86th Ind Thomas Goodwine, Co. F, 72nd Ind. Wallace W. Goodwine, Co. K, 135th Ind. Wesley Goodwine, Co. F, 72nd Ind. Wm. H. Goodwine Mahlon J. Haines Hiram D. Hall, M.D., Co. K, 135th Ind Chas. Hay-Ward James Hayward, C. H. Harris, Light Cav. Ind. Jacob Heck, 12th Ohio Cav. H.B. Hobart, Co. K, 33rd Ind. Inf. John H. Hormaday Jonathan D. Howard, Co. D, 50th Ind. Joshua Hunt, Co. G, 8th Ind. Cav. John H. Ingram, Co. G, 79th Ill. Inf. James Ice, Co. K., 33rd Ind. J.D. Johnson, Co. E, 86th Ind. Inf. John V. Johnson LeRoy D. Johnson, Musc. Hdq. Co., 64th C.A.C., A.E.F. Died in France Oct. 17, 1918 Solomon Johnson, co. E, 86th Ind. Solomon Johnson, John A. Johnson and _____ Johnson, brothers. W.W. Johnson (Page 150) Daniel S. Keister, Co. H, 72nd Ind. George Keister, Co. H, 72nd Ind. ______ Kidwell David M. Kiser, 7th Sat. Ind. L. Art. Albert Lee, Co. T, 26th Ind. Colored Troops John R. Lowe Wm. W. Lucas, 160th Ill. Inf. Harlen Magner, 9th Ohio Cav. Edward R. martin, Co. T, 40th Ind. J.J. McAlilly Robert McKnight, Co. G, 12th Ohio Inf James G. Miller Samuel Mitman George Morgan Abraham Motes, Co. K, 150th Ind. Jerome T. Mullen, Co. K, 33rd Ind. Inf. Dr. C.W. Osborn Dr. S. N. Osborn Smiley Owen R. Pribble George H. Pugh, Co. F, 72nd Ind. Inf. Wm. M. Pugh, Co. K, 33rd Ind. Inf. Benjamin F. PUrtlegaugh, Co. A, 93rd Ind. Wesley D. Ray, Co. K, 135th Ind. Eleaser C. Simpson, Co. K, 125th Ind. Inf. J.W. Sinks, Co. K, 33rd Ind. Geo. W. Smith, Co. K, 33rd Ind. Lawson H. Smith J.H. Snodgrass, Co. E, 86th Ind. Inf. Danial L. Starry, Co. e, 86th Ind. Inf. George W. Starry, Co. E, 86th Ind. Inf. J.C. Stewart Daniel M. Strattan, Co. F, 72nd Ind. Tandy Suddith, Co. K, 33rd. James Swank. Jesse Swisher, Co. F, 72nd Ind. Inf. Joseph Swisher, Co. F, 72nd Ind Joshua Thomas, Co. A, 88th Ohio Inf. Amos Travis Homer C. Tyler James H. Van Pelt, Co. C, 48th Ohio Inf. Augustus C. Walker, surgeon, 63rd Ind. John B. Wheeler (Page 151) Cornelius V. White Amos O. Wilson, Co. B, 125th Ill. Ephriam Wood Eli Woodward Harrison H. Woodward, Co.E, 86th Ind. George W. Wurtsbaugh, Co. C, 12th Ill. Inf. Unknown: Unknown grave west and south of Winfield Cronkhite monument Unknown east of Samuel Duke monument Unknown grave south of P.W. Fleming lot Two unknown graves west of Arch Norris monument Unknown grave west of Margaret Purdue monument Unknown graves just west of James Wakley monument Unknown west and south of Mary Marial Wallace monument Highland Cemetery, Williamsport James Anderson, Sergt. Co. D, 86th Ind. George Barget James P. Bennett, co. F, 75th Ind Hugh Berryman Samuel Bittinger Elisha Briggs, Co. G, 72nd Ind. F.W. Bryant John Wesley Bush Joseph Butt Henry Cates, 8th Ind. Mounted Cav. John D. Chambers, Co. F, 146th Ill. Inf. James S. Citizen, Co. I, 72nd Ind. Seth Compton, Co. K, 33rd Ind. Walter Coons Valentine Correll John W. Edwards, Co. E, 72nd Ind. Peter Fortier, Co. K, 147th Ill. David Foster, Co. B, 76th Ill. Inf. Howard Furgeson, Co. K, 20th Ind. Joseph D. Galleher, Co. F, 64th Ind. Philip Garrison, Co. K, 33rd Ind. Stewart Gill, Co. B, 15th Ind. Inf. Thomas Washington Hackney, Co. H, 151st Ind. Thomas E. Hamilton, Co. D, 