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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III -- Soldiers of All Wars, Mixed Cemeteries
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Soldiers of All Wars Buried in Warren County Cemeteries From “Williamsport Pioneer,” May 28, 1911: A list of soldiers of all wars buried in the different cemeteries in Warren County is given below, as complete as is possible to give at this time. It will be observed that the Pine Village and Green Hill Cemeteries are not included in this list. These may be published later. Anyone knowing of a soldier’s grave in any cemetery in Warren County that is not included in the list, please notify Warren Post 259, Williamsport. The American Legion Post is endeavoring to get a correct file of every soldier buried in the county and ask the cooperation of everybody in reporting any marked or unmarked graves not now listed. Mixed Cemeteries A = Armstrong B = Baumgardner C = Chenoweth Ca = Carbondale Co = County Farm D = Davis G = Goodwine J = Jordan L = Locust Grove M = McCabe O = Owens R = Rainsville Re = Redwood “no record” indicates that stones contain no war information D – Archiabald Allen, Co. T, 72nd Ind. Inf. D – Benjamin B. Allen, Co. H, 116th Ind. Inf. L – Perry Anderson A – John M. Bader, no record D – Horatio Bailey, died 1878, 91 years old, no record B – Stephen Baumgardner, Co. F, 72nd Ind. B – Marcus Beebe, Co. H, 16th Ind. (can’t locate). B – Wm. C. Belangea, Co. K, 135th Ind. A – Green Biggs, Co. H, 60th Ind. G – Chas. J. Burch L – Unknown grave, probably Josiah Carpenter O – Martin Carpenter, Co. H, 116th Ind. A – Uriah Chenoweth, no record, died 1862, 67 years A – Broad Cole, supposed to have deserted R – Clyde Coleman D – Elijach Cook, Co. A, 150th Ind. Ind. D – William A. Cook, no record D – William H. Cook, Co. H, Ind. Inf. M – John R. Copeland, no record Co – Clark Cozad, Co. G, 79th Ill. L – V.R. Craft, Co. D, 86th Ind. J – Owen Crawford, no stone G – Wm. H. Crow R – Wyatt Daulton M – Benj. C. H. Dawson, Corp., Co. G, 58th Ind. D – Abraham Day, Sergt., Co. T, 72nd Ind. Inf. G – Robert Dine A – James M. Doherty, no record, died at Somerset, Ky. in 1862 A – John E. Dolohan, no record, wounded at Chicamauga (Page 157) R – Robert C. Dowles, no record R – Jacob C. Fink, Co. I, 142nd Ind. R – Samuel Fisher, Co. E, 86th Ind. A – Josiah J. Foster, no record D – Wesley Foster, Corp., Co. H, 10th Ind. Inf. D – John Franklin, Co. T, 72nd Ind. Inf. O – Milton Gallimore, Co. E, 86th Ind. M – Alford H. Gillett, Co. F, 72nd Ind. L – James Goodwine M – John W. Graham, Co. K, 33rd Ind. D – Samuel Green, died 1850, 63 years old A – Joseph Haigh, no record, died 1841, 72 years old D – J.S. Henry, Co. G, 100th Ind. Inf. L – Charles High L – Isaac High, Co. B, 55th Ind L – Arron Hoshauer, no record L – Charles Hottenstein G – Squire Howard Ca – W.H. Jernigin, Corp., Co. L, 1st Ind. Cor. A – George Johnson, no record, died 1855, 82 years old A – James A. Johnston, no record L – Albert D. Kelly, no record A – Wm. G. Kiger, no record A – John F. Killena, no record D – James Knowles, Co. A, 150th Ind. Inf. A – Wilson Knowles, no record D - ______ Lake, no markers, no record G – Kelley Leak L – William D. Leak, no record J – Samuel R. Lee, 11th Ind. D – Ephriam Leming, Co. H, 116th Ind. Inf. D – John Manley, Co. I, 16th Ind. Light Artillery A – Francis Martin Mattox, Co. D, 10th Ind. A – William Matthews, Co. I, 77th and 4th Ind. Cav. Ca – John McBride, Co. H, 13th Ind. Inf. O – Wilford McCartney, Co. G, 72nd Ind. D – Alexandria McClure, no record, slab broken L – Carl C. McDonald, 35th Co., 3rd Reg., 9th Bat., 159th Depot Brigade D – David Michols, Revolutionary, died 1856, 86 years old A – Edward Moore, no record, died 1867, 75 years old A – Perry O. Moore, no record, marble slab A – James Morgan, no record D – William Morgan, no record D – Melvin Pittenhouse, 73rd Ohio Inf. L – Morton Pope, no record (Page 158) D – Alonzo Porter, Co. F, 72nd Ind. Inf. D – Jeremiah R. Pratt, Co. E, 10th and Co. T, 154th Ind. Inf. G – Wm. S. Pugh B – Rueben R. Ransom, Co. K, 33rd Ind. B – Ruben W. Ransom, Co. E, 86th Ind. D – Louis Rater, Co. G, 150th Ind. Inf. A – Joseph F. Ritenour, no record, marker shaft badly worn Re – Norman A. Rosebaugh, Co. E, 86th Ind. J – Nelson E. Ross, 125th Ill., Co. B. O – Fredrick A. Schlosser R – Bertram B. Seals, Co. C, 214th F Sig. B. N. World War R – Francis Seals, Co. C, 12th Ill. Inf. L – Manuel Searls G – Isaac Sellers Re – F. K. Shields, no record R – Lloyd Shoults, Co. D, 45th Inf., World War R – Joseph W. Simmerman, Co. C, 86th Ind. C – Martin V. Simmerman, no record A – Hiram C. Street, Co. G, 100th Ind. Inf. O – Watson C. Swank, Co. E, 86th Ind. J – Wm. H. Swisher, Co. K, 33rd Ind. D – Perry E. Tarpening, Co. K, 11th Ind. Inf. D – Fred Thompson, 1st Gas Regt. Co. B, A.E.F. M – Wm. Virgin, 1st Lt. Co. G, 10th Ind., slab leaning A – George D. Wagner, General, no record D – Clement Watkins, Co. E, 10th Ind. L – George S. Wells, Co. 116th Missouri Cav. L – Willie E. Wells, Bat. C, 26th F. A., World War A – Abraham S. Worley, no record, marble slab D – Albert H. Wright, Co. H, 116th Ind. Inf. A – Harmon H. Wyatt, Co. I, 72nd Ind. Inf. Unknown: L – Unknown grave next to fence south of Arnetta Boyer L – Unknown grave west of Willie Well’s monument L – Unknown grave northwest of Willie Well’s grave A – Unknown soldier just south of Margaret Boyer’s grave A – Unknown buried south of Killers mound, no record, no stone C – Unmarked grave north of Caroline Brier, property J.W. Brier D – Unknown grave west of James Knowles

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00003030
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 3/14/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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