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Title: Communicated.-Teachers Institute.
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EDITOR REPUBLICAN.-Sir, Will you please allow me through the medium of your paper, to call the attention of teachers and school-officers, to the importance of an early and thorough preparation for a "Teachers' Institute," to be held this summer or fall. I am convinced that we as teachers and school-officers, have not anything like a proper appreciation of the magnitude of the trusts committed to our care; or of the power for good or for evil which we wield. We presume that none will deny, that in a popular government like ours, the stability of our government rests upon the intelligence and patriotism of the rising generation. This being conceded, it is reasonable to conclude, that the Public-School is the most important institution of the country. We are often heard to complain that as teachers our calling is not appreciated; and that our pay in inadequate. Fellow teachers: may this not in part, at least be our fault. We are aware that in some districts there seems to be a want of that support which is so necessary to the success of the teacher; but we are inclined to believe this the exception and not the rule. Let it be seen that we ourselves are in earnest, that we truly appreciate the situation; that we are laboring with zeal to educate the mind and hearts of our pupils, that we are trying to influence their minds for good, and inspire in them the love of right; that we are trying to prepare them for future usefulness in practical life, then I believe our labor will meet proper appreciation. Earnest efficient teachers are the demand of the hour! Such we believe will find remunerative employment. The "Teachers' Institute" is one means through which we may prepare ourselves for the work. Then let us unite in our efforts to make it of practical utility. Any suggestions from teachers, trustees, or persons friendly to the cause, will be gladly recieved and properly appreciated; suggestions as to time, place, and management will be of service to us. The State has generously given us means to meet the expenses of an Institute, and we should be recreant to duty if we did not fully avail ourselves of its advantages. EXAMINER

Date: 5/5/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00003058
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 3/20/2011
Collection: Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook
Entered By: WCHS

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