60th Ind. Earl L. Hobart, Warld War Vet Henry C. Johnson, Capt. Co. K, 33rd Ind. Rupert Julian, 1st Lt., 4th Aero Squadron Wm. H. Langton, Co. A, 36th Pa. Inf. Wm. H. Lennon, Co. A, 135th Ind. Samuel R. Lewis (Page 152) James E. Long, Co. D, 60th Ind. Harry Jay Marlatt, 507 Areo. Const. Squad. James B. Marsh, Co. G, 36th Ind. Warren Marsh, Co. I, 86th Ind. HiramMcCain Belangea, Co. H, 60th Ind. Jasper McNett, No Rec. (Co. E, 86th Ind.) Lafayette, Mullen, Co. D, 44th Ind. Miles Odle, Co. A, 15th Ind. Thomas Phipps, co. H, 60th Ind. James A. Pope, Co. N. Rd. Dept., Corporal T.C. Powell, Co. K, 33rd Ind. Lucas Ray, Co. H, 60th Lewis Rend, Co. G, 7th Md. Vol. Wm. P. Rhodes George Roe Charles Ross, World War Vet John W. Sailors, Co. K, 5th Vet. Res. Corp., trans. From 3rd Cav. Ind. John D. Shaw, Co. D, 86th Ind. Jacob Sheffer, Co. G, 150th Ind. Thomas Shuey, Co. E, 55th Ind. Peter Simmer John R. Slifer, Co. I, 7th Md. Vol. Obediah Smith, 140th Ind. Homer L. Stockard, Co. E, 145th Ohio Samuel C. Story, Co. I, 142nd Ind. Col. Morgan Stufflebeam Joseph L. Stump Richard Stumpher, Mexican War Isaac Swartz, Co. K, 60th Ind. James R. Thompson, Co. C, 63rd Ind. Byron VanReed Samuel Wagner, Co. D, 86th Ind. Hervey B. Walters, Co. B, 72nd Ind. Josiah Webb Aaron Weidenhammer Wilson Weidenhammer, 355th Inf., 89th Div. David Milton Wilhite, 313th Sup. Co., A.E.F. Francis M. Winsett, Co. D, 84th Ind. John W. Winsett, Co. D, 84th Ind. William Wood James T. Yaste Robert Young, Co. L, 14th Pa. Cav. Original Williamsport Cemetery (Page 153) Wm Andrews, Co. F, 72nd Ind. Benjamin Brester, War 1812 Danial Biggs, Pvt. in Cap. Martin’s Co., U.S. Inf., 1812 Edwin A. Boardman, Co. K, 33rd Whinery Boggs, World War Vet. Jacob Brandt, co. H, 60th Ind. James R. M. Bryant, Co. K, 135th George D. Chandler, buried in New Orleans, has name on monument Thomas H. Clark, 2nd Mich. Inf. Levi Cobb, Co. A, 11th Ind. Cav. Isaac Covington, War 1812 John Cox, War 1812 Moses Crane, Co. F, 63rd Ind. Fredrick W. Dethmer, Co. K, 17th Evan Evans, Co. K, 33rd Ind. Philip Gemmer, Major, 86th Ind. Robert Hall, Co. B, 10th Ind. James M. Helfey, Co. K, 135th Ind. Henry Henshaw, Co. I, 11th Ind. Cav. John R. High Wm. High, Sergt. Kans. Inf. George Johnson, Co. K, 135th Ind. Marquis L. Kinnard, 1st Lt., Co. D, 20th Ind. George Lutz, Co. K, 33rd Ind. Wm. T. Moores John P. Neidenauer, Co. I, 33rd Henry M. Nourse Shedrick Ross, Co. C, 101st Ind John W. Sellers, Co. C, 72nd Ind John Stout, Co. E, 86th Ind. Edward Straube, Co. I, 135th Ind Scott Sturgeon, Co. K, 135th Ind. Wesley Swartz, Co. D, 60th Ind. Warren Tebbs W.D. Templeton Johnson J. Vansickle, Co. K, 76th Aaron Vice, Co. H, 182nd Ohio Wm. F. Welch, Co. K, 33rd Ind James Whitehead, Co. D, 86th Ind. (Page 154) James H. Wolfe, Co. F, 53rd Ohio William Wolfe, Co. E, 86th Ind. Unknown: Unkown buried between graves of Whitehead and Henshaw Hillside Cemetery, Williamsport Cornelius Bisner, Co. D, 125th Ill. Inf. Thomas Broadie, 15th Ind. Lt. , 60th Ind. Lt. Art. John M. Butler, Co. G, 150th Ind. D. Karl Butt, World War Vet., Sergt., Co. 311th Q.M.C., A.E.F. Wm. Cameron, 1st Lt., 60th Ind., Co. H. Chas. W. Centman, Co. D, 