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New York Live Stock Market. NEW YORK, April 25, 1870. BEEVES-The dead meats were cleared out on Saturday, leaving butchers hungry. The 6,000 beeves for the week proved scarcely sufficient. There were 78 cars today at Communipaw, and 67 each at Weehawken and One Hundreth Street, making 3,540 head early sold. The prices are 13 1/4c for bulls, up to 17 1/4 for a few extra steers. Most sales were at 15@61/2c, such 130 prime Nebraska steers, 7 3/4cwt, 15 1/2@17c; 120 Illinois, 7 1/2cwt., 15@16 1/2c; 90 Missouri, 7 cwt., 15 1/4c, or about the average of the market, making an advance of 1/4 to 1/2c, and closing very firm. SHEEP AND LAMBS.-Total sheep, 13,400 to-day; 7 cars at Forty-eight Street, 5 at Communipaw, and 1 at Weehawken.-Market firmer; prices are for 5c for very thin 65-pound Ohio, sheared; 6c for 2 cars 75 lbs.; 7c for a car of 87 lbs.' and 8c for a deck of 98lbs, Spring lambs are 15@20c. HOGS.-Total hogs 12,700-to-day 40 cars-and the market off again to 12 1/4@ 12 1/2 for dressed. Two cars of Illinois, 100 to 200 lobs, sold active at 9@9 3/4c; a car of 160-lb. Ohio, 9 1/2c.---Chicago Market. CHICAGO. April 25, 1870. FLOUR-Sales of Spring Extras at $8.70@4.75. GRAIN-Wheat firmer and 2@3c higher; sales of No. 2 at 85@86 1/2c, closing at 85 1/4c. Corn firmer and 1 1/2@2c higher; sales at 87@88 cash, 87 1/2c@89 1/2c seller May for No.2. Oats exited; sales of No. 2 at 45 1/2@ 46 1/2c, closing at 45@ 45 1/2 cash, 46@ 46 1/2c seller May. Rye quiet and steady. HOGS.-Steady and fairly active at $8.60@8.85 for light to heavy.---Toledo Grain Market. TOLEDO, April 25, 1870. FLOUR-Dull. GRAIN-Wheat active, and 1@2c better; No. 2 White Wabash $1.35; No. 1 White Michigan $1.08; No. 1 Red $1.14; No. 2 do $1.07 1/2. Corn dull and unchanged; No. 1 91c. Oats dull and unchanged; No. 1 55c.

Date: 4/28/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00003028
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 3/14/2011
Collection: Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook
Entered By: WCHS

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