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Title: Local Matters.
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Health is generally good. There are but two or three cases of sickness in the town, and we have heard of none in the country. William Warner has been quite sick for the past week or ten days with Rheumatise of the Heart. He is reported better at this time. Frank Sanders was taken suddenly ill last Friday night and remains quite sick.---A TIME FOR EVERYTHING.-This seems to be a maxim of the Germans here at least they say, "better ish nicht blant das bertaters in der light of das moon." Well, we won't, just to see what the dutch do know about astronomy, or, it might be called potatoe planting.---ANOTHER CHANCE.-Last Monday the time table for the T.W. & W.R.R. was again changed. We shall try very hard to keep the traveling public informed of all the changes in the time of this road, but if they increase the number per week it will require something more than a weekly paper to do the business.---GARDENING.-The "cold snap" somewhat impeded the making of gardens, and it even rained enough to stop the farmers plowing. Nevertheless, every one seems much overjoyed by the prospects ahead, and the headway being made in the way of plowing and planting.---FARMERS ADVOCATE.-This neat little sheet published at Danville, Ill., by Col. Guinnip, comes to us this week enlarged. It is a monthly, and the subscription per year is put at the exceeding, modest sum of 5 cents a year, payable at the end of the year. That beats us.---ADMITTED.-Mr. Clay Darnell and John Sutton, the former a law student under Lev. T. Miller, the latter under Jas. McCabe, were admitted last Monday as practicing lawyers in the Common Pleas Court. Study the art of making good fees gentlemen as well as the science of the law, and then you may hope to succeed.---THE WEATHER.-The weather preceeding last Friday being very warm the god of thunder concluded a change was needed, and consequently in the evening the elements prepared for a general shower. The lightnings lent their fitful light and the thunders gave tone to the whole concern, while the winds tried a little business in their line-the consequence was a little rain and a good deal of cold.---SOMETHING STRANGE.-It is a strange thing that more of the young ladies of this port don't propose matrimony to the modest young gents. Somehow the boys don't like to say much about getting married, to the girls, and the girls, poor things, they don't know what the boys' minds are on this subject. Boys wake up from your "droosiness."---WERE YOU AT THE SHOW?-This question has been asked until it is becoming annoying. We don't know whether we were there or not. Guess we wern't-maybe we were. Havn't any recollection about the matter. Some say it was a decided----success, of course, shows generally are now-a-days. Some one said the house was well filled--with boys; others say the boys staid on the outside. Anyhow it was a show-inside or out. B. Frazier is the proprietor.---BRAINARD'S MUSICAL WORLD.-We would call our readers attention, and especially those who are interested in music, to this valuable musical monthly. Each number contains a large amount of beautiful new music and interesting original reading matter. The terms are only $1.00 per annum. Specimen copies can be obtained by eclosing 10 cents to the publishers, S. Brainard & Sons. Cleveland, Ohio. We advise all our readers to send for sample copies and examine them for themselves.---THE HEN QUESTION.-A talented hen in Maine has hatched out three chickens from one egg. Exchange.-An old idiot hen, on pasture west of here, hatched out, the other day, one chicken from three eggs. Hoosier State.-That isn't a circumstance. We have known hens in their right mind to set on a dozen eggs for six weeks and fail to hatch even one chicken, and then thoroughly disgusted and probably disheartened at their ill success in the chicken business give up the ghost.

Date: 5/5/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00003066
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 3/20/2011
Collection: Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook
Entered By: WCHS

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