20th Ind. Inf. Oakley Conklin, Co. G, 1st Mich. Inf., Mex. War Theadore Cortwell, 10th Battery Ind. Art. Warren Dye, 15th and 18th Iowa Inf. Samuel C. Fisher, Co. H, 116th Ind. Thomas J. Graves, Co. D, 86th Ind. Andrew J. Gritman, Co. I, 77th Inf. And 4th Ind. Cav. Abraham H. Haun, Co. G, 150th Ind. William Hill, 125th Ill. Inf. Harold hirlinger, 60th C.A.C., A.E.F. George Hitchens, 1st Lt., Co. E, 86th Ind. A.V. Holmes, 72nd Ind. John Houge, Co. C, 86th Ind. John S. Howland, Co. H, 11th Ind. Inf. Ira Julian, Co. I, 2nd Ind. Cal. Samuel McClure, War 1812 John Messner Wm. Moffitt, Capt. No record (Co. G. 150) John R. Moore Wm. J. Oxer, Co. G, 2nd Ohio, Mex. War. Robert Pearson Samuel Pollom, Co. H, 11th Ind. Vol. Astley C. Pomeroy Joseph M. Rabb, Co. K, 71st Ind. Elisha Reddick, Co. H., 60th Ind. James M. Rhodefer, Co. A, 1st Ind., Mex. War Isaiah Smith, Co. K, 71st Ind., 7 Ind. Cav. Henry E. Tuttle John H. VanReed, Sergt. 1st Class, Q.M.C. (Page 155) Independence Cemetery “no record” indicates that stones contain no war information Francis M. Allen, Co. E, 8th Mich. Cav. Frank Britto, Co. H, 17th Conn. Inf. William R. Brown, Co. A. 15th Ind. Inf. Clay Clearwater, no record Perry Clifton, Co. D, 20th Ind. Inf. Moses M. Crane, Co. G, 1st Ind. Inf., Mexican War David Doty, Co. D, 42nd Ind. Inf. Elijah Doty, no record Austin Edwards, co. H, 40th Ind. Inf. Isaac Evans, no record Isaac Ferrell, Co. G, 150th Ind. Inf. Thomas Franklin, Co. H, 10th Ind. Inf. John Galbraith, Co. E, 7th Iowa Inf. John Gay, no record Zacariah T. George, Co. E, 149th Ind. Inf. Thomas Hardin, Co. G, 150th Ind. Inf. William Harvey, Co. I, 72nd Ind. Inf. Linley Helms, Co. G 20th Ind. Inf. Jeremiah Hinton, Co. B, 176th Ohio INf. William P. Ketcham, Co. D, 20th Ind. Inf. Hamilton Knowles, Co. C, 154th Ind. Inf. Rufus A. Larkins, Co. E, 51st Ind. Inf. Jacob Lubrick, Co. E, 95th Ohio Inf. Jackson Marlow, Co. I, 72nd INd. Inf. Daniel McClatchey, Co. G, 10th Ind. Inf. Henry MIchem, Co. G, 100th Ind. Inf. Isaac Moles, no record Bestana Munson, Co. I, 72nd Ind. Inf. James Odell, Co. G, 150th Ind. Inf. Levi Penrod, Co. G, 20th Ind. Inf. Joshua Potts, Co. C, 85th Ind. Inf. Edward M. Reid, Co. C, 99th Ohio Inf. George Renolds, Co. T, 40th Ind. Inf. Daniel Rex, no record James Riggs, Co. F, 72nd Ind. Inf. Zacariah Rozell, Co. T, 72nd Ind. Inf. William H. Shirley, Co. C, 53rd Penn. Inf. John S. Shonkroyler, Co. G, 150th Ind. Inf. Simon Shunkwiler, soldier, War 1812 John W. Smalley, Co. K, 16th Ill. Cav. Abraham Smith, Co. D, 20th Ind. Inf. (Page 156) G. J.T. Smith, Co. L, Ohio Cav. John Solomon, Co. D, 86th Ind. Inf. John C. Stedman, Co. I, 15th and Co. I, 10th Ind. Inf. Jessie Umbolts, no record George M. Waymire, 4th Ind., 77th Ind. Inf., died at Andersonville prison, Aug. 22, 1864 Peter Waymire, Co. H, 135th Ind. Inf. Benjamin Watkins, Co. G, 100th Ind. Inf. Edward Wilhide, Co. E, 72nd Ind. Inf.

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00003021
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 3/12/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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