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COAL.-In grading for the track of the Indianapolis, Bloomington & Western Railroad, on Mrs. Adamson's farm, in this county, the workmen cut through a vein of coal three and a half feet thick. There has been some eighty wagon loads excavated and hauled to Covington.---ADMITTED.-Last Tuesday Judge Cowan admitted four gentlemen to practice law, and "nary" lady. The happy recipiants of this favor are, Walter Coon of this place; Prof. W.F.H. Wilkins of West Lebanon; Stipp and Ashby of-we did not find out.---WAKING UP.-Our business men are waking up to a sense of their duty.-They are beginning to appreciate the advantages of judicious advertising, and this may be taken as a good omen which leads us to expect great changes in the future. See in this week's issue the new advertisements of "Phil" Gemmer, C. Lynch and W.B. Brownlee.---A BRAKE.-Last week at the Quarry, near the Railroad, the chain, used for hoisting the rocks from the bottom of the quarry, broke, while a heavy load of stone were being lifted from below, and links of it were thrown on to the roof of the Warehouse of Kent and Hitchens, a distance of some six hundred feet. It might be supposed, that if a man had been in the way of one of them that it would have found the other side of him without going 'round.---DESECRATION.-The unmitigated and unhung scoundrels who undertook the laborious task of breaking into the county safe, the 20th of April-Wednesday morning-in order to get blinds and mufflers to aid them in their guilt, went to the M.E. Church and cut out four of the curtains from the windows of the basement room, and then going upstairs, tore three yards of carpet from the main aisle which they used to muffle their tools. This is something like "stealing the livery of Heaven to serve the devil in."---HO FOR THE WEST!-Messrs. O.H.P. Sheffer, M.T. Hamar, and Willam Ross of this place start west this week. They propose visiting Kansas, Indian Territory and possibly Nebraska. They are going-not by rail-but by a two-horse wagon.-No doubt they will have a fine time, see the country, and who knows, they may get as far as Brighams possessions in Utah. We hope you will have a good time gentlemen, and come home better satisfied than ever with Warren county.---COURT.-Circuit Court began last Monday, and as usual the first week, there are many in attendance. The foreign lawyers attending are, James Buchanan and Monroe Milford, of Attica; Davis and Wood of Covington; John M. Butler and R.B.F. Pierce of Crawfordsville, and Col. R.P. DeHart of LaFayette. The native talent are, Brown & Rabb, Gregory & Harper, L.T. Miller, W.P. Rhodes, Claypool & Billings, Brown & Coon, Darnell, Jas. McCabe, John Sutton &c. There are almost enough lawyers to be one to each case. Somebody's got to pay.---PERSONAL.-Rev. John L. Boyd, now stationed at Delphi, Ind., and formerly the stationed minister at this place, was in town last Monday and Tuesday. He called on us, and we felt like we have been carried back to the "good old times"-not fifty years ago-but when Williamsport was a station. Mrs. Boyd is now recovering her health, after the severe illness of several weeks. Mr. Chas. M. Thomas of LaFayette, was in town last Tuesday. He looks well. He, like many others, has come a courting.---THAT THING.-Last Sunday Jacob Holtz and Carter were on the east side of the Wabash preambulating, and seeking to while away the pleasant hours of that delightful day, when one of them smelt-both have good smellers-or heard, or saw, a something of the animal style, about the size of a medium sized dog, with four legs, hair of the color of yellow sprinkled with gray or gray besprinkled with yellow.-Carter upon seeing the thing gave chase, and being a little the faster of foot came near on to it when the thing turned him and showed fight. This was not exactly the thing Carter expected, so with eyes starting from their sockets, heart beating like a trip hammar and hair standing perfectly erect, he suddenly changed his pleasant pursuit, and with "Jake" returned to town, where they got a "posse comitatis" of twenty-four stout, brave men, and with a fresh supply of courage started for the scene of action. We can imagine what was said on the force march, and it must have been amusing to have heard all the wise conjectures on the way. Crossing the river again, this time with force sufficient to take a town, they took a B line to the place, where Carter, a little while before, had found it agreeable to his mind to beat a precipitous retreat. By dint of smell, or instinct, or something, the posse tracked the thing to a hole in the ground about a mile and a half from town, and supposed to be on the land of Daniel Young of Fountain county. They dug up the hole, and oh, horror's!-they found-a bed-of leaves; and they think now, that the thing they went to find, was a Lynx.

Date: 4/28/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00003029
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 3/14/2011
Collection: Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook
Entered By: WCHS